Kartra Features

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Kartra is a rock-solid platform that offers everything you need to sell your products online and automate your marketing campaigns.

To start with, Kartra has a market-leading funnel builder to ensure leads that convert.

Add to that a host of other features, including affiliate management, powerful email automation, an opt-in forms builder, full help desk with live chat, membership sites, video hosting, and stunning high-converting landing pages.

Kartra Features

Karta Features: Short Overview

Kartra comprises a whole suite of all the features you need to build and market an online business.

  • Kartra Checkouts – Checkout forms for payments
  • Kartra Pages – An intuitive drag-and-drop page builder 
  • Kartra Leads – Build leads, prospects, and customer databases.
  • Kartra Funnels & Campaigns Engineer – Build outstanding sales funnels.
  • Kartra Mail – Create email/SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Kartra Memberships – Organize and share your content.
  • Kartra Videos – Market products and offer content.
  • Kartra Helpdesks – Takes care of your customers.
  • Kartra Calendars – Organize scheduled sessions.
  • Kartra Forms – Create your custom fields.
  • Kartra Affiliates – Recruit and manage affiliates.
  • Kartra Agency – Manage multiple client accounts.
  • Kartra Marketplace – Buy and sell your expertise.
  • Integrations & API – Program custom add-ons.
Kartra Features

Kartra Features: In-Depth 

Kartra is an online business platform that took years to develop. The result is a business platform that could be the only marketing tool you’ll need.

If you are considering marketing automation, Kartra is well worth your time and attention. 

With Kartra, you can build attention-grabbing landing pages, lead-generating sales, opt-in forms, membership sites, help desks, and affiliate management systems.

Kartra offers all of these features as a complete, integrated solution, eliminating the need for additional software.


Kartra Checkouts lets you sell unlimited products at multiple price points with the help of stunning checkout pages.

You can set various payment options to make life easier for your customers.

You also can:

  • offer a temporary discount,
  • move a customer to a different price tier,
  • reschedule payment dates,
  • edit payment options,
  •  pause subscriptions.

With Kartra, your sales opportunities are unlimited. You can upsell, bump, cross-sell, and down-sell to your customers.

For instance, with an upsell, you add a 1-click upsell to your checkouts, and Kartra Checkouts will automatically show a second, more valuable item to your customers.

Kartra Checkout Page Template - Your Product Name
Kartra Checkout Page Template


Kartra Pages lets you become the designer of stunning web pages. There are hundreds of templates to choose from and 14 elements that you can simply drag and drop onto your canvas, such as images and backgrounds, buttons, and icons.

You have a choice of:

  • lead capture pages,
  • sales pages,
  • checkout pages,
  • video pages,
  • ‘coming soon’ pages,
  • webinar pages,
  • and blog pages suited for any conceivable industry or service

There are also Kartra Pages pop-ups that let you send the right message at the right moment.

Kartra Pages encompasses Kartra Forms, which is vital because the right form can boost conversions. 

Kartra Blog/Page Builder
Kartra Page Editor


With Kartra Leads, you can see every detail about your leads at a glance, including active subscriptions, tags, emails received, helpdesk tickets, and transaction history.

Your leads represent your existing customers, your prospects, and affiliates.

You need to know as much as possible about them, and you need to have access to that information in one convenient place.

Kartra Leads will do that for you.

You will know what newsletters they subscribed to, which product they have purchased, what emails they received, whether or not they read these, what links they have clicked on, and whether they belong to any of your memberships.

Kartra Demo Leads
Creating a New Lead in Kartra

Funnels & Campaigns

You can create advanced sales funnels in Kartra because all the different funnel pillars, including pages, opt-in forms, checkout pages, mailing, lead tagging, and memberships, are integrated into one system.

First, you can integrate every page you create in Kartra into the multi-page funnel you need.

Second, the sequence builder lets you drag different events into the canvas and connect them with arrows.

Once you have done this, Kartra will automatically run the whole thing for you.

You can further plan and control your marketing campaign’s sequence by setting “if this, then that” rules.

Kartra Funnel Campaigns
Where to Find Kartra Funnel Campaigns
Kartra Quick Launch Funnel Campaign
Kartra Quick Launch Funnel Campaign


Kartra Mail will automatically follow up with your customers based on its powerful “if this, then that” automation system.

Kartra enables you to create fully automated marketing campaigns that do a whole host of tasks for you. These tasks can include sending emails, follow-ups, opt-ins, sales, post-sales follow-ups, subscriptions, tagging, analytics tracking, and split-testing.

Kartra will keep you informed on how your leads are engaging with your campaigns, whether they are reading your emails, and if emails generate any sales.

The system will also tell you the optimal day of the week and time of the day for sending emails.

Kartra Mail Broadcasts
Kartra E-Mail Broadcasts


Kartra Memberships helps you to organize and share your content with your customers. You can build out your content and share it with your users seamlessly.

You can create visually arresting content with access to a host of professionally designed templates through the drag and drop interface.

Kartra allows you to deliver your content in any format.

If you want to prevent users from downloading and then disappearing or want to keep them engaged, make use of Kartra’s drip feature, which prevents all your content from being available at once.

With Kartra Memberships, you can create, track, and manage membership subscriptions to develop a consistent income source.

Kartra Online Course Membership at 12.29.42
Kartra Online Course Membership


Video is a great selling aid, and Kartra offers a simple way to publish, market, and track your videos.

Kartra allows you to include an “Autoplay the next video” feature, which is useful for training courses.

Kartra includes timed actions so you can deliver the right message at the right moment.

For instance, if you mention a free giveaway in the video, you can include an opt-in form into the video at that very moment.

And you can tag anyone watching a video. You can tag someone who watches beyond a certain point distinctly from someone who views to the end and offer a different message to each.

kartra video campaigns
Uploading Videos in Kartra


Kartra has a robust ticketing system that allows you to have multiple agents, departments, and shifts organized in one helpdesk portal.

Kartra gives you more than one avenue to connect with your customers: by phone, Skype, or live chat on your website.

Because Kartra Helpdesk integrates with all Kartra’s tools, every support agent can see at a glance a customer’s entire history with your brand.

For common queries, you can create Wiki articles and canned responses, saving you loads of time. Kartra provides you with detailed analytics on every interaction so you can optimize your support.

Kartra Helpdesk Options
Kartra Helpdesk Options


Kartra Calendars helps you to make bookings, get paid on time, and take meetings. And it keeps track of everything in real-time.

If a client books time with you, the system will automatically block that time for other clients.

If an international client books with you, Kartra Calendars will geo-locate them and convert to their local time zone.

Even if you are active in multiple areas with multiple hosts, the system will have them displayed and managed for you within one single calendar.

And because everything is integrated on Kartra, you can instantly see your client’s whole history with you.

Kartra Calendar Models
Kartra Calendar Models


You have a choice of more than 50 professional and high-converting designs for your forms.

Once a customer has filled in one form, Kartra will remember all their information and auto-complete all fields.

Of course, your business is unique, which means that you will require custom fields. Kartra caters to that.

Forms allow you to tags lead as soon as a form is submitted and initiate specific actions based on their input.

Your Kartra forms can appear on a Kartra Page in a video, or you can embed them on your website.

Kartra Forms in Dashboard
Kartra Forms in Dashboard


Affiliates are crucial for spreading the word about your business and offerings.

Kartra makes it super simple to grow your affiliate network by giving you many options to communicate with, motivate, and pay your affiliates.

How you set and pay commissions is totally up to you and very flexible.

You can set rules for when your affiliates get paid; you can review and approve affiliates and use Paypal’s adaptive payments.

You can build high-converting landing pages meant only for your affiliates, and you can communicate with your affiliates through an affiliate-only mailing list.

Kartra Affiliate Dashboard
Kartra Affiliate Dashboard

Kartra Agency

Kartra Agency lets you leverage your Kartra know-how to earn an income. Kartra enables you to manage multiple client accounts at a glance.

You don’t have to keep track of different billing profiles; it’s all done for you under one unified billing profile.

You can add client accounts to your existing portfolio by buying client accounts in bulk or importing existing accounts.

You can decide whether you will allow your clients to manage their accounts, in which case you can create login credentials for them. You can choose between two models: the agency owner model and the contractor model.

kartra agency
Kartra Agency Possibilities


The Marketplace breaks down into two sections: experts for hire and campaign marketplace.

The expert for hire section will show you all the people who market themselves as experts on Kartra.

You can find professional web designers and copywriters, or if you are an expert, you can offer your services to other Kartra users.

If you want to start a business online, you can also hire a Kartra expert to get you started.

The campaign marketplace lets users share their successful campaigns with other Kartra users.

Kartra Features
Kartra Marketplace Listing

Integrations & API

Kartra developers are experts in the integration of different software, and the Kartra API integration is extensive.

The platform works seamlessly with all the major payment gateways, email gateways, SMS gateways, membership platforms, hub connectors, and calendar apps.

If you or your development team want to code a custom integration with Kartra, Kartra’s API, IPN, and Custom App system are at your disposal.

If you are coding an app, software, or SAAS and want to connect it with Kartra, you can use Kartra’s Custom App Program to do that.

kartra integrations
Kartra Integrations Selection

Quizzes & Surveys

The design of Kartra quizzes and surveys helps them give you insights into product performance. 

The user-friendly drag-and-drop editor utilizes pre-designed survey models to accommodate your quiz and help you meet your objectives.

Web builders can opt for a traditional single-step approach or a more conversational one-question-per-page sequential quiz. There are no limits on questions, and you can format them as multi-option, binary, or short-or-long answers.  

Surveys highlight customer experience and gather comprehensive data for analysis. Automatic reasons summaries aid lead reporting and result sharing.

Kartra quizzes use automation to track answers, trigger auto-tagging, and customize email feedback.

This functionality lets you share in your customer’s success by awarding beautiful custom-made certificates on survey completion.

Kartra Features
Kartra Quiz Question Options

Bottom Line

Kartra is the real deal. It is an all-in-one tool that helps you bring your product to market and markets it for you.

Kartra offers you everything you need to successfully run your business online, from stunning web pages and sales-driving funnels to email marketing and memberships.

With everything fully integrated on Kartra, it doesn’t matter what task is at hand – you always have a view of your customers’ entire journey with your brand.

With Kartra, you’ll never have to battle with sales funnels, email marketing, list building, web-hosting, or landing pages that fail.

Kartra is a business management platform designed to do all these tasks for you.

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