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Kartra’s forms feature allows you to set up and embed forms into pages.

After you’ve captured the lead’s information, you can then schedule follow-up emails and outreach.

The platform offers dozens of templates available at all subscription tiers for you to get set up quickly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kartra has over 50 form templates to choose from
  • The feature is available to all subscription plans
  • You can integrate third-party form software with the platform

Kartra Forms Feature

Kartra forms let you gather potential customer and site visitor information.

You can use the form feature for new site visitors as well as existing customers.

When setting up your Kartra form, you can customize it in different ways by using the platform’s features.

Here’s a list of form tools:

  • Form templates – The platform allows you to use different form templates to craft the perfect one for your business. They include opt-in forms, lead generation forms, and dozens of others.
  • Customize fields – Depending on your needs, you can personalize your forms by requesting a variety of information from your leads.
  • Tagging – After the prospect has submitted the form, you can assign a tag to them, triggering email automation and other features.
  • Multimedia – You can bring your forms and pages alive by embedding videos and images.
  • Drag-and-drop builder – The platform lets you create forms using its builder, meaning that no coding or technical knowledge is needed.

Kartra Plan Requirements to Create Forms

Kartra forms are a core feature, which means that all subscription plans have access and can use them.

The only slight limitation you may have is that if you use the Starter plan, you have a page limit of 100, so you wouldn’t be able to publish more than 100 unique form pages.

Other than that, all plans can create forms, use drag-and-drop templates, and take advantage of  customization features.

Subscription PlanForm Feature
Starter Plan
Silver Plan
Gold Plan
Platinum Plan

Kartra Forms Templates

The platform boasts having over 50 templates for you to choose from when creating a form.

Any business that requires customer information and enrollment during the sales process can use them, as they’re incredibly versatile.

Here are some of the most popular examples:

  • Email capture – Request a prospect’s email to remarket and follow up later.
  • Newsletter sign up – Send customers regular newsletters and updates.
  • App leads – Build a presale app list of interested users for when you go live.
  • Free downloadables – Ask for a customer’s contact information in exchange for digital downloadable.
  • Webinar capture – Get customers to fill out a form if you’re marketing a paid or free webinar so that you can schedule the event with them.

How to Create a Kartra Form

There are so many form options and templates, so we’ve decided to pick a commonly used one to explain this process: an opt-in email form.

Here’s how to create a form:

  1. Once on your Kartra dashboard, select Forms on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. The Form page will appear. Here, you’ll be shown any forms that you’ve previously created. To create a new one, select + Form on the bottom left of the screen.
Create a Kartra Form
  1. A pop-up will appear: enter the name of your new form.
  2. Then, click Create at the top right.
Create at the top right
  1. You’ll now be redirected to the form creation page. There are automatically two fields for you to choose from: the name and email. If that’s all you want to collect, then click confirm at the top of the page
click confirm
  1. To add custom fields, select the + New Field box and either add a predefined field or a custom field.
  2. When finished, click Add field. To move on, click Confirm at the top left of the Form Fields section.
  3. Then, select Save and Next.
Add field
  1. Choose whether you want a single or double opt-in. A double opt-in will send a link to the form completer’s email to confirm the opt-in
  2. Select Confirm.
Click Confirm
  1. You’ll then need to add a URL for the success page (premade page containing the page you’d like customers to see after they’ve opted in).
  2. Click Save and Next.
Click Save and Next
  1. If you’d like to send your lead a welcome message, you can choose from the options – if you don’t want to send one, check the appropriate box.
  2. Click Confirm.
appropriate box
  1. To configure automations, check each tag and turn on any automation you’d like enabled. To turn them on, click Change on the right-hand side and configure the setup.
  2. When complete, select Save and Next at the bottom of the page.
Kartra page
  1. Select whether you’d like it the form on a Kartra page, in a video, or embedded on your website
Select Confirm
  1. If you’re embedding the form, click on Launch Your Form Builder to start customizing it.
  2. Once redirected to the builder, click on the Options on the left-hand side of the screen and modify types and settings adjusted to your needs.
  3. Once done, click on Actions, Save and Exit, Confirm, and then Save and Exit again.

Your form is now complete and ready to be used inside your Page Builder.

Alternative Software

Alternative Software for Creating Kartra Forms

If Kartra’s Form Builder doesn’t have the functionality and features you need, you may have to opt for an alternative form-building software that you can integrate.

Here are some alternative form options that work with the platform:

  • Paperform – They allow you to schedule, integrate with other platforms, create order forms, and sell using forms.
  • PDF filler – You can integrate this software to let customers annotate, edit, and sign a PDF form within Kartra; this is designed more for formal documents.
  • Elementor forms – If you’re more comfortable with WordPress and already using Elementor forms, you can forward submissions straight into your Kartra lead database.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Kartra has over 50 templates that you can use to create opt-in forms and gather lead information. You can also customize your forms to create the right one for your business.

To create a form on Kartra, go to My Forms on your dashboard > Click + Forms > Name your form and click Create > Fill out the fields you’d like to include > Go through the Welcome, Automations, and Form Design sections > Click Save and Next. You’ll now be able to use the embeddable form in your pages.

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