Is Kartra an LMS?

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Kartra has not been designed to be used as an LMS and therefore lacks the features and tools to fully function as a standalone LMS.

However, if you want to use the cloud software as an LMS, a range of third-party apps and plug-ins can increase its range of features.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kartra has not been designed as an LMS and lacks some fundamental LMS features
  • You can connect Kartra to LMS software to increase its value as an LMS

Has Kartra Been Designed as an LMS?

The platform is not focused on nor was it designed as an LMS solution.

An LMS commonly contains features such as tracking scores and reporting progress for educational content that usually includes courses or lessons.

In contrast to an LMS, Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform that allows you to build pages, import customer leads, and build campaigns and funnels.

Therefore, Kartra’s features are mainly useful for marketing automation.

Can You Use Kartra as an LMS?

Although Kartra allows you to deliver video courses and create playlists, the features around time tracking and completion are used to trigger marketing automation instead of compliance.

Moreover, even though the platform creates a database to track a user’s progression, its features are more focused on getting the viewer to the next sales funnel stage.

Therefore, it is not suggested to use Kartra as a standalone LMS solution.

If you already use Kartra and are looking for an LMS solution, you could use automation software to gain the function you need.

For example, you could utilize Zapier to link the third-party app TalentLMS to Kartra, as TalentLMS provides training features such as onboarding and compliance.

Kartra Been Designed

Kartra LMS Features

There are a few Kartra features that overlap with typical LMS requirements. However, these features have been designed with a different functionality in mind:

Membership Area – A place where you can upload content, courses, and resources for your customers to consume.

Surveys and Quizzes – You can create them to be included in your product offerings. This was designed more for customer feedback and audience segmentation rather than learning.

Video Hosting – This feature primarily provides video sales letters, which you can use to give your customers product information on your lead pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kartra has no real LMS features since it has been designed as a sales automation tool that tracks leads and funnels those leads to buy products. If you use Kartra and need an LMS solution,it is suggested you use another platform alongside Kartra and connect them via an integration software like Zapier.

Kartra isn’t an LMS solution: it has primarily been designed as a product sales software that is focused on importing leads and funneling those leads to purchase products.

Therefore, it lacks the functional features of an LMS system many organizations require and would not be a good option for an LMS unless you plan to acquire additional platform support.

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