Kartra Quiz: A Guide to Survey & Quizzes Feature

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

The Kartra Survey and Quiz feature is a valuable tool to gain insight into prospects, leads, and customer behavior, as well as to create interactive experiences for your students or community members.    

The flexible Kartra drag-and-drop editor allows for customization of quiz pages with a conversational or traditional approach and optimized question flow. Simply select a pre-designed template to create instinctive, automated surveys with comprehensive, inherent data analytics. 

Incorporating success messages and quiz feedback make audiences feel heard, empowered, and understood. 

Kartra Quiz

Kartra Quiz Overview

Surveys are useful in market research, lead generation, and understanding customer preferences. 

Quizzes are more suited to engage with leads in order to test their knowledge on your product and the management thereof.

Data can also be applied to categorize customers into appropriate membership tiers or activate results-based automation of e-mail campaigns.

Kartra supports a powerful integration with Thinkific to enable the creation of bespoke quizzes, surveys, assignments, exams and certificates. Student knowledge assessments and progress tracking inclusive.  

Types of Kartra quizzes include:

  • Traditional surveys
  • Scored quizzes
Kartra Quiz

How to Create a Quiz in Kartra?

Kartra users create surveys to gain an understanding of customer experience with services or products. 

Following the correct procedure is necessary.

  • Open the Kartra dashboard – select ‘My Surveys’.
  • Click on ‘+Survey’ to create a new quiz.
  • Select a survey model from the ‘New Survey’ menu.

Quizzes are designed to be conversational or traditional. Opt for vertical,  all-questions-at-once or apply a multi-step approach with a horizontal approach.

  • Input a survey name and category.
Kartra Quiz
  • Edit survey details to include names, logos and a description of content.
  • Save and click ‘Next’.
  • Edit via the Survey Builder.
  • If you are designing a quiz, indicate answers to questions by clicking the edit button and selecting correct answers. 
  • Add an introduction with images if preferred at this point.
Kartra Quiz Supplygem
  • Create an intro cover (preface and preliminary guidelines).
Kartra Quiz
  • Decide on the format based on outcomes required. 

Quiz questions can be long or short answers, multi or single option with images, text or binary configuration. 

  • Give questions internal description for user’s lead profiles/analytics purposes.
  • Click on the gear icon – select progression flow – toggle ‘Linear vs Branched’ button.
    • Linear flow: one path despite question answers
    • Branched flow: direction of questions based on preceding answer
Kartra Quiz: A Guide to Survey & Quizzes Feature
  • Add an identification form to elicit leads/e-mail addresses and to to up lead profiles on regular users.
Kartra Quiz
  • Create a Success page to confirm completion of the quiz. 
  • Give feedback on scores. 
  • Click ‘Add Success’ to enable an automated score split or to customize success ranges. 
Kartra Quiz Success
  • Add a score, award a certificate/CTA or include a personalized congratulatory message to show personal interest in your customer. 
Kartra Quiz
  • Redirect the reader to share survey results on social media – configure the shared message to reflect the company trademark and ethos. 
  • Include a certificate of completion – use templates from Kartra library. 
  • Activate certificate download with scores, usernames and quiz details. 
Kartra Quiz
  •  As an added courtesy call, site creators opt to send the reader an e-mail to confirm completion of the quiz and verify e-mail details submitted on identification form. 
  • Select ‘Yes, send a confirmation e-mail’.
Kartra Quiz Email
  • Assign tags/customized responses on the ‘If/Then’ model.
  • Decide to subscribe quizzes to lists and sales funnels.
  • Set rules at which advanced automation is triggered.
Kartra Quiz If Then
  • Your quiz/survey is now ready to be used. 
Kartra Quiz Finished

Bottom Line

Start by selecting a suitable template. Then personalize by branding and adding suitable content.

Use Kartra’s user-friendly survey builder to choose the format, question type and flow progression you want. In this regard, quizzes can be presented on a single page with sequential questions or as a progressive exercise dependent on user responses. 

Add a personal touch with feedback and congratulations on a job well done. All that remains is to opt for social media exposure or include automations to add leads to lists and convert lists to sales. 

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