Is Kartra SEO Friendly?

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Although most people still view WordPress tools as the best way to boost SEO on a competitive marketing platform, Kartra is gaining speed in this department.

Kartra is SEO-friendly and enables manipulation of online discoverability parameters to promote your digital business growth.

This article looks at a few easy methods to improve Search Engine Optimization on Kartra.

In addition, we include relevant tips, tricks, and guidelines to assist in the design of a functional strategy to highlight your brand in the emergent metaverse.  

Kartra SEO

How Suitable Is Kartra for SEO?

There has been much hype about Kartra SEO and its suitability to boost a company’s ranking in browser search results.

While WordPress pages traditionally rank higher in Google search outcomes, there is no reason why your Kartra page should not achieve the same status.

However, optimizing your visibility in search engine results when utilizing Kartra requires commitment and effort.  

So, how do you configure Kartra SEO to achieve top listings on Google?

Read on to learn the answer, even if you are an SEO newbie with little to no tech experience.

Kartra SEO: Insider Look

Once you have selected a suitable template, build your business web page by customizing column and component modes, editing form fields, and designing pop-ups. Setting your SEO parameters for full public exposure is the next step.  

SEO Parameters

Click on ‘Settings’ on your Kartra dashboard to set SEO parameters. Then, select ‘SEO Parameters’ to continue. 

Next, follow instructions to customize settings as illustrated below.

Kartra SEO

Take Care of the Copy

All the words on your page must have a purpose. So, first, add a catchy but relevant Page Title. Then, add appropriate, strong keywords here to improve performance and accessibility.

Kartra SEO 5.55

Continue by including a Page Meta Description. This section is an HTML element to summarize your page’s overall content and theme. Keywords can be helpful in this section as well. 

Kartra SEO

Page Author

If your page contains a specific referenced article or blog post, including the author’s name may improve browser hits on your site. 

Page Open Graph

Details in this section become applicable when visitors share your page on social media platforms. 

Edit the following:

  • Page OG: This includes the title of the featured page
  • Page OG Description: Write and edit a short description of content as needed – keep in mind that this is the format in which your visitors, customers, and fans share it on social media sites
  • Page OG Image: Select an image to be uploaded onto the site to support content or branding 

Check that your page is visible to search engines by moving the ‘Hide from search engines’ toggle.

category detailed visual 4

How to Make Your Kartra Website Rank on Google?

Custom-coded websites and other platforms such as WordPress enable SEO to improve website rankings when conducting a Google search. 

Kartra employs similar practices and can achieve comparable results utilizing a specific sequenced approach.

Take note of the following tips to make your website rank on Google: 


Tip #1 Create Relevant Meta Titles & Meta Descriptions 

Custom URLs, meta titles, and descriptions go a long way to improving brand visibility.

The first element to optimize is the title of your page.

You may want to avoid obvious diction such as ‘Testimonials,’ ‘Blogs,’ or ‘About Us’. These phrases are automatically defaulted by Google categorization systems and may harm your SEO.

Opt for a URL title (under 50 characters) that cleverly uses the keywords for which you want your pages to rank.

Exclude linking words, extraneous descriptions, or detail. Restructure unwieldy titles to be more suitable and likely to rank highly in Google searches.

Keep in mind that the Kartra connection will be part of your URL. 

Remember that the meta description of your page is essentially your site visitors’ introduction to your storefront.

Therefore, address queries directly while being specific and welcoming in your browser hook to ensure immediate engagement.


Tip #2 Structure Your Headings

Google operates on specific algorithms and dislikes sites that display poorly structured content. Keeping this in mind, use HTML codes for site outlay and structure if you wish. Use headings and subheadings correctly and aligned with preferred formats and configurations.  


  • H1 Headings: Imagine H1 as the Title of Your Page 
  • H2 Subheadings: Organize the important parts of your topic under H2 formatted subheadings
  • Level 3 (H3): Subheadings further structure out the content under H2 subheadings

It is very important to display a single H1 heading and at least a pair of subheadings featuring the H2 configuration. In addition, incorporating H3 and H4 subheadings will help structure more comprehensive and complex pages and articles and provide visual variation and appeal. 

As a case in point, refer to the structure of this article. Using a similar structure should allow you to convey significant quantities of info without overwhelming or boring the reader.


Tip #3 Provide Content Based on Your Audience Needs

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates purportedly said that “Content is King.” Accordingly, in the context of Search Engine Optimization, we believe that truer words have never been spoken.

However, for your content to hit its mark and have a marked impact, it must be relevant to the target audience. This pearl of wisdom is not only applicable to search engine optimization but to all content creation across all platforms. 

Know what your audience likes and dislikes and cater to their preferences. Note their intent and be aware of what they need from accessing your page.

Additionally, be mindful of buzzwords, keywords, trends, and appropriate jargon related to your niche of the market. Then design your content to meet the criteria. 

How Long Will It Take for My Kartra Page to Rank on Google?

It may take several days up to a few weeks for your visibility on Google to improve once you have made the needed changes in SEO variables.

Also, consider the limited quota for submitting individual URL requests and that not all submitted crawl requests lead to improved discovery ratios.

Submit your new details to the Google Search Console to re-index your website. Once you access the site, choose a property, submit the new and improved URL and submit for indexing. Alternatively, submit a sitemap for many URLs at once.

The Inspection Tool will test your details to find inherent flaws or indexing errors. Adapt and edit as needed.

Bottom Line

Although few people consider Kartra’s SEO the top tool for the job, it is entirely capable, even if it typically takes a few more steps than the competition. 

Kartra’s SEO tools let you adjust metadata and other characteristics to create optimal conditions for discovery.

You must include attention-grabbing, concise page titles, compact URLs, and meta page descriptions to improve the chances of a high Google ranking. 

Pay careful attention to headings, subheadings, and page layout to improve browser experience and catch the attention of ranking systems. 

Select images and content carefully to be representative of audience interests and intent. 

Then submit a re-indexing request and wait for the magic to happen.  


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