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Karta allows you to host videos for your customers to stream.

Its entry-level subscription, the Starter plan, lets you host up to 50 videos. Higher tier subscriptions allow unlimited video hosting and streaming.

You remove the need to use a third-party hosting service when using the platform.

Key Takeaways:

Kartra Video Hosting Feature

Kartra has a range of video hosting features that allow you to upload, host, and manage your content.

Here are the tools they provide:

  • Upload – You can upload your videos to the platform’s portal.
  • Hosting – The platform will host all your videos inside your account.
  • Central management – Kartra provides a video management library to easily locate and categorize your content.

In addition to the tools, they also provide many features, which include:

  • Autoplay – You can get videos to automatically start playing the next one in the series.
  • Watermark – To protect your work, you can place watermarks on your videos.
  • Responsive design – Videos will automatically convert format to the device, including mobile, tablet, and desktops.
  • Embed and pop-up – You can embed your videos onto pages and feature them in pop-ups.
  • Branded – Videos can be customized to match the look and feel of your brand, including logos and color schemes.
  • Control bar – Depending on your needs, you can enable viewers to use the control bar’s features – play, pause, stop, and fast-forward – or you can hide them.

Best Kartra Plan for Video Hosting

We’ve organized all video hosting considerations into a table to find the best Kartra plan for your business.

The Starter Plan

This plan is Kartra’s entry-level subscription offering and contains some limitations.

With this plan, you’ll be limited to 50 videos in your library and a maximum bandwidth of 50GB.

Pricing: The starter plan costs $99 per month, which can be reduced to $79 when paid annually. 

Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans

All these subscription plans allow users to upload and host unlimited videos.

In addition, you will have unlimited bandwidth.

Although these plans are priced at different levels, they all contain the same video hosting features – there are no limited tools.


  • Silver plan
    • $199/month
    • $149/month (billed annually)
  • Gold plan
    • $299/month
    • $229/month (billed annually)
  • Platinum plan
    • $499/month
    • $379/month (billed annually)
Subscription Plan Unlimited Video Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth
Starter plan
Limited to 50 Videos

Limited to 50GB
Silver plan
Gold plan
Platinum plan

Kartra Video Hosting Limits

Regarding subscription plans, you only encounter video hosting limits of the platform if you’re subscribed to the Starter plan.

This will limit you to 50 videos and 50GB of bandwidth.

Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans are not subject to any video hosting limitation.

When it comes to the quality and technical specification of your videos, Kartra has some guidance:

  • Format: MP4
  • Resolution: 720P at 30FPS (frames per second)
  • Audio bitrate: 128

They recommend using these specs when you’re re-encoding and optimizing your videos for the platform.

Interestingly, they state that you don’t need to shoot with the best HD quality, as many viewers may not have a sufficient internet connection to take advantage of that feature, subsequently reducing your views.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Kartra plans let you host videos. However, the entry-level offering of the Starter plan limits you to 50GB of bandwidth and 50 videos. You will need a Silver plan or above to get unlimited video hosting and bandwidth.

Kartra offers unlimited video hosting, streaming, uploads, and bandwidth for all plans other than the Starter. The starter plan limits users to 50GB of bandwidth and a library of 50 videos.

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