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While Kartra is the default go-to for all-in-one content and product marketing, Podia exclusively focuses on managing learning resources. 

This article zooms in on these two platforms with insights into notable features, affordable subscription plans, and monetization options intrinsic to each.

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Kartra aims to make online business dealings easy for its clients, with checkout and landing pages, sales funnels, leads, and campaign features.

Kartra mail and membership software also sweeten the deal. 

Kartra features four pricing plans ranging between $99 and $499 per month. With this system, users can access all benefits through a 30-day trial period for $1.


Podia allows for promoting and selling courses and webinars on a single platform.

What’s more, an integrated membership site feature and affiliate marketing system improve revenue generation. Added benefits include an advanced site editor, unlimited video hosting, and tools to ensure optimized conversion rates.

Podia caters to Movers, Shakers, and Earthquakers with monthly subscription costs between $49 and $179. Annual payment options save users as much as $358 a year.


Kartra vs. Podia at a Glance

Free TrialYes, 30 days.Yes, 14 days.
Pricing RangeStarter Plan: $99 monthly
Silver plan: $199 monthly
Gold Plan: $299 monthly
Platinum Plan: $499 monthly
Mover Plan: $39 monthly
Shaker Plan: $79 monthly
Earthquaker Plan: $179 monthly
Best ForAll-in-one marketing solution
All-in-one platform for selling digital content
User Interface Features
Drag-and-drop editor
500+ customizable section/product/content page templates
Custom domains
Multi-page sales funnels
Dark mode enabled
Editor with live previews/rich-text
Unlimited custom/branded sales/landing/newsletters
Podia subdomain/own domain/custom URL
Third-party content embeds
Monetization Options
Affiliation management
Membership sites unlimited
Custom affiliate program
Unlimited digital content
Unlimited membership levels/plans
Marketing OptionsLeads generation software
Lead capture and segmentation
Surveys and quizzes
Automated e-mail and SMS
Analytics and reporting
Kartra Agency account management
Video marketing popups
Lead magnets with funnel automation
Quizzes, upsells, and 1,900+ third-party content embeds
e-mail broadcasts/automated campaigns
Google Analytics/tutorTracker
Customer Support & Training
Blog, tutorials, webinars, and articles
Support ticket system
Multi-agent live chat
1:1 onboarding/monthly group creator call
24/7 Resource center and video library
Daily Q&A
Live video support
Live chat
  1. Podia offers beneficial features at very affordable prices. On the other hand, Kartra is more expensive but delivers excellent features for its price.
  2. As far as UI is concerned, both platforms offer customizable templates and pages with functional editing technology.
  3. Memberships and affiliate management come standard on higher-tiered pricing plans on both platforms.
  4. Kartra and Podia populate e-mail lists and contacts through lead generation software and lead magnets, respectively.
  5. While Kartra employs surveys and quizzes to track customer habits, Podia uses quizzes, upsells, and third-party embeds to achieve the same outcome.
  6. Analytics functions are inherent to Kartra, while Podia relies on Google Analytics. 
  7. E-mail automation comes standard on both platforms.
  8. Customer support and training are essential elements in packages offered by both companies. Kartra is particularly prolific in providing members with a variety of communication channels. Podia responds with more community involvement and extensive resources available to assist users.

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What is Kartra?

Kartra vs. Podia: Pricing Comparison

Kartra Pricing

Kartra plans allow users to access tools to create websites, sales funnels, and membership sites. With these features, users can run e-mail campaigns, sell products and services and benefit from robust lead generation software.  

  • Starter Plan: $99 monthly or $79 if billed yearly

The Kartra Starter Plan includes key benefits with 50 GB of bandwidth, one custom domain, 15,000 monthly e-mails, and 2,500 leads. Added extras comprise access to customer support and the hosting of 50 videos and 100 web pages. 

  • Silver Plan: $199 monthly or $149 if billed yearly

Silver benefits include unlimited e-mails and bandwidth in addition to unrestricted videos, pages, and membership sites. Three user domains host 12,500 leads and benefit from Kartra Agency portfolio management services.

  • Gold Plan: $299 monthly or $229 if billed yearly

Users subscribing to the Gold Plan can operate from five domains, send and receive unlimited e-mails, and capture 25,000 leads. Videos, pages, and bandwidth are uncapped. This option also allows Kartra Agency portfolio management. 

  • Platinum Plan: $499 monthly or $379 if billed yearly

The Platinum Plan includes all Kartra benefits and extends to ten domains and 50,000 leads. 

Podia Pricing

  • Mover: $39 monthly or $390 a year

Podia’s basic Mover Plan incorporates unlimited members, pages, and digital products. Sales may include online courses, e-downloads, and webinars. A subdomain hosted by Podia allows for 1,000 community members, 15 topics, and unlimited e-mail subscribers. 

  • Shaker: $79 monthly or $790 a year

Podia Shakers benefit from all core marketing features. Additional extras include selling coaching material, designer course certificates, affiliate marketing management, and embedded checkout options. Zapier integration and personalized branding are also present.

  • Earthquaker: $179 monthly or $1,790 a year

The Podia Earthquaker Plan incorporates many useful features beyond those available on lesser plans, including five additional teammates (at no extra charge) and no limit on the number of content topics.

E-mail marketing allows for 50,000 monthly recipients in addition to unlimited subscribers. Dedicated one-on-one onboarding and agent support complement benefits.   

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Kartra vs. Podia: A Comparison of Features and Tools

A business solution is only as valuable as its most notable features and benefits. 

We compared Kartra and Podia tools and software to determine the market leader in sales and marketing and gauge their inherent value to host online membership and course content.

We also examined valuable analytics and reporting features, customization options, page-building logistics, customer services, and user training resources. 

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Sales & Marketing Features

Kartra is well-regarded as an all-in-one platform to address all facets of business automation. To this end, the custom domain included in benefits allows for creating unique, personalized sales funnels.


Podia delivers similar functionality through integrations and third-party embeds. In addition, quizzes and upsells act as lead magnets and boost conversion rates and revenue.

Which Platform Offers Better Sales & Marketing Solutions?

We rate Kartra as the superior platform in this instance. Our decision is because the functions and features are part of the platform rather than third-party integrations. 

Kartra Marketing Campaigns

Memberships & Online Course Features

As far as monetization opportunities are concerned, both competitors deliver the goods.

For example, Kartra’s affiliate management and membership generation program has unlimited possibilities, flexible commissions, and various payment milestones.

Podia responds with a customizable storefront to sell unlimited digital content while promising members and affiliates different levels of commitment and various pricing plans.

Which Platform Offers Better Membership and Course Features?

We approve of how both sites handle membership and the distribution of online course content. Therefore, scores in this category are tied.  

Kartra Quiz Feature

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Analytics & Reporting Features

Kartra analytics systems include membership insights, affiliate performance, and site traffic metrics. Data comes in via a real-time interface utilizing the dashboard and the Kartra Agency program. 

Podia manages analytics measurements and site statistics via Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, or similar third-party integrations.

Which Platform Offers Better Analytics & Reporting Features?

Google Analytics is useful to track and understand customer behavior.

However, it is not inherent to the platform and requires third-party integration to function. For this reason, we prefer Kartra.

Customization & Page Building Features

Podia’s site editor gives users total control of web page creation.

Designers can add new sections or logos, edit content, include bio details, or post testimonials.

With this tool, users can tweak details such as color, font, and images for optimal viewability on different sites and devices.

Kartra boasts a drag-and-drop editor that enables users to customize pre-designed templates or avail themselves of ready-made promotional campaigns. Once pages are complete, you can publish with the click of a button. 

Which Platform Offers Better Customization & Page Building Features?

Although Podia’s page editor is adequate, the simplicity and flexibility of the Kartra page builder mean that it comes out on top.

Customer Support & Training

Kartra takes care of consumer concerns through multi-agent live chat, helpdesk assistance, or a support ticket system.

In addition, user training is made available through an extensive library of articles, tutorials, and webinars. 

Podia offers 1:1 onboarding with dedicated support. Monthly group creator calls and daily Q&A sessions also take care of urgent business.

To top it off, if 24/7 video resources availability is not enough, live video chats or e-mail queries should suffice.  

Which Platform Offers Better Customer Support & Training?

We love Podia’s commitment to customer support and training. Therefore, we declare the Podia platform the winner in this category. 


Final Thoughts

  • Choose Kartra if you require stellar drag-and-drop customization functionality above all other features. 
  • Choose Podia if you want an affordable platform to promote and sell digital content.

The comparison between Kartra and Podia is a close contest. 

Our research found Kartra’s pricing fair, with top custom page building, marketing, and sales features. Notable inherent functionalities cover analytics and reporting systems in addition to custom domains to host unlimited site visitors. 

Podia offers unlimited everything at a much-reduced price. Customer support and training are excellent, and there is not much fault to find. However, our one gripe is the need for third-party integrations. While the integration setup is straightforward, it can be nice to have first-party solutions for essential functions such as performance tracking and payment processing on checkout.

For this reason, while both solutions are solid, we find that Kartra is the best solution for your e-commerce needs. 

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