Can You Host a Webinar on Kartra?

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Of course, being a top-notch marketing and knowledge commerce platform, you can host webinars on Kartra.

However, you’ll have to use a third-party product integrated with Kartra since the platform doesn’t have built-in webinar functionality.

Instead, Kartra users can integrate Kartra with WebinarJam, a first-rate webinar tool specially chosen for Kartra integration.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to integrate Kartra and WebinarJam.

Kartra Webinars

How to Host Webinars on Kartra

Although Kartra doesn’t offer webinar hosting, the platform has all the features you need to market webinars and convert leads to customers.

If you have used Kartra for a while and trust the platform to accelerate your business, you can trust WebinarJam.

This deserved trust is because both come from the same company, Genesis Digital. So, the two integrate seamlessly. WebinarJam integrates with Kartra tools to build your e-mail list, track, and create autoresponders.

Also, you can embed your live webinars on your website, so visitors to your website can get a glimpse of what you are doing.

Hosting Webinars on Kartra Using WebinarJam

Integrating WebinarJam and Kartra will help you increase your webinar registrations and enable you to reach thousands of existing and potential customers.

You can link your webinar registrants with your Kartra autoresponder, which will send “smart” e-mails based on their WebinarJam interactions.

Can You Host a Webinar on Kartra?
WebinarJam Webinar Creation Process

How to integrate Kartra and WebinarJam

  1. In the Kartra dashboard, go to “My Integrations,” select “API” from the top menu, and then “API” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Save your Kartra API Key and API Key Password.  
  3. Login to your WebinarJam account, and go to “My Account,” choose “Integrations,” then go to the “Autoresponders.”
  4. Click on the Kartra logo. 
  5. Enter your Kartra API Key
  6. Enter your Kartra API Password
  7. Click on “Connect.”
Can You Host a Webinar on Kartra?
Where to Find an API Code

WebinarJam Pricing

Although WebinarJam also comes from Genesis Digital, it is a separate software package with additional subscription costs.

If webinars are a key part of your business, you’ll find it well worthwhile.

Still, we considered it important to flesh out the plans and costs for WebinarJam as distinct from Kartra so that you have the clearest possible picture.

WebinarJam offers four plans:

  • Starter, which allows 100 Attendees for $39 / month
  • Basic, which allows 500 Attendees at $79 / month
  • Professional, with 2,000 Attendees at $229 / month
  • Enterprise with 5,000 Attendees at $379 / month. 

All of WebinarJam’s plans bill annually.

Using Kartra as a Webinar Registration Page

To customize your webinar registration page to look like all your other Kartra pages, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a new webinar inside WebinarJam, but don’t configure it completely; you can do that later.
  2. Select “API custom integrations,” Your Member ID and password will appear. Highlight them and copy and paste them somewhere else in a safe place.
  3. In Kartra, go to “My Pages” and create a new page. Next, select and click “Create new page.” Then, create your WebinarJam registration page with the Kartra Page Builder
  4. Activate the visitor’s button to register for your webinar:
  • Click on the pencil icon in the bottom right
  • Select “Link” from the left-hand menu
  • Click “Pop a webinar registration form.”
  • Click WebinarJam 

Put in “Member ID” and “Webicode” for your webinar (the one that you collected in Step 2) and click “Apply.” Once the WebinarJam registration page is published, visitors click the “Register” button to open the WebinarJam registration form.

Can You Host a Webinar on Kartra?
Kartra Webinar Sign-up Template

How to Put Your Webinar Registrants into Your Kartra Autoresponder?

  • If you haven’t done it yet, add your Kartra API Key to your WebinarJam account. 
  • In Kartra, go to the “My Campaigns,” then 
  • Select “Leads”
  • Select “Lists”
  • Click the green “Create new contact list” button 
    • Under New list, select “Name of list,” then “Public description,” then click “Next.”  
    • In Kartra, go to “My Campaigns.”
    • Select “Leads”
    • Select “Tags”
    • Click the green “Create new tag” button
  • Create a new tag:
    • Enter a name
    • Add a description
    • Create a category for your tag if you don’t have one yet
    • Click the “Create” button.

Some ideas for tags might include Registrant, Attended Live, Watched Replay, Buyer, Left before the pitch, and anything else you can imagine.

  • In WebinarJam, create (or edit) your webinar, and select “Full Configuration.”
  • In WebinarJam, go to “Integrations” and click the pencil icon next to “Email autoresponder integration.”
  • Click on the Kartra logo.
  • Co-registering your webinar registrants to Kartra.
    • Under “IF THIS HAPPENS,” select the trigger event: “When they register.”
    • Under “THEN DO THIS,” select “Add to List” from the first menu.
    • From the second menu, select the list you created in steps 2-3.
    • Click the “Create integration rule” button.
  • Adding Your Tags. Repeat previous steps, with a few changes as follow: 
    • Change: “Add Tag,” 
    • Change: Select the tag you created in Steps 4-5. 
    • Same as Step 9.

Sending Smart Notifications to Your Kartra Webinar Attendees

  • See that all your list and tag integrations are complete.
  • In WebinarJam, create an integration rule (as in Steps 9-10 of “How to Put Your Webinar Registrants into Your Kartra Autoresponder”).
    • Then, add additional “IF THIS HAPPENS” rules based on the tags you want to connect to specific actions. 
    • Remember to add a rule that adds new webinar registrants to your autoresponder list.
  • In Kartra, go to “My Campaigns.”
  • Select “Campaigns” 
  • Select “Broadcasts” 
  • Click the “create new broadcast” button
  • Enter a name for your broadcast, select (or create) an appropriate category, and click the “Create” button.
  • Select “Send by email,” click the green “Save” button, then click “Save and next.”
  • Go to the “Recipients” section, click on the first drop-down menu, scroll down, and select “Subscribed to list…”
  • Select the list you have connected your webinar to in the second drop-down menu.
  • Click the “Add’’ button. Then, repeat the process for every action-related tag you want to apply. For instance, you may like to send an e-mail to every attendee who missed the last ten minutes of the webinar.
  • Click “Save and Next” to confirm your setup – if the button is greyed out, you don’t have any leads that fit your criteria.

Bottom Line

Linking Kartra and WebinarJam gives you access to a whole range of extra new features that can benefit your business.

For example, you can use Kartra Pages to design a stunning registration page in Kartra that looks like the rest of your pages. The WebinarJam “If THIS, then THAT” feature is also great when linking it with Kartra.

It allows you to tag your webinar attendees based on their actions, which helps you personalize your company’s communication with them.

If you follow our step-by-step instructions, you should have no problem integrating the software flawlessly.

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