Top 10 Leadpages Alternatives & Competitors

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It is an increasingly critical challenge for knowledge commerce entrepreneurs to find the right platform to launch and market products and services successfully. Many people use stellar Leadpages tools and software for this purpose. But, where are Leadpages’ competitors, and are they comparative alternatives?

Our experts conducted in-depth research and selected the best candidates for the job regarding features, cost, and inherent pros and cons. 

Our ten top contenders are: 

  1. Instapage
  2. Unbounce
  3. Simplero
  4. HubSpot Marketing Hub
  5. Elementor (WordPress Plugin)
  6. Wix
  7. SquareSpace
  8. GetResponse
  9. Builderall
  10. ClickFunnels
leadpages alternatives

1. Instapage

Instapage proclaims itself the world’s most advanced landing page platform.

The service provides scalable features to build post-click landing pages, utilize collaborative software, and improve lead conversion ratios.

Additionally, options cover personalization, experimentation, and optimizing teamwork to refine workflow. 

Instapage ensures performance and security through enhanced page creation technology and data management that complies with SOC 2 and GDPR.

Instapage’s tools focus more on conversion than Leadpages’ tools. However, the most advanced benefits are only available on custom packages.

Key Features

  • One-on-one customer success manager service simplifies feature utilization
  • Thor Render Engine technology for lightning-fast page loading
  • Post-click Score conversion analytics to optimize site traffic 
  • #1 Landing Page builder with A/B testing capability
  • Instablocks for scalable functionality
  • Admap for campaign visualization
  • Dynamic text replacement to optimize browser search results


Instapage offers a single subscription option with standard features present in all pricing plans. In addition, users can access a 14-day trial for testing. 

  • Building: $299/month or $199/month if paid annually
  • Custom rates based on company needs 

Leadpages plans offer similar benefits at a fraction of the monthly price charged by Instapage. Thus, we determined that Leadpages delivered a better value-for-money offer with more flexibility in design and custom landing pages. 



  • Exceptional upload speed and use of cloud storage
  • Cross-domain conversion analytics help optimize market research
  • Pages and templates are reusable/customizable in the event of upscaling 
  • Integration with popular third-party marketing tools, CRM, and e-mail automation platforms
  • Experimentation software facilitates variable tests to gain insights into visitor behavior   


  • The monthly subscription is expensive
  • Limited personalization flexibility, i.e., page width, font selection, fine-grain pixel positioning. Templates are mostly tech-oriented and thus limited in their suitability/accessibility to other industries.
  • Setting up a custom domain and creating mobile content can be difficult and time-consuming

2. Unbounce

Unbounce saves users money and gives access to drag-and-drop technology to boost marketing relevance and confidence.

Subscription grants 1-10 domains, 20,000-50,000 site visitors and up to 2,500 conversions on selected plans.

Artificial intelligence-driven software enables the personalized creation of ad campaigns via Smart Builder and helps content generation using Smart Copy. In addition, Smart Traffic boosts conversion rates on checkout.

WordPress hosts the landing page publishing function and, as such, differs from Leadpages, which facilitates site content and activities. 

Key Features

  • Custom domains available to as many as 50,000 visitors
  • Smart Traffic technology to boost traffic conversion
  • Smart Builder landing page builder for the creation of high conversion landing pages
  • Style guide and design assistant to enable custom branding
  • Classic Builder for AMP, A/B testing, and dynamic text replacement
Top 10 Leadpages Alternatives & Competitors


After an initial 14-day trial, Unbounce subscribers can opt for one of the pricing plans. Smart Copy delivers a free Starter version with a Growth option at $49/month. Smart Builder+ plans are as follows:

  • Launch: $90/month
  • Optimize: $135/month
  • Accelerate: $225/month

All Smart Builder+ plans include unlimited landing pages and popups in addition to unrationed sticky bars. Annual subscriptions are available at reduced rates.

In viewing Leadpages side-by-side with Unbounce, there are various similarities. For example, both page builders utilize drag-and-drop technology and provide custom domains. However, Leadpages comes out on top with more sites at affordable prices.   


  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Smart Builder – no coding knowledge needed
  • Lead generation functionality helps to build e-mail lists for follow-up and conversion
  • All features apply to and are usable on mobile devices
  • Excellent customer support and technical support, with a live chat function
  • Suitable for lead generation and drip e-mail campaigns


  • Third-party integration is difficult to implement and limited in functionality
  • Analytics features and benefits are only available on higher-tier subscription plans
  • Cost is excessive for the comparatively limited number of features included in pricing plans

3. Simplero

Simplero delivers software for coaches, consultants, and educators to simplify content delivery on one all-encompassing platform. Users create website pages, membership logins, and landing pages utilizing a single-page editing system.

Deployment is SaaS-based with cloud support. Additionally, users may access the help desk, chat function, or online webinars to become familiar with the product. 

Unlike Leadpages, Simplero does not provide a custom domain. Instead, it allows you to integrate with a domain you already own. It is easy to customize, though, with hosting capability included.  

Key Features

  • Website management with a simple, intuitive sales funnel builder to create impactful landing pages.
  • Unlimited courses, products, and membership sites
  • Pages designed to automate opt-ins, generate membership, upsell/downsell and encourage affiliation 
  • Content pages enable the inclusion of info products, videos/audio files
  • Traffic analytics with behavior analysis, automated invoicing, and consolidated revenue reporting
Top 10 Leadpages Alternatives & Competitors


Simplero pricing plans are very affordable, with annual payment options promising substantial savings. Users can calculate premiums for a tailored plan or opt for one of the following:

  • Build: $24/month or $290/year
  • Launch: $83/month or $990/year
  • Rule The World: $124/month or $1,490/year

The Simplero ‘Rule The World’ subscription is jam-packed with notable features. It includes 1TB of storage and unlimited access to 1,000+ contacts. It is good value for money but still more expensive than the Leadpages Pro Plan, with similar scalable features.   


  • No plugins or third-party subscriptions needed
  • Built-in e-mail services
  • All packages include video hosting
  • Unlimited course content, membership, and affiliate opportunities
  • 24/7 customer support via online community and expert marketing and design assistance
  • No additional transaction fees on integrated Stripe, PayPal, or other payment gateways


  • Users do not receive a custom domain subscription but can still use their own
  • The platform lacks an integrated shopping cart function and internal scheduler
  • Limited flexibility in course building and page design

4. HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot develops solutions for inbound marketing, including raising traffic, decreasing cart abandonment, and improving conversion ratios. 

Marketing Hub keeps marketing, sales, and customer support in one place while App Marketplace connects to integration partners. In addition, HubSpot Academy provides resources to get the most out of the system. Web Application Firewall (WAF) technology also protects user data.

HubSpot marketing benefits showcase outstanding CRM usability and are generally on par with features offered by Leadpages.  

 Key Features

  • Ad tracking and management with optimized SEO functionality
  • Video hosting and social media integration with web pages and blogs
  • E-mail marketing automation with lead tracking and segmentation management  
  • ROI revenue attribution with CRM personalization
  • The landing page builder and form builder utilize drag-and-drop technology optimized for CRM integration.
  • Salesforce integration for data-backed analytics and insights
hubspot marketing landing


HubSpot Marketing Hub offers a range of marketing software to subscribers. It includes up to 15 million marketing contacts and access to popular features.

Plans comprise the following:

  • Free
  • Starter: $45+/month
  • Professional: $800+/month
  • Enterprise: $3,200+/month

In addition to key features, HubSpot’s top-tier marketing solutions include custom reporting, account-based marketing, and predictive lead scoring. However, these plans are highly-priced, especially as applicable to larger enterprises. For example, Leadpages’ Advanced Plan provides up to 50 sites with unlimited leads, traffic, and landing pages for only $239/month if paid annually. This plan is dramatically less expensive than HubSpot Professional. 


  • A free version gives access to all popular features at no cos
  • The Starter Plan includes valuable features such as ad targeting, custom branding, and simple follow-up e-mails at an affordable price
  • The all-inclusive platform saves on buying additional software to automate e-mail campaigning and market automation


  • The service offers limited templates and features to customize web landing pages
  • HubSpot Marketing has no integrated payment gateways, shopping carts, video hosting, or warehousing capabilities
  • Navigating the platform can be confusing and require some technological know-how from users

5. Elementor (WordPress Plugin)

Elementor is a WordPress Plugin that provides web development services. This tool incorporates an editor with a drag-and-drop capability similar to that of Leadpages. In addition, designer templates enable live design and inline editing of landing pages and websites on any device.

WordPress features enable responsive editing, workflow simplification, design, marketing, and mobile editing. In addition, there is an extensive list of widgets that also improve web functionality and creativity in more than 59 languages.

Subscription to the Pro package unlocks advanced benefits. 

Key Features

  • Drop-and-drag editor with responsive editing, Popup Builder, Theme Builder, and WooCommerce Builder
  • Workflow management utilizing hotkeys, autosave, dark mode, Global Widget, Kits Library
  • Design tools with Global Custom CSS, motion filters, and advanced editing tools
  • Marketing software facilitates testimonials, star rating, landing pages, action links, and multi-step form creation.
Top 10 Leadpages Alternatives & Competitors


Basic Elementor features are free to use. Additional products can be downloaded and installed to benefit from more advanced functions.

  • Elementor Pro Plugin: From $49/year
  • Published and Hosted Website: $89/year
  • Essential: (1 website) $49/year 
  • Expert (25 websites): $199/year
  • Studio (100 websites): $499/year
  • Agency (1,000 websites): $999/year

Elementor Pro gives custom CSS access, headers and footers, price tables, and lists with sticky elements and embedding capability.

If web creation were the only criteria for our Leadpages comparisons, Elementor’s range of features would win out on variety and money well-spent.  


  • A free option gives access to practical, basic features
  • Robust drag-and-drop editor with responsive design templates and widgets
  • You can achieve customization with little coding ability
  • Custom fonts, icons, and pre-designed templates and blocks
  • Active Facebook community act as added support
  • Paid subscription options are fairly priced and include usable features


  • The site is often slow to load and uses considerable memory
  • SEO features are basic and lack sufficient usability
  • Elementor showcases limited integrations with third-party service providers, widgets, and plugins

6. Wix uses cloud-based web development services that offer templates, advanced web technology, and an intelligent editor.

Web essentials include a custom domain name, secure web hosting, logo maker, and SEO toolset. 

Business owners use the platform to promote online stores and services, restaurants, blogs, and larger enterprises.

Online transaction and multichannel sales feature mirror Leadpages. In addition, analytics and reports provide valuable insights into site traffic and conversion rates.

Key Features

  • Velo full-stack platform to build professional web applications 
  • Website design, layout, interactions, effects, and media integration is made easy by using Editor X
  • Affiliate partner benefits and e-mail marketing to upscale businesses
  • Cart and checkout pages with flexible payment options and comparative processing fees
  • Analytics capability to track site traffic, understand site metrics and implement insights 
Wix Homepage


Wix Premium Website Plans are available at very competitive prices.

  • VIP: $39/month
  • Pro: $23/month
  • Unlimited: $18/month
  • Combo: $14/month

An events calendar, site booster, and visitor analytics app are available on all plans, bar Combo, for a term of one year.   

Business and e-commerce options comprise advanced features such as customer accounts, customized reports, and secure payments.

Additional functions activate abandoned cart recovery, automated sales tax, and subscription services.

  • Business VIP: $49/month
  • Business Unlimited: $427/month
  • Business Basic: $23/month

Wix is a viable alternative to Leadpages with various features and payment plans to suit every budget range.  


  • Subscription includes a free domain name (one year) and personalized business e-mail with specified yearly subscriptions
  • 24/7 security monitoring in addition to SSL and HTTPS protection safeguards user identity
  • A variety of plans to meet the needs of small to large enterprises
  • 24/7 customer care 
  • Intuitive interface for secure site navigation


  • None of the Wix pricing plans allows for the use of unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Designed pages are often initially undiscoverable due to limited SEO optimization
  • The Starter Plan features ads

7. SquareSpace

SquareSpace hosts smaller online businesses and blogs and promises to enable the sale of anything on your online website.

Products aim at creating websites, building brand awareness, and selling e-commerce products and services. 

This platform offers benefits comparable to Leadpages, notably custom web templates and e-commerce tools and analytics.

In addition, abandoned cart recovery management and checkout pages with various payment gateways meet the Leadpages standard.  

Top 10 Leadpages Alternatives & Competitors

Key Features

  • Website design utilizes a website builder, customizable templates, and content layouts to accommodate different content types.
  • Blogging uses flexible workflow designs, podcast support, and e-mail integration.
  • Facilitates the sale of products, services, subscription, and digital content utilizing product quick view, image zoom, limited availability labels, and discounts


SquareSpace offers monthly and discounted annual subscription plans.

  • Personal: $16/month 
  • Business: $26/month
  • Basic Commerce: $35/month
  • Advanced Commerce: $54/month
  • Select: $4,900/year 
  • Enterprise: negotiable according to personal preference

Personal and business plans come standard with SSL security, unlimited bandwidth, and storage, in addition to mobile-optimized websites and essential analytics functions.

Advanced features such as integration and blocks, ad credits, e-commerce features, and merchandising tools benefit higher-tiered plans.

As far as cost is concerned, basic plans are very affordable in comparison to Leadpages. However, plans aimed at larger corporations may be too expensive. 


  • SquareSpace’s basic pricing fees are acceptable with a 25% to 30% discount when opting for an annual payment plan.
  • No cap on contributors on all but Personal Plan
  • You can do third-party integrations on higher-tiered pricing plans
  • Access to unlimited Unsplash image library
  • You can add uploaded video backgrounds to web pages


  • Multi-currency transactions are not supported, payment gateways are limited to Stripe and PayPal, while the tax-calculation function is limited to US customers only
  • Limited flexibility to customize and tweak design templates
  • Transaction fees on the Business Plan may be excessive

8. GetResponse

GetResponse is an e-commerce platform offering e-mail marketing software, webinar hosting, landing page creation, and website creation.

GetResponse tools promise simplified workflow processes to grow customer lists, generate leads, and promote online sales.

GetResponse benefits are on par with Leadpages. These include Live Chat, customizable sign-up procedures, and landing pages with white-label branding. 

The Free-forever plan gives users access to basic website builder features. An HTML editor creates unlimited e-mails and newsletters from pre-prepared templates. A paid subscription has autoresponder capability, an increased number of websites, unlimited subpages, bandwidth, and landing pages, to name a few.

Key Features

  • E-mail marketing with professionally designed templates for newsletters
  • Automated blogs and e-mails delivered with Perfect timing, Time Travel, and SMTP triggers
  • Drag-and-drop website builder utilizing templates, predetermined layouts, one easy view, GIFs, and stock photos
  • Conversion funnel to generate leads and improve cart conversion
  • Paid Ads via  Facebook, Google, and other social and advertising networks
Top 10 Leadpages Alternatives & Competitors


GetResponse offers clients a 30-day trial period to familiarize themselves with the product. After that, they can opt to continue with GetResponse Free or select one of the payment plans. 

Quoted terms reflect monthly subscriptions, but 12-month and 24-month payment options are also available to save as much as 30%. Costs assume a 10,000 member contact list.

  • Free
  • Basic: $15/month 
  • Plus: $49/month
  • Professional: $99/month
  • Max: Custom pricing  

Leadpages’ paid plans include unlimited traffic, leads, pop-ups, and landing pages comparable to GetResponse. Still, Leadpages does not offer free access to basic features and promotes a 14-day trial only. 


  • GetResponse offers a free version with basic marketing features, website builder, and custom domain
  • Robust analytics with detailed reporting provides valuable insights
  • Funnel builder with solid lead generation and list building functionality
  • The user interface is navigable for e-mail creation and landing pages design
  • 30-day trial gives access to all features  


  • The platform does not allow you to embed video content
  • Campaign visualization is complex in the absence of real-time testing capability
  • Contact adding is not automated and has to be done manually, which is very time-consuming

9. Builderall

Builderall is committed to providing a quality product to improve sales results and enhance customer satisfaction. Tools include website building solutions, e-mail marketing, social media integration, site traffic monitoring, site management, and web design.

Users can choose a drag-and-drop-responsive builder, drag-and-drop pixel-perfect builder, or drag-and-drop mobile-first builder to create pages. Builderall then hosts the completed site using its dedicated servers.

Builderall plans come packed with accessible benefits at reasonable prices. In a direct comparison with Leadpages, we found Builderall slightly ahead in some regards. 

Key Features

  • Cheetah Funnel Builder customizable templates feature two-click checkout, integration, and upselling to drive conversion ratios. 
  • MailingBoss Autoresponder makes e-mail campaigning quick and easy – CRM inclusive.
  • Builderall click map identifies parts of the site attracting the most traffic.
  • Builderall App creator facilitates the creation of apps for use across platforms.
builderall landing


Builderall sells four subscription plans with domains, subdomains, unlimited subscribers, and disk space inclusive. A 30-day trial gives limited access to critical features.

To include WordPress Basic Cloud Server (1 CPU, 2GB RAM, 10GB HD) and unlimited domain connections, WordPress Plans are available. 

The cost of Builderall Plans are as follows:

  • Cheetah: $14.90/month
  • Marketer: $69.90/month
  • Premium: $79.90/month
  • Funnel Club: $199 first payment – $79.90/month thereafter
  • WordPress Cheetah: $19.90/month  
  • WordPress Marketer: $79.90/month
  • WordPress Premium: $79.90/month
  • WordPress Funnel Club: $199 first payment – $79.90/month thereafter

The variety of payment options make Builderall a top contender.


  • Complete hosting and security of website content
  • Easy-to-use with a varied selection of features and tools to facilitate web design
  • Plans are varied and affordable to solo entrepreneurs and larger enterprises alike.
  • MailingBoss Autoresponder automates e-mail drip campaigns
  • The program offers a virtual assistant to users who can benefit from the feature 


  • No free plan is available, although browsers can access a free trial 
  • The user interface is hard to navigate with an overwhelming amount of tools available
  • Assistance from customer support services can be relatively slow

10. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels gives users access to tools used to create sales funnels for lead conversion. Web owners can develop pages to lead visitors through the sales process using automated lead generation and follow-up funnels.

The page editor uses templates and drag-and-drop technology to design landing pages and create brand recognition simultaneously. Additional functions produce order forms and upsell pages or facilitate webinar hosting by arranging building blocks to maximum effect.

ClickFunnels shares many of the Leadpages features and tools. 

Key Features

  • Drag-and-drop editor to create sales funnels targeting lead generation, unboxing, and launching new products and services.
  • Shopping cart with 1-click upsells increase revenue generated per customer
  • E-mail and social media market automation simplify targeted message delivery and CRM through Smart e-mail, text, and messenger
  • Affiliate marketing to increase site traffic and multiply income
Top 10 Leadpages Alternatives & Competitors


ClickFunnels’ free 14-day trial gives users access to features with a value of $10,988/year. Three basic subscription options incorporate different standard and advanced features:

  • Standard: $97/month
  • Platinum: $297/month
  • Two Comma Club: $2,497/month 

Users starting with a ClickFunnels Standard subscription gain access to 20 funnels, 100 pages, three payment gateways, and three domains. The package includes chat support and course training. 

Platinum and Two Comma Club membership provide unlimited funnels and pages with access to more content and weekly peer reviews. 

Compared to Leadpages, ClickFunnels is twice as costly and does not deliver the same value in features. 


  • Robust lead generation software ensures timeous follow-up and higher cart completion rates.
  • The drag-and-drop text editor and site builder is handy in creating optimized sales funnels.
  • A/B test funnels are easy to build and use quickly
  • Connection of and integration with third-party marketing tools is easy and successful 


  • E-mail marketing tool lacks smooth functionality
  • Connecting to custom domains is difficult and follows a complicated process.
  • Adding products to the sales funnel or duplicating a sales funnel is convoluted and time-consuming.
  • ClickFunnels pricing plans are steep considering the range of benefits

Bottom Line

All of the Leadpages alternatives on our review list show merit. However, while a select few, like Elementor and Unbounce, can stand up to scrutiny regarding web building and design, several lack the depth of usable features Leadpages offers.

As far as affordability is concerned, Leadpages dominates. Competitors worth a second look in this regard are Builderall, GetResponse, and Simplero. However, each of these platforms is partially lacking in comparable Leadpages features and scalability. 

The bottom line is that Leadpages is still usually your best bet if you want access to exceptional, innovative marketing and design tools at an affordable price.  

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