LeadPages Discounts & Coupons + (Limited 60% Offer)

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With Leadpages offering a range of discounts – like a 25% discount on annual subscriptions – you may find that you’ve finished looking for your ideal website and landing page builder.

Seasonal discounts also occur periodically, with exclusive offers such as 60% off Standard and Pro plans. 

If you want to score a deal when signing up for Leadpages, read on for the special discounted offers available to newcomers! 

LeadPages Discounts

Leadpages 25% Annual Discount

When you sign up for the annual billing option on any Leadpages pricing plan, you immediately qualify for a 25% yearly discount.

Whether you sign up for the Standard or Pro plans, the result is a considerable saving of up to 25% on the monthly subscription. 

When signing up to the Standard plan monthly, you pay $37 per month.

However, if you take the annual billing option, you’ll get a 25% discount, which means a total charge of $27 per month. This discount provides a yearly saving of $120. 

The monthly subscription for the Pro plan is $79 per month. However, opt for the annual billing, and you’ll score a 25% discounted price equal to $59 per month.

So instead of paying $948 per year on the monthly plan, your annual subscription will cost you $708, a huge savings of $240!

How to Get a 25% Leadpages Annual Discount

To benefit from the 25% Leadpages annual discount, you need to follow some simple steps. Make sure you have credit card details on hand before signing up and follow this easy step-by-step process to get started:

  1. Visit LeadPages website to take advantage of the 25% annual discount
  2. Use the slide button to select “Pay Yearly.”
  3. Click on “Select Plan” and choose the option most suitable for your business
  4. Fill in the specified information to sign up for your account. 

The system will ask you to supply your credit card details so your subscription kicks in smoothly once the 14-day trial period ends. 

2021 Black Friday 60% Leadpages Discount 

Leadpages is offering an exclusive offer that is only valid from November 16th to 28th, 2021. This deal is a once-a-year Black Friday offer of a 60% discount on either Standard or Pro plans. To benefit from this limited-time deal, you must visit this page and subscribe to the e-mail list. 

By subscribing to the Leadpages mailing list, you’re immediately saving over $400 on your Leadpages Pro annual plan. 

LeadPages Discounts & Coupons + (Limited 60% Offer)

When you join the mailing list, you’ll need to provide your e-mail address.

Then, when you click on the “Join the List” button, the system will direct you to a new page with instructions. These instructions will include the date when you can expect your 60% OFF coupon. 

The Leadpages system will also send a confirmation e-mail with additional details about the sale to you.

For example, these details will include information such as that this offer is only valid from November 16th, 2021, to November 28th, 2021 (inclusive). 

On the due date, Leadpages will send a coupon will to your Promotions inbox with Gmail or similar filtering systems with other e-mail providers.

The 60% discount is valid for both new and existing Leadpages customers. You can use this deal to upgrade your existing plan if you’re already using Leadpages. 

LeadPages Discounts & Coupons + (Limited 60% Offer)


Standard Plan: Instead of paying $37 per month, pay $15 monthly with 60% off. That’s a saving of $264 per year. In addition, if you select the annual billing option, you get 60% off the already-discounted price of $27 per month, saving you $194 per year. 

Pro Plan: Instead of paying $79 per month, pay $32 monthly with 60% off. That’s a saving of $564 per year. In addition, if you select the annual billing option, you get 60% off $59 per month, saving you $425 per year.

LeadPages Discounts & Coupons + (Limited 60% Offer)

Bottom Line

Leadpages is always offering fantastic discounts and coupons for both new and existing customers.

By keeping an eye out for these special deals, you can save big when signing up for one of these compelling plans. 

The annual 25% discount offers huge savings for your business. In addition, seasonal offers such as the Black Friday 60% off coupon are decisive when selecting a website builder.

What’s more, these exclusive offers are also available to existing customers, giving you the option to upgrade with more affordability.

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