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Every day, people turn to Leadpages’ drag-and-drop web builder to design appealing, functional websites to sell products and services. Therefore, we took a closer look at web designs utilizing this platform. In addition, we noted the type of products on offer, revenue generated, and which Leadpages features they used to make this information more helpful. 

Read on if you wonder whether your business might benefit from Leadpages’ templates, widgets, and integrations. 

LeadPages Website Examples

10 Best Leadpages Website Examples 

Coaches, consultants, retailers, and marketers are using Leadpages tools to promote online enterprise. We combed the Internet and highlighted some of the best examples.  

Kaleidoscope Living Leadpages

1. Kaleidoscope Living

  • Niche: Interior Design 
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 22,173
  • Leadpages Features Used:  Colorful landing pages, on-page section links, pop-ups (leadboxes), image library, custom branding, social media links. 

The folks at Kaleidoscope Living pride themselves on providing ideas to create beautiful interior design projects on a budget. 

The site’s landing page makes vital information such as the search function, shop tag, blogs, and podcasts available at first glance. In addition, a colorful gallery and menu grid invite browsers to explore.

Visitors encounter blogs, articles, customer reviews, free resources, and newsletters. ‘Designer in a Binder’ rounds off the display.   

We found this page to be beautiful and easy to navigate.

Checkout pages utilize Leadpages templates and feature a variety of payment options, including Apple Pay, Amex, and other major credit cards. Prospective customers can then make payments in various currencies. 


2. The Plenty Vegan Plan

  • Niche: Healthy Diet (Vegan)
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000
  • Leadpages Features Used: Video hosting, custom branding, custom form fields, section templates, landing pages.

The Plenty Vegan Plan landing page is a simple yet effective page that uses Leadpages templates. A single page hints at video tutorials, resource pages, restaurant guides, meal plans, and grocery lists to aid the transition to veganism.

The Plenty Vegan Plan membership affords customers lifetime access to a vegan community in addition to occasional hints and tips to master the lifestyle. A 15-day refund policy guarantee gives browsers peace of mind to ‘Join the Plan.’

Once customers populate fields with personal details, they redirect to a checkout page. Payment is payable via Stripe or PayPal payment gateways.  


3. Learn Do Become

  • Niche: Productivity/Personal Development 
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000
  • Leadpages Features Used: Landing pages templates, video/webinar hosting and podcasts, subscription/membership, custom form fields for billing info and payment options, page grouping, custom branding, leadboxes. 

Learn Do Become features simple system solutions to manage mental and physical health, nurture relationships, and organize your life for optimal productivity. 

The website launches with a mission statement, a ‘Start Here’ tab, and a ‘Login’ tab visible instantly. Articles, podcasts, and video content feature in an irregular grid pattern which is easy to navigate. The video/podcast archive also becomes accessible on subscription. 

In addition to the abovementioned Leadpages features, Learn Do Become also uses Leadpages integrations. This functionality links social networks Facebook and Instagram and enables payment via PayPal, PayPal Credit, or credit card.

red and honey leadpages

4. Red & Honey

  • Niche: Health and Wellness
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 13,724
  • Leadpages Features Used: Custom form fields, exit-intent pop-ups, leadboxes, custom branding, device-specific display (e-books), pre-built add-on pages.

The Red & Honey website utilizes Leadpages tools to create a platform to share resources regarding health and wellness.

The site employs exit-intent pop-ups to harvest user information. Buttons labeled ‘I Want It,’ ‘Sign Me Up,’ and ‘More Like This’ simplify navigation and catch user attention. Free downloads and an offer for a ‘Free Wellness Framework Self-Assessment’ keep site traffic moving.

The site employs Leadpages technology to win subscriptions and build e-mail listings to deliver free content updates.


5. Deliciously Organic 

  • Niche: Health and Wellness/Healthy Diet/Blog
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 10,120
  • Leadpages Features Used:  Checkout pages, blog, subscription/membership, layout templates, custom branding, social media integration, Amazon integration.

Deliciously Organic uses a variety of Leadpages benefits to supply tips and resources to people suffering from thyroid dysfunction and illnesses.

The landing page employs a clever design to hook newcomers with a ‘Start Here’ button. Free content is accessible from the ‘Menu’ tab, which opens up different pages. Visitors can view the blog, shop, and cart from this menu.

Some content such as weekly plans and select courses are available when browsers subscribe to the site. 

On checkout, Leadpages integration with Amazon takes over in some instances. Customers can also finalize checkout by utilizing Google Pay or credit card facilities.  


6. Spark Lipscomb’s Idea Center

  • Niche: Personal Development/Education
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000
  • Leadpages Features Used:  Lead generation, custom icons, digital file hosting and delivery, custom branding, page grouping, custom tags, custom form field.

Spark Lipscomb’s Idea Center provides digital and physical meeting space and facilitation to conduct online training. 

The landing page is simple, with custom icons to give an instant overview of the content. On viewing, a pop-up offers a free download of a key resource. The menu tab redirects users to specific pages of interest.

In typical Leadpages fashion, clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ tab takes browsers to a custom form field to initiate dialogue. At the same time, CRM features come straight out of Leadpages’ box of tricks. For example, helper bots assist with sales, demos, and frequently asked questions.

The Spark page uses integrated widgets to make appointments and schedule turnkey training sessions.   


7. Coin by Life360

  • Niche: Finance/Education 
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: <2000
  • Leadpages Features Used:  Custom form fields, custom templates, drag-and-drop website design.  

Coin by Life360 is a free app aimed at new entrepreneurs. The application aims to teach financial freedom and healthy money habits to teenagers.

Although Coin is only due to launch toward the end of 2021, custom form fields attracted pre-registration of users well in advance. In addition, registered users are offered sign-up incentives for referring friends to the site. 

Coin uses Leadpages templates to play around with landing pages to attract youthful users. Further, Life360 has used customization to reflect product branding and build anticipation.

Life360 uses Apple Pay and Google Pay integrations to handle customer spending within the app.

Living Well LeadPages

8. Living Well Spending Less

  • Niche: Lifestyle/Health and Wellness
  • Estimated Revenue: Unknown
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 32,169
  • Leadpages Features Used:  Pop-ups, Shutterstock imaging, webinar hosting, blog, custom icons, social media link, page grouping.

Living Well Spending Less is a fun site offering simple solutions for streamlined home management systems. 

The landing page is colorful and customized to accommodate pop-ups for free resources and training sessions. A blog discusses various topics while accessing the main menu redirects users to grouped pages arranged by topic. 

The Living Well Shop is available from the bottom of the page. Revenue is generated by selling merchandise or subscribing to courses via the Living Well Academy.

Special offers catch consumer attention and set users up for bonus upsells and freebies. In addition, Leadpages integrations with Shop Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and Google Pay simplify the checkout pages.  

Laura Candler Leadpages

9. Laura Candler’s Teaching Resources

  • Niche: Education resources
  • Estimated Revenue: $125k+
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 16,817
  • Leadpages Features Used: Custom landing page, pop-ups, membership and affiliate management tools, video hosting, blog, digital file hosting, and delivery.  

Laura Candler’s Teaching Resources is a treasure trove for elementary educators and teaching establishments. 

The landing page utilizes creative design alongside Leadpages templates and custom icons. All relevant tags are at the top of the page and lead to blogs, free and paid resources, video testimonials, and the resource store. In addition, teachers can browse for subject matter relating to literacy, mathematics, or seasonal content. 

Integrations to Donors Choose and gift certificates support professional development funding. Additionally, an online personal learning network opens up learning and teaching possibilities.  

Leadpages manages membership and affiliate membership to the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Bundle Offer accessible via the Resources drop-down menu. 

Labrada Leadpages

10. Labrada

  • Niche: Health and Wellness/Lifestyle
  • Estimated Revenue: $298k+
  • Organic Traffic Volume: 12,684
  • Leadpages Features Used: Custom tags, account creation, checkout pages, subscription services, coupons and discounts, online storefront, video hosting, lead routing, custom branding.

Labrada is an online storefront selling FSC certified ready-to-drink shakes and supplements. Labrada also sources environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging materials.

Labrada utilizes Leadpages technology to run subscription services promising reduced prices for nutritional products on sale. In addition, an article library targets users with topics relating to health, diet, and fitness.

Labrada pages utilize big, bold images and clear icons to access info regarding subscription, savings, product details, and shipping.   

The checkout utilizes Leadpages templates and accepts major credit cards and PayPal payment options via a Norton-protected checkout page. 

Synthesis & Statistics of Leadpages Examples 

The examples we selected primarily represent health and wellness and lifestyle management. However, other less prominent niche categories include education, interior design, and personal development. 

It is important to note that websites utilizing Leadpages technology represent small to large enterprises with vastly different revenues and site traffic. This scalability demonstrates that any entrepreneur can benefit from Leadpages’ marketing and promotion tools, regardless of the scale of the business.

First impressions are essential in sales and marketing. Therefore, all the websites we featured display aesthetically pleasing pages with custom designs modeled on Leadpages templates.  Features most popular with site owners included customized branding and landing pages. In addition, several designers employ exit-intent pop-ups, leadboxes, or on-page section links to generate leads and direct site traffic.

Notably, all sites but one had intuitive, easy-to-navigate checkout pages and a selection of payment options in various currencies. This range of payment choices includes credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, and Google Pay. The use of different payment gateways undoubtedly reduces abandoned carts, increases transaction conversion, and generates more revenue.   

Consumers love a personal touch. Therefore, a few of our sites integrate video hosting, webinars, blogs, or personalized content into their resources. This personalized content cultivates a personal connection with repeat visitors. Similarly, those websites offering subscriptions or affiliated partnerships notably support an online following or fully-fledged site community.

It is interesting to note that only a few of the websites in the spotlight utilize third-party integration to a considerable extent.

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