LearnDash Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

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Our team spent many hours on your behalf, investigating the pricing plans that LearnDash offers. In this article, we will show you the subscription plans currently available to you and explain each one’s features.

We found that anyone who needs to turn a WordPress site into a learning management system can benefit from the LearnDash plug-in.

This audience includes WordPress developers who have clients requesting an LMS, organizations which focus on training, and educational institutions.

Learndash Pricing

LearnDash Pricing Overview

LearnDash has three pricing packages – starting at $159 per year for the Basic plan. This price is a limited offer – look for the counter counting down to the expiry date on the LearnDash site. 

LearnDash charges its users annually. You can make all payments online to start immediately delving into your files and their support site. LearnDash does not currently offer a free trial, but they do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Here are all of the LearnDash pricing packages:

  • LearnDash Basic plan – $159 per year.
  • LearnDash Plus plan – $189 per year.
  • LearnDash Pro plan – $329 per year.

LearnDash Pricing Plans: In-Depth

The LearnDash Basic plan is now available at $159 per year. For $189, you can receive the Plus package and for $329 the Pro plan. These prices include access to plugin updates and support for one year. You will see that the only difference in the plans is the number of site licenses available and the ProPanel add-on. So, depending on whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a business that only needs one website, or an already established educational agency with multiple websites, you can choose the plan most suitable for you.

LearnDash Features:

  • Unlimited Courses – Create as many courses as you want quickly with LearnDash’s powerful course builder. This useful drag and drop builder allows you to create multi-layered courses. Users can divide courses into sections, lessons, topics, and quizzes.
  • Unlimited Users – Allow as many users as you want with easy-to-manage, robust profiles. LearnDash has some useful features in this area, too. For example, you can organize your learners, with LearnDash Group Management, into groups so you can mass-enroll students on courses ensuring they all receive the same drip-feed schedule. You can assign a Group Leader who can then manage their performance. This page will automatically generate when you install the plug-in.
  • Course Content Protection – LearnDash has built-in course protection. This feature means your content is only available to enrolled users. The content of your courses cannot be viewed by people not enrolled. Your students will only have access to the course they paid for. LearnDash protects your content without the need for a membership plug-in.
  • Drip-Feed Lessons – You can deliver all your lessons at once, or you can deliver them sequentially on a pre-set schedule – either so many days after enrollment or on a specific date. LearnDash auto-configures the delivery date and displays it by the lesson. This feature ensures that students do not view the lesson content until the scheduled date.
  • Advanced Quizzing – Choose from 8 different question formats with total control over how your quizzes function – single choice, multiple-choice, free text, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blanks, and survey. You can create question banks to organize your questions into categories. You can insert videos, audio, and images throughout your quizzes and even use them to provide hints to your students throughout lessons. You can set limits on the number of times students can attempt a given quiz. You can also limit and track the amount of time a student takes to complete a quiz as well as ensure that a user passes a quiz before continuing the course.
  • Certificates and Badges – Award your learners when they complete lessons, quizzes, or courses you can customize. LearnDash walks you through how to create them from beginning to end. They advise on content, background, adding images, and all formatting. You can preview the certificate and then assign it to a particular course.
  • Course Forums – Forums can encourage discussions among your learners about your courses. That can have a positive effect or, sometimes, a negative one. If your course would benefit from a forum, then LearnDash offers restricted-access course-specific forums for your students. LearnDash advises that if your course has lots of material and requires students to complete projects and step-by-step lessons, and if it generally benefits from a community approach, you should set up a course forum. LearnDash also gives lots of help to users by offering ‘ground rules’ for forums and tips on generating an effective forum.
  • Email Notifications – This LMS automatically triggers email notifications based on any activity – course, lesson, quizzes, and more. When your users perform certain actions on your LMS, notifications will automatically send out based on the settings you configure. There are 13 available triggers, including when a student passes a test and when an assignment is uploaded. You can also email students about a particular course or their status and send reminder notifications. There’s also the ability to connect to popular email platforms, although this functionality requires an add-on.
  • Free Integrations – Users will have access to a growing list of integrations with other popular applications. Currently, there are 33 free add-ons. These include 2Checkout integration, Easy Digital Downloads integration, WooCommerce integration, and Paid Memberships Pro integration, which is free despite the name. LearnDash explains each one clearly and gives very detailed help in setting them up, including FAQs, and Troubleshooting in some cases. Official add-ons are created and managed by LearnDash, and 3rd party companies manage the others.
  • One Year of Support & Updates – LearnDash provides unlimited support and updates for one calendar year. They are continually updating their platform and add-ons, and the easiest way to update is automatically through your Plug-in page. Each customer receives guides, tutorials, documentation, community forums, and their help desk via the LearnDash Support site. They provide detailed instructions on how to install LearnDash from the technical requirements to recommended hosting. They offer a large range of user guides to which they are continually adding, from sample lessons to page builders.
  • Bonus Demo Site Template – If you haven’t started your website yet, with just a few clicks, new LearnDash users can have access to the LearnDash-specific Astra Theme – the WordPress theme known for its high performance and loading speed. Once imported, you will have a professional-looking homepage, a course listing page with the course grid, and a My Account page, which has been pre-configured so your students can check their progress on each course. You will be able to sample courses using LearnDash Focusing Mode, a distraction-free learning mode, an About Us page, and a Contact page configured with WordPress forms. It’s the perfect way to help users get started quickly. 

LearnDash Payment Packages

LearnDash is offering three payment packages – Basic, Plus, and Pro. The only difference between these plans is that the Basic is limited to a single site license, and it does not include the ProPanel add-on. The Plus and Pro plans offer more site licenses as well as the ProPanel add-on. Below we go into more details of each plan showing you the differences between them and which is suitable for which business.


As a starting point, the Basic plan has one site license so you can install it on one website. It is suitable for independent instructors, new entrepreneurs, or small businesses. This plan provides support and plug-in updates for a year. It does not include the ProPanel, which the Plus and Pro plans have. But it does offer unlimited users and unlimited courses – which are excellent features.

Plus Package

This package includes up to ten site licenses as well as the ProPanel, the dashboard, and the live activity reporting add-on, which makes it suitable for universities.

The ProPanel add-on enhances your admin experience by centralizing reporting and assignment management, which allows you to send course specific communications. You can see real-time activity on your courses, manage all your assignments and essays, view and download user course progress, and quiz results. It also provides statistics, including the total number of students, and essays/assignments pending. Users can also send selected groups of students emails, for example, to those who have not yet completed their course. The Reporting Data function enables you to view your students’ progress and their activities.

Pro Package

With up to 25 site licenses, this package is perfect for agencies. This Pro package also includes the same ProPanel add-on as the Plus package. 

LearnDash Pricing FAQ


How Much Does LearnDash Cost?

LearnDash has three payment plans with annual billing on all of these. The Basic package costs $159, the Plus $189, and the Pro $329.

Does LearnDash Offer a Free Plan?

No, LearnDash is not currently offering a free plan.

Is LearnDash Subscription Monthly or Annual?

LearnDash subscriptions are all annual and not monthly.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade to Another Package Later?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade to another package at any time. Your annual renewal date will then change to the same date that you upgrade or downgrade.

Does LearnDash Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. LearnDash is happy to issue a refund within 30 days of purchase if you change your mind. 

Will I Need to Renew My LearnDash Licence?

All licenses renew automatically with LearnDash, except for some legacy licenses.

What Types of Payment Does the LearnDash Accept? 

LearnDash accepts payment online with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card. Users can then access all their necessary files and the support site.

Bottom Line

We have invested significant time in research to help you to be able to choose the correct pricing plan for your business.

LearnDash has three pricing packages to suit all budgets, each promising a considerable range of features. These are all billed annually, so pay once, and you’re all set for a year.

Anyone needing to turn a WordPress site into a learning management system, including solo entrepreneurs and even WordPress developers, can avail of the LearnDash plug-in.

If you need a large capacity of users and unlimited courses, any of the pricing plans will work for you as each of them includes these great features.

LearnDash offers updates on your sites and add-ons for a year as well as help and support should you need it.

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