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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

In this article, we have a look at what the LearnWorlds Academy is and what information is available on it.

We’ve done extensive research on this LearnWorlds resource platform and feel that it is indispensable for existing and prospective LearnWorlds users. 

Learnworlds Academy

What is LearnWorlds Academy?

LearnWorlds Academy is a resource center for current and prospective LearnWorlds users. The Academy gives you access to all the information and skills required to turn your field of expertise into an income. The resources are in the form of webinars and video courses. Have a specific question about a subject that isn’t in a video? The LearnWorlds Academy community page is a forum where you can learn from your fellow users.

If you aren’t a current LearnWorlds user, please feel free to subscribe to the Academy. Make use of its information and see if LearnWorlds is the right fit for you. 

How to Access the LearnWorlds Academy?

It’s easy to gain access to the LearnWorlds Academy. Simply follow the easy steps set out below, and you’re on your way to elevating your site’s success!
  1.     Navigate to the LearnWorlds Academy Homepage
  2.     Click on “Sign Up” in the top right-hand corner
  3.     Simply fill in your name, email address, and preferred password and hit “Create your account.”
That’s all there is to it. You now have access to the online courses, the help center, and other resources.
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LearnWorlds Academy Courses

The LearnWorlds Academy courses share a wealth of knowledge ranging from using LearnWorlds itself to elevating your business to the next level. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, LearnWorlds made all of these courses free of charge, originally until August 31, 2020. However, the pandemic has continued, and so have the free LearnWorlds Academy courses. We recommend that everyone with a LearnWorlds subscription works through all of the courses as soon as possible, as most of the information is relevant to other platforms as well. Below there are all of the 16 courses listed with an overview provided.

Course #1: Create an Online Course with LearnWorlds

This course is one of the first we recommend taking after you register with LearnWorlds.

It’s a complete overview of all the LearnWorlds features. It provides you with a step-by-step guide to create all-digital learning material for your site.

This material includes videos, eBooks, and PDF documents. The course also shows you how to set up a quiz, exam, and assignment. 

Course #2: Video-Based Learning: A Complete Guide

Video-based learning has become increasingly popular as image quality and internet service provider speeds have improved. Video courses allow the instructor to carry over concepts and ideas quickly and efficiently. This LearnWorlds Academy learning course will teach you how to design and edit interactive videos. You’ll also learn how to set up Video Analytics through which you can track video effectivity. 

Course #3: How Do Interactive Videos Benefit Online Courses?

Take video-based learning one step further by adding interactive features. An interactive video turns a one-way instructional into a two-direction conversation. The frequent request for learner input throughout the video extends concentration times and achieves more results. This course sheds light on the advantages of creating interactive videos. 

Course #4: The Complete Guide to Creating Awesome Interactive Videos 

We recommend this free course after working through the prior lesson on interactive videos. This course will teach you the specifics about how to use the interactive video editor. It will show you how to incorporate questions, buttons, table of contents, and more. LearnWorlds have included some basic design guidelines and tips to help make your videos stand out. The course also includes some examples of video sections to get you going. 

Course #5: How to Market Your Online Courses

Good content must pair with an effective marketing strategy for your business to prosper. This free introduction to marketing is designed for new or upcoming course creators. It covers the primary digital marketing tools, which include email, social media, content, and paid advertising. It also explains what affiliate programs are and how you can use referrals to drive more users to your site. 

Course #6: The Ultimate Guide to Sales-Ready Online Courses

Quality content is only one piece of a successful course selling business. Ensure that your courses are sales-ready with this free LearnWorlds class. Like any good marketing strategy, it helps you determine who your ideal customers are. It enables you to formulate a unique selling point and gives practical copywriting tips. The course also covers fundamentals to determine the best course price. 

Course #7: How to Sell Online Courses Using Facebook Remarketing

This is an excellent course to optimize marketing through Facebook. The course teaches you how to set up Facebook’s Pixel to track visitor behavior on your site. This information allows you to retarget these individuals through specific marketing campaigns. The LearnWorlds Academy Facebook remarketing course helps you increase sales, collect leads, and build brand awareness.

Course #8: The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

Learn everything you need to know about email marketing. The course first has a look into why you should include emails in your overall marketing strategy. It will show you how to start, grow, and use email lists effectively. The course will teach you to group email subscribers based on set criteria. This email segmentation allows for more precise and personalized emails. Also, the course comes with 20 email templates.

Course #9: Create, Grow and Monetize an Engaged Online Community (Recording)

This webinar features LearnWorlds co-founder and CEO, Panos Siozos, and Learning Revolution founder, Jeff Cobb. They share their invaluable experience to help you establish, market, and drive a thriving subscription-based business. This course covers best practices for online learning, growing your audience, and implementing membership sites.

Course #10: LearnWorlds Weekly Demo (Recording) 

An hour-long weekly demo webinar hosted by the LearnWorlds co-founder and CEO, Panos Siozos. The main topics that the course covers include branding and themes, how to use the page builder, and creating a course. Panos also delves into marketing tips and tools and new and useful integrations that will increase your sales. 

Course #11: Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Online Course Videos

Video courses that look and sound professional are more successful. This course goes through everything you need to know about how to shoot and edit the best-looking course materials. We love this one, because it shows you precisely what cameras, microphones, lights, and editing software work best. This information will allow you to spend less time researching equipment and more time creating outstanding content. 

Course #12: Practical SEO Techniques and Tools for Online Course Creators

In this course, you will learn how to approach SEO the right way. It will teach you how to find effective keywords relevant to your target audience and how to implement them on your site. You will learn the importance of internal and external links and how to create them. Upon completing this course, you’ll have all the knowledge to set up a site that ranks higher with google and attracts more users.

Course #13: Run Facebook Ad Campaigns for Online Courses

 We recommend looking at this webinar after completing the “How to Sell Online Courses Using Facebook Remarketing” course. In this webinar, LearnWorlds PPC (Pay-per-click) expert, Tetiana Stuzhna, and CEO, Panos Siozos, discuss running successful Facebook ad campaigns. This comprehensive information session not only shows you how to use Facebook ads, but it builds a deeper understanding of how this powerful marketing tool works. 

Course #14: Create a Successful Affiliate Program for Your Online School

This comprehensive course first explains what affiliate marketing is, how it works, and the benefits you can gain from working with partners. The course also covers how to develop an affiliate program, which includes setting up a commission structure and terms and conditions. We recommend this course for creators who already have a good number of courses but are looking to expand their business reach. 

Course #15: LearnWorlds Partners Club Affiliate Training

This course is intended exclusively for LearnWorlds affiliates. Being an affiliate, you can earn a side income by promoting and directing subscribers to LearnWorlds. This course will show you how to set up your account and how much you could earn. It also shares promotional ideas and how to get access to dedicated partner support.  

Course #16: Success Stories

In this short course, successful content creators share their tips and advice for their fellow upcoming LearnWorlds users. They share the challenges they faced during the process and how they overcame them. In this course, you’ll learn small tips and tricks that can significantly impact your site’s success. 

Bottom Line

LearnWorlds has put together a very informative resource library in the Academy. With the comprehensive video courses’ help, you’ll have your online business up and running in no time.

Within the Academy, LearnWorlds not only shares information relevant to the platform but makes invaluable information available on subjects that you can apply in any online business.

Take advantage of free access to these courses now, while it lasts!

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