LearnWorlds Certificates of Completion

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A Certificate of Completion is given to students for completing activities or a course anchored to a skill or topic.

Add a LearnWorlds Certificate of Completion to your course as recognition for students who meet certain criteria.

The criteria could be for finishing all of the Learning Activities or just the exams.

You can personalize the certificates and add custom fields to suit your course and school.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a Certificate of Completion to award each student after meeting predetermined requirements 
  • If you have the Pro Trainer plan or higher, you can create custom PDF certificates
  • Add buttons to your Learning Activity to allow students to share their certificates on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook

What Are LearnWorlds Certificates of Completion?

The name says it all: a Certificate of Completion is a certificate given for completing an objective. 

On LearnWorlds, you can choose the criteria of when and why a Certificate of Completion is given during your course. 

Of course, a certificate is frequently awarded at the end of the course, usually for students who have successfully completed all the exams or Learning Activities.

In addition to making changes to the questions for students to answer, you can also customize the certificate itself.

Benefits of Using Certificates of Completion from LearnWorlds 

  • Incentivize Course Completion – A reward at the end of the course can improve engagement by providing positive reinforcement.
  • Recognition for Hard Work – Students will appreciate your attention to their dedication.
  • Gain New Customers – If a student shares their certificate on social media, they help generate interest in your course, possibly resulting in new customers.
  • Makes your Course “Legit” – A certificate can validate your teaching methods and content, lending them extra authenticity.

How to Create Certificates of Completion on LearnWorlds

Creating a Certificate of Completion 

  1. Open the course to which you want to add the Certificate of Completion.
  2. Click on the Contents tab.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Click Add Activity.
  2. Select Certificate of Completion from the menu.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Enter your title and click Save.
Certificates of Completion

How to Edit the Settings of a LearnWorlds Certificate of Completion

Once you have created the certificate, you can edit the settings.

  1. Hover over your certificate and click Settings.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Add a title and description to the editable fields and choose an icon.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Decide on the requirements for students to receive your Certificate of Completion. There are three options from which to choose:
  • Only Exams – The Certificate of Completion will only be sent once the user successfully completes all course exams.
  • All Learning Units – The Certificate of Completion will only be sent once the user completes all the course’s Learning Activities.
  • No Requirements At All – The student will receive the certificate without full completion of the exams or learning units.
  1. Decide if you want to add a digital download of the Certificate of Completion.
  2. Set a background for the certificate and choose whether the certificate will be password protected.
  3. Click Save.

How to Edit a LearnWorlds Certificate of Completion

After you have created and configured the settings of your Certificate of Completion, you can customize the certificate:

  1. Hover over the certificate with your cursor and click Edit Certificate.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Click on the Certificate Candidate Details from the Contents navigation tab.
Certificates of Completion
  1. This will populate the sidebar with multiple options.
  • Select if you will use a custom certificate template

No – You will use the default certificate template.
Yes – Upload your own certificate (more information on how to create this is below).

  • Preview the template of your certificate – See what the certificate will look like to your students.
  1. Next, customize your certificate to suit your course by adding certificate fields. To do this, use your mouse to hover over an existing field and click + Add Certification Field.
Certificates of Completion

Request that students complete these fields. The information will populate on the certificate (more information on this is below).

There are six potential fields to add:

  • First and Last Name – This is the user’s name and means that the certificate will be personalized for them.
  • Short Text – Add a question that needs to be answered in a free text box before learners can claim the certificate. You can create a minimum and maximum character allowance.
  • Dropdown – Users can select an answer to your question from a dropdown menu.
  • Date – Include a date on the certificate or ask date-related questions.
  • Consent – Add a mandatory consent question or use this field to add a descriptive tag to those who answer with a certain response.
  • Content Block – Add text, an image, a video, or any other content
Certificates of Completion
  1. Each editable certification field has different editing capabilities. To edit each field, hover over it and click Edit Question. This will populate a sidebar with your options.

All the questions have these two options:

Required – Toggle to Yes or No to choose whether the student must complete the field to receive a certificate.

Consent questions use the response, Acceptance Required. This means the options attached to this field must be selected for the learner to receive the certificate.

Hide from Viewer – Toggle to Yes or No to choose whether the created question will be visible to the user.

First and Last Name, Short Text, Dropdown, and Date fields all have one other option.

Certificate PDF Key (called Fullname Certificate PDF Key on the First and Last Name Question) – This field allows you to enter a unique key that is able to populate the text the customer adds to their certificate.

If you create a custom certificate, you need to add the same unique key to the PDF template to transfer the information to the certificate (more information on how to add the unique key to your PDF template is below.)

Certificates of Completion

Other edits you can make vary by question. The following edits are available:

  • Choose the font, size, and color of questions and answers
  • Edit the placeholder text
  • Add choices 
  • Manage the question and dropdown widths
  • Define minimum and maximum character parameters
  • Define a placeholder date

Consent Questions Only

Tags – Consent questions allow you to add identifying or descriptive tags depending on the user’s answers.

To add a tag, click the Tags tab and enter the tag name you want to add for each response.

Certificates of Completion

Once you have finished your edits and added the certificate PDF keys, you can reorganize the certificate form using the icons. 

  • Arrows – Move the selected question up or down.
  • Copy – Copies the question.
  • Paste – Pastes the copied question.
  • Duplicate – Duplicates the selected question.
  • Wastebasket – Deletes the question.
Certificates of Completion
  1. You can choose to add a Starting Screen to introduce your Certificate of Completion. Do this by clicking + Add Starting Screen from the table of contents. Choose a template and customize it.
  2. You can edit the Ending Screen by clicking on it, selecting each element, and customizing it to suit your brand.
  3. You can add widgets to both your questions and Starting and Ending Screens. To do this, hover over the element and click the + icon that appears.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Choose and customize the widget to suit your Learning Activity.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Click Save.
Your Certificate of Completion is ready for your students!

How to Create a LearnWorlds Certificate Template

LearnWorlds offers free templates that can be downloaded and changed based on your needs.

  • Use the default certificate on LearnWorlds.
  • Download one of the provided free templates and customize it.
  • Create your own certificate and make adjustments.

If you are using the default certificate, you can ignore this section, as the certificate is already attached to your LearnWorlds Certificate of Completion Learning Activity.

We will first learn how to create your own certificate.

If you want to use one of the templates provided by LearnWorlds, then start at step 3.

  1. Create a personalized PDF certificate template.

You can do this using Word, Canva, or any other image editing program.

Add your branding, logo, or anything else that personalizes your certificate.

  1. Save the certificate as a PDF.

Next, you need to customize the PDF certificate template using a PDF editor.

We added our custom certificate PDF key fields earlier.

To get these to show on the certificate, you need to add these same key fields to the editor.

E.g., if you used the Certificate PDF Key “cert_dropdown,” you need to insert “cert_dropdown” into the PDF editor.

  1. Open pdfescape.com.
  2. Choose Free Online
  3. Click Upload PDF to PDFescape.
  4. Click Form Field from the sidebar.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Choose Text and click Select.
  2. Place the box that appears in the position you would like your field to appear.
  3. Use the Edit button from the top toolbar to move and resize your text box.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Select the box and click on the Spanner Tool icon.
  2. Edit the Name Field.
There are two options.
  • Enter the Certificate PDF Key name you used on LearnWorlds for the text you want to appear in the added box. E.g., FullName.
Certificates of Completion
Certificates of Completion
  • Use one of the default fields from the table.
Supported Certificate FieldsDescription
FullNameStudent’s full name
ClassCourse name
AwardedDate the certificate was awarded – will display as 20 May 2023
Date_dmDate the certificate was awarded – will display as 20/05/23 (day then month)
Date_mdDate the certificate was awarded – will display as 05/20/23 (month then day)
ScoreNot available in Certificates of Completion
CreditsCourses credit points. To set up credits, go to the course’s Settings and then Add a Label
IdAn individual ID that can be used to track and validate certificates
LinkDownloads the original certificate to the user’s drive
  1. Choose the alignment.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Choose the font, size, and color from the top tool bar.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Repeat these steps for each of the custom fields you want to add.
  2. Click Download and save the final PDF.
  3. Return to your LearnWorlds Certificate of Completion Learning Activity.
  4. Click Certificate Candidate Details.
  5. Toggle PDF Certificate to Yes.
  6. Click Upload.
Certificates of Completion
  1. Add your PDF and click Save.
Your final, complete certificate should look something like this.
Certificates of Completion

How to Manage Certificates

Certificates of Completion

All the issued certificates’ details are available to view.

  1. Open the Reports Center.
  2. Click Exams.
  3. Select Certifications. 

Here you can see the following information for Certificates of Completion:

  • User’s name
  • Course
  • Date
  • A downloadable PDF copy of certificate
  • Number of attempts student used to obtain certificate

How to Allow Students to Share LearnWorlds Certificates

Once you have created your certificate, you can edit the settings to allow students to share the certificate on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Certificates of Completion
  1. Find the certificate on the content tab of your course.
  2. Click Settings from the top bar.
  3. Select Certificate Sharing.
  4. Toggle on the Show Social Sharing Buttons to allow permission for students to share on preferred social media platforms.
  5. Click Save.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the Certificate of Completion Learning Activity you have created. Click on the Certificate Candidate Details. Select Yes on the Use Custom Certificate Template. Use the Upload button to add your certificate.

Use a program like Word or Canva to create your certificate.

Then use a tool like pdfescape.com to add the Certificate PDF Key details to populate the custom fields.

Upload it to your Learning Activity.

Yes, you can add a Certificate of Knowledge or Certificate of Completion Learning Activity to your course. A Certificate of Knowledge is a certificate issued after a learner achieves a predetermined score on an exam. A Certificate of Completion is usually rewarded at the end of the course for completion of Learning Activities.

Yes! Add a customizable Certificate of Completion to your course as a positive incentive and proof of work for learners.

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