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LeanWorlds allows you to create a Community Page. 

A community page is a networking group for your students to chat and stay updated about your course.

You can post helpful information, entertaining images, and polls to gain an understanding of your audience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a Community Page on LearnWorlds to connect with students and encourage engagement
  • Add Private Groups and Course Discussions for more learner-tailored information
  • Add a Community Zone on your page to entice customers to interact on the Community Page 

What Is a LearnWorlds Community?

The LearnWorlds Community allows students and users to interact with the course creator and other users and students.

It is essentially a social media page for your school.

Users can discuss and provide feedback on the school and relevant course topics by posting images, text, URLs, and polls. 

Others can reply with reactions or comments.

Why Should I Use LearnWorld’s Community?

  • Make Announcements – The Community Page is a great place to remind learners of due dates or let them know if you are releasing a new course. 
  • Connect with Students – Use a community to speak directly with the users. Create a post to introduce yourself and encourage users to reply by asking questions. Let them know that you are available for any questions or discussions.
  • Peer Learning – Use the Course Page or a Private Group to encourage group conversation. Users can help each other and collaborate on the coursework, often providing solutions to a user’s problem or beginning a thought-provoking discussion that could give you valuable feedback on your course.
  • Creates a Sense of Belonging – Learning alone in a digital space can be challenging. The community engages students by allowing them to communicate about the course with other users. This fosters relationships and creates a sense of community among users.

How Do I Build a Successful LearnWorlds Community?

There are several ways to create a successful LearnWorlds Community. The main thing to focus on is adding value for your users and creating a sense of belonging. This will keep them engaged and on track with your course.

  • Ask students questions
  • Introduce yourself
  • Make yourself available for conversation and open to critique
  • Accept and make changes to the course based on learner feedback
  • Monitor users and don’t fear removing harmful ones
  • Post consistently 
  • Add relevant and useful content
  • Use surveys for feedback
  • Share your perspective
  • Encourage peer discussion and group learning activities
  • Promote off-topic discussion to help the students relax and bond on a more personal level

How to Create a LearnWorlds Community

Your LearnWorlds Community Page already exists and doesn’t require manual creation. 

You can easily manage access to your Community Page.

LearnWorlds Community
  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click Community Access. Here you will see five settings you can customize:
School Community – Choose whether to allow your learners to discuss and exchange ideas, tips, experiences, advice, and issues within the community. There are three choices for this setting.
  • Yes, for all logged-in users – Make the school community accessible to all users.
  • Yes, only for paying learners – Use this only to let those who have enrolled in one or more of your courses access the community. If you select this option, you will need to select an alternative to display for the unenrolled users. This could be redirecting them to another page or sending an alert message.
  • Not at all – Use this if you don’t want to offer or maintain a school community.
Groups Creation – Choose whether to allow users to create community groups and invite users. There are three choices for this setting:
  • Let anyone create groups – Users can create and invite others to private groups.
  • Only admins can create groups – Only assigned school administrators can create groups.
  • Not at all – No one can create a group.
Course Discussion – Choose whether to allow your learners to discuss and exchange ideas, tips, experiences, advice, and issues about the course. There are three choices for this setting:
  • Yes, and all posts get shared to the school community – Any course discussion is visible to all school users, even if they are not enrolled in that course.
  • Yes, but all posts do not get shared to the school community. They remain private inside the course community – The discussion will be invisible to users not enrolled in the course. Course discussion will only appear in the school community for course members.
  • Not at all – No discussion at all.
Discussion Level – Choose whether to provide a common discussion for the entire course or separate discussions for each learning activity.
  • Provide a different discussion for each learning activity.
  • Provide a common discussion for the entire course.
Messenger (Inbox) – Choose whether to allow your learners to chat through your school’s inbox.
  • Yes, and let your learners send messages to anyone.
  • Yes, and let your learners send messages only to admins.
  • Not at all. Neither notifications/emails for badges, certifications, etc., will be sent to them. – This deactivates all private communication, including emails and notifications for badgers, certificates, etc.
  1. Once you have made your selections, click Save.

How to Find and Update the LearnWorlds Community Page

Update your Community Page with posts and add comments to engage users.

Delete posts that aren’t valuable to your community.

How to Find the Community Page

LearnWorlds Community
  1. Click on Settings.
  2. Select Learning Apps.
  3. Choose Community from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Preview from the top bar. 

How to Add Posts to the Community Page

LearnWorlds Community
  1. Open Preview on your Community Page.
  2. Use the box at the top to add a post.
  3. Write your message and decide if you want to add a URL, image, or poll.

URL – Add a useful link for your community members to access.

Image – Share a quote, a photo, helpful learning activity, or any other image with your community members.

Poll – Add a poll to survey your users and get their opinion or thoughts on something. You can add as many options to the poll as you would like by clicking the + button.

  1. To add one of these, click the icon beneath your text and insert it.
  2. Hit Share to add to your community.

How to Add Comments to the Community Page

LearnWorlds Community

Add comments or reactions to posts on the Community Page.

  1. Open Preview on your Community Page.
  2. Find the post you want to comment on or react to.
  3. Add your comment and click Share, or you can react to the post using the Star icon (Yeah) or the Rosette icon (Best Of). 

Each user gets 10 Best Of reactions per month. Admins get 150 Best Of reactions per month.

How to Delete Posts from the Community and Course Discussion Posts

LearnWorlds Community

Those with admin access can remove a post from the community:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click Learning Apps.
  3. Select Community.
  4. Scroll to find the post you want to delete.
  5. Hover over the post, and click the red wastebasket.
  6. Confirm you want to delete the post.

How to Navigate the Community Page

Users can filter the activity they want to see, explore other user profiles, check their mentions, and view the activity in groups on the Community Page.

They can access this through the sidebar.

Activity – Shows all the activity on the page.

Friends – Shows only activity from those who you follow.

LearnWorlds Community

How to Follow Someone:

  1. Find the user you want to follow.
  2. Click on their name.
  3. Select the Follow button.

When you click on the user, you will also see other icons, including the following:

  • Message – Click on the Person dropdown icon and select Message to send them a private inbox message
  • Report User – If a user behaves inappropriately, you can report them by clicking on the Person dropdown icon and selecting Report User.
  • Profile – This link will take you to the user’s profile.

Polls – Displays only polls.

Mentions – Only shows posts the user is tagged in.

LearnWorlds Community

If ‘Yes, and all posts get shared to the school community’ is disabled in the Community Access Setting, then even if a user is mentioned in a post, they will not have a Mentions tab.

LearnWorlds Private Groups vs. Discussion Groups

There are two types of groups: Private Groups and Course Discussion Groups.

Private groups are invitation-only groups created by an admin or user.

Course discussion groups are created automatically for each course or learning activity.

Private Groups

If the Community Access Settings permit, users and admins can create private groups. 

Private groups are only visible to members and creators.

LearnWorlds Community

How to Create a Private Group

  1. Open the Community Page.
  2. Under the Groups header in the sidebar, select Create a Group.

Navigate the Private Group

Activity – This tab shows all of the activity in the private group.

Similar to the Community Page, private group users can add posts with a URL, an image, or a poll.

Polls – This shows the polls posted in the group.

Members – Click here to view all of the group’s current members. You can also remove members from here.

Invite – Once you have created the group, you can now invite users. 

  1. Click Invite.
  2. Search for the users you want to invite.
  3. Click the Invite button.

The user will receive an invitation in their inbox and via email.

School admins will receive notifications when any post is added to the group. 

Users will only be notified if they have been tagged in a post.

Course Discussion Groups

Depending on your Community Access Settings, a course discussion group is automatically created for either each course or each course’s learning activity. 

The group can be found under Course Discussion Groups on the Community Page. This will automatically appear if you are an admin, instructor, or enrolled in the course.

LearnWorlds Community

As an admin, you can decide whether the course discussion is added to the Community Page. If activated, the posts will be added to the Community Page, allowing anyone to comment or post, even if they are not enrolled in the course.

Any new posts and comments on the course or course learning activity will appear in the course player (under Discuss) and on the Community Page.

LearnWorlds Community

How to Add a Community Zone to Your Page

Entice users to check out your Community Page by adding a Community Zone to another page on your website.

You can add the Latest Community Posts to the Community Zone and make them appear on a Page.

LearnWorlds Community
  1. Go to Site Builder.
  2. Click Edit School Site.
  3. Select the page you want to add the Community Zone to from the Pages Manager.
  4. Click + Add Section.
  5. Scroll down to the Learning Apps section.
  6. Select a Community Post template.
  7. Click Edit Community Cards. There are three features to edit:

Card – Choose which section you want to use.

Number of Cards Loaded – Add the amount of posts you want to show.

Load More Button – Customize the button to suit your school.

  1. Preview the page, check your Community Zone, and click Save once you are ready to go live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! LearnWorlds has a community page to share and connect with users.

Private groups and course discussion groups are also available on LearnWorlds.

The community page is essentially your school’s own social media site.

Use it to get feedback from customers, connect with them, and post updates and useful information.

Bottom Line

Customize the LearnWorlds Community Settings to create the perfect community page for your school.

Use the community as a place for users to chat and provide feedback on your courses.

An online community encourages engagement and keeps users interested.

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