Is LearnWorlds an LMS?

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Yes. LMS stands for learning management system. It creates, develops, manages, and delivers online learning content. 

LearnWorlds is an LMS platform that allows you to do all of this. 

It has built-in tools that allow you to create and distribute content with features to enhance it to engage users. You can also track the progress and exam results of users.

Key Takeaways:

  • LearnWorlds is an LMS
  • Use an LMS to create, manage, and deliver online learning content
  • LearnWorlds offers excellent tools and features to improve your online content to keep users interested

Can I Use LearnWorlds as an LMS?

Yes. It is a great LMS platform that makes it easy to create a course and deliver it to students. 

You can create unlimited paid courses on all of the plans, and an unlimited number of students can enroll.

Use LearnWorlds to offer flexible and interactive content, a variety of material, quizzes and other assessments that can be graded, and other features. 

LearnWorlds is the perfect LMS for a variety of uses. These include the following:

  • Educational – Teach students with online learning content. 
  • Customer – Educate your customers on how to use a product or service.
  • Corporate – Train your staff with online courses or use them to deliver information to new hires.
  • Individuals – If you have the knowledge to share, use an LMS to create courses and teach others.

LearnWorlds LMS Features

The features available make the creation, delivery, and management of learning content simple. These are the LMS features that LearnWorlds has:

  • Interactive Videos – Make your videos engaging to students by adding questions, buttons, and overlays to your course videos.
  • Drip Feed Content – Time the release of each section of your content.
  • Flexible Navigation – Allow users to navigate freely in the course or stick to a certain route.
  • Add Digital Downloads – Add helpful downloadable files to complement your courses. Students can download these to use alongside the course.
  • Include Interactive Transcripts – Interactive transcripts can be added to a video. Users can click on parts of the transcript to jump to that section. 
  • Exams and Self-Assessments – Create customized exams with a variety of question types, including uploading files, answering multiple-choice questions, writing a long-form answer, or selecting from a dropdown menu. You can decide how the exams are graded and how you provide feedback.
  • Certificates – LearnWorlds allows you to use branded certificates for users passing assessments and on completion of a course.
  • Access Answers – View, grade, and give feedback on assessment answers.  
  • Track Progress – Check each user’s progress while taking the course.
  • Create a Brand – Use a custom domain, create branded certificates, and use a personalized email address.
  • Mobile App – For an additional cost, you can build your own learning app on LearnWorlds. Prices start at $119 per month.

Which Plan Do I Need to Use LearnWorlds as an LMS?

All of the plans on LearnWorlds allow you to use the platforms as an LMS. 

The amount of content you want to deliver and the enhancements you require on your videos will determine the plan you should choose.


Most Suitable For: Freelancers starting their course creation business

The Starter plan has all the basic LMS features required to create and share your online learning content. You can create unlimited paid courses and drip-feed your content to unlimited students.

You can manage assessment answers, track your students’ progress, and create a branded website to deliver training content.

If you are a corporation or company, you might want to consider a higher plan as it cannot offer free courses.os or offer customized certificates for students.

There is also no ability to create interactive vide

Pro Trainer

Most Suitable For: Businesses needing free courses without full access to interactive elements

The Pro Trainer plan has all of the features of the Starter plan but with a few additional features.

One additional feature is that it offers free courses. This is a great tool for those looking to use an LMS for free education or businesses using it to train employees.

The full interactive elements aren’t available, but you can add text, images, thumbnails, and a player skin to your videos. This can help to enhance the users’ experience and keep them engaged.

Learning Center

Most Suitable For: Established freelancers, all businesses, and educational centers needing full LMS features

The Learning Center plan has all of the LMS features discussed. 

You can add interactive elements to your videos. You can add interactive buttons that take users to different parts of the video, as well as many other features. 

The Learning Center plan also allows you to white-label your school. This eliminates the LearnWorlds logo from your website and content. You can also have a white-labeled email address to create a unique and established brand your customers trust.

Corporate and High Volume

Most Suitable For: Anyone seeking more than an LMS platform

Although there are many other benefits to the Corporate and High Volume plan, in terms of LMS features, they are very similar to the Learning Center plan.

If it is an LMS software you need, we recommend sticking with the Learning Center plan.

StarterPro TrainerLearning CenterCorporate and High Volume
Unlimited Paid Courses
Free Courses
Unlimited Learners
Interactive VideosSome Elements Available6 Hours per Month or 80 Hours per Year20 Hours per Month or 300 Hours per Year
Drip Feed Content
Course NavigationFree NavigationFree and SequentialFree, Sequential, and AdvancedFree, Sequential, and Advanced
Digital Downloads
Interactive Transcripts
Assessment Tools
Custom Certificates❌ – Only Default Certificate Options Available
Access Answers
Track Progress
Create a Brand✅ + Full White-Label Options✅ + Full White-Label Options
Mobile AppAdditional CostAdditional CostAdditional CostAdditional Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! LearnWorlds has all of the tools you need to provide engaging training content.

LearnWorlds has all the features required to be an LMS for all learning needs.

However, although it is not an LMS feature, there are limited marketing capabilities on LearnWorlds. This can be overcome using integrations.

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