LearnWorlds & Shopify Integration: Benefits & “How To” Guide

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

LearnWorlds is the perfect platform for anyone looking to market courses, and Shopify is the ultimate e-commerce platform. Do these sites provide any benefits when merged?

Yes! Shopify integrates with Learnworlds as a payment gateway, expanding the ways clients can purchase your courses.

We’re now going to look in more detail at how to do this integration and its benefits. 


Benefits of Connecting Shopify and LearnWorlds

Connecting Shopify and LearnWorlds is similarly beneficial for clients and service providers. Not only will users have the option to buy your courses via both your Shopify and LearnWorlds school, but the process is infinitely faster for users who are already signed into LearnWorlds.

The site will direct authenticated users who buy a course directly to the Shopify checkout page with relevant information such as the user’s e-mail already filled out. In addition, the course will then automatically appear in the shopping cart. 

LearnWorlds & Shopify Integration: Benefits & “How To” Guide

How to Integrate Shopify with Your LearnWorlds Account

It all sounds great, but is the integration as straightforward as you might hope? Just follow the steps outlined below to connect your Shopify account with LearnWorlds.

  1. Head over to Settings, click on Financial, locate Payment Gateway and click on Shopify.
  2. Fill in your unique Shopify URL that ends with “myshopify.com” and then click on Install. Don’t forget to delete the “HTTPS://” section from your Shopify URL to get it to work.
  3. The site will then direct you to a Shopify Login page for verification. This point is where you fill in your Shopify account credentials to log in. The next step is to click on Install Unlisted App to finalize the authorization. 
  4. The two platforms are now successfully integrated! The next step is to load your LearnWorlds courses onto your Shopify store. You can do this by clicking on Sync. You will see a prompt to confirm this action before the synchronization process starts.
  5. The system will notify you about the added or updated products when you confirm and complete the process. 
  6. Once you have looked it over, activate Shopify, and you are all done!
LearnWorlds & Shopify Integration: Benefits & “How To” Guide

Limitations of Shopify & LearnWorlds Integration

While connecting Shopify and LearnWorlds together offers benefits and conveniences, you should be aware of some limitations.

  • Whenever you make a change or upload a new course onto LearnWorlds, you will have to re-sync it to your Shopify store, or the changes won’t show up. As an example, if a user publishes a new course or changes something, such as the price of a current course, they must click on Sync for the changes to take effect in Shopify.
  • Once you have selected Shopify as your payment gateway, you cannot offer other payment gateway options. 
  • You need an activated Shopify shop to complete the platform integration. It won’t work unless you have already completed this activation.
  • Shopify to LearnWorlds will not connect in the Sandbox mode.

Bottom Line

The merging of Shopify and LearnWorlds is not complicated, but you should know the associated limitations.

As long as you remember to re-synchronize all new courses and changes, linking these platforms will offer significant benefits for you as a service provider, as well as for your clients.

Before the integration, you must also ensure that your Shopify shop is activated and that you are comfortable with Shopify as your only payment gateway.

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