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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

It has become increasingly common to find webinars and video content included in digital course content.

This inclusion makes good business sense as it allows for the cultivation of personal connections with students. In addition, content can be better explained and made more relevant and interactive. 

LearnWorlds gives users access to tools to embed webinars within course content. Webinars can be pre-scheduled or presented live via streaming services and video platforms.


How to Host Webinars on LearnWorlds?

Hosting web conferences on LearnWorlds is not an inherent feature of the platform.

However, many suitable streaming platforms, conferencing software options, and cloud-based solutions are available to users.

In addition, the LearnWorlds app facilitates the integration of software. It simplifies your delivery of course content to students. Similar article explains integration with Zoom

This article, in particular, addresses the LearnWorlds integrations available to incorporate webinars and live teaching sessions into your course curriculum. We also consider budget concerns and pricing plans. 

Read on to find a step-by-step guide to guide you to connect a suitable webinar solution to your LearnWorlds service. 

Online Course Martketplaces

Webinar Integrations Supported by LearnWorlds

When considering a reliable partner to facilitate successful webinars, it is crucial to examine features that may be helpful.

Notable requirements include screen sharing capabilities, interactive chat facilities, and customization of your product brand to some extent. 

We looked at a selection of viable candidates supported by LearnWorlds for this purpose.


LearnCube Class Webinar LearnWorlds

LearnCube is a virtual classroom designed for online language teaching and tutoring activities. The software enables an interactive online whiteboard, text chat, and the facilitation of private or group classes. 

Learning activities are integrated via the course player to engage with students and simplify the relevant course information layout. Lessons are uploaded and delivered through Web Real-Time Communication technology to give students instant access to quality content. 

The simple, browser-based user interface lessens the need to learn unfamiliar software. 

Video recording functionality monitors the quality of teaching. In addition, it helps to process and implement changes concerning objective reviews received from students. Notable features include class scheduling and user management.  


LearnCube offers a variety of pricing plans which you can pay monthly or annually:

Interactive Whiteboard
  • Free 
  • Whiteboard Pro: $7 per month 
  • Whiteboard Pro + Premium ESL Content: $20 per month 
Virtual Classroom
  • Free
  • Basic Classroom Pro: $14 per month 
  • Virtual Classroom Pro + Premium ESL Content: $26 per month
Online Language Schools
  • Setup: $1,497
  • Subscription: $118+ per month
Developer API
  • Virtual Classroom API Trial: Free
  • Pro 1:4 API: $99 per month
  • Pro 1:8 API: $197 per month

Customizable packages are available for corporate/large-scale teaching establishments. 

LearnWorlds LearnCube Webinar Embed

How to Connect LearnCube

To use LearnCube, create a course in your LearnCube account and embed content on your school platform. 

Then follow the guidelines below:

  1. Click on Create Class
  2. Select and click Edit
  3. Insert a description and other detail in the fields provided
  4. Save all settings
  5. Click on Student Link → Copy (copy URL link)
  6. Create Embed Learning Activity in course content
  7. Replace bolded text/link with the class URL as copied
  8. Insert the generated custom generated code

You have now connected your LearnCube webinar with LearnWorlds.


Zoom Meeting Webinar LearnWorlds

Zoom is an online teleconferencing platform uniquely suited to virtual teaching. LearnWorlds ProTrainer users or those on a more advanced pricing plan integrate with Zoom software to facilitate their courses.

You can quickly schedule and facilitate webinars for tutoring purposes via the course player in this way. Connection on this platform allows you to accommodate large audiences at any one time. You can present personalized content confidently. 

Users of Zoom can promote their brand and interact more successfully with students. In addition, integrated analytics software and management tools enable tracking webinar attendance figures and assessing students’ performance.  


Zoom Events and Webinars pricing vary according to the number of attendees, the duration, and the number of sessions.

 Zoom Webinars 
  • 500+: $79 per month per license
  • 1,000+: $340 per month per license
  • 3,000+: $990 per month per license
  • 5,000+: $2,490 per month per license
  • 10,000+: $6,490 per month per license
Zoom Events 
  • 500+: $99 per month per license
  • 1,000+: $440 per month per license
  • 3,000+: $1,290 per month per license
  • 5,000+: $3,240 per month per license
  • 10,000+: $8,440 per month per license

Optional add-ons include audio conferencing, cloud storage, and Zoom event services. 

LearnWorlds Webinars

How to Connect Zoom

Users need one or more free or paid Zoom accounts to meet requirements (e.g., time limitations). Alternatively, one or more Zoom webinar add-ons may be helpful.

Users of Zoom accounts registered to companies need to be pre-approved by the company administration services. You may garner approval through the LearnWorlds app to continue.

LearnWorlds provides the option to connect to multiple Zoom accounts from a single platform. In addition, details on assigning instructors and managing live sessions are available on the LearnWorlds platform, together with many added guidelines.

To connect Zoom to LearnWorlds:

  1. Select settings 
  2. Select Integrations
  3. Click Live Sessions
  4. Activate the selection
  5. Enable Instructors to utilize the platform (optional)
  6. Click on Add Account
  7. Complete the Zoom sign-in with relevant user credentials
  8. Authorize LearnWorlds Meetings

You can now stream LearnWorlds webinars using Zoom technology.

IBM Cloud

LearnWorlds Webinars

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) developed IBM Cloud to simplify embedding additional information and interactive activities into course webinars. Using IBM Cloud thus comes with a range of stellar benefits. 

Users can scale features to meet their business needs while benefiting from security encryption and specialized tools and software.

Students can access content from any internet-connected device. Frequent software and content updates and speedy interface promise a competitive advantage over similar players in the field.  


IBM Cloud pricing tiers offer flexible billing options. Users can opt for Lite, Pay-As-You-Go, and subscription pricing plans. Although no exact costs are available on the IBM site, an eight-server web product will most likely cost users an estimated $5,411 per annum. Users pay only for services used and do not need to sign a long-term agreement or contract. 

How to Connect IBM Cloud

Connecting your LearnWorlds webinar via IBM Cloud is easily done.

  1. Log in to your IBM Cloud Video account or create a new account
  2. Select the correct option for your login
  3. Click on the Create a Channel tab
  4. Create a name for the channel and post in the pop-up form
  5. You will redirect to your channel info page
  6. Select About
  7. Edit and add details where needed
  8. Click Embedded
  9. Select Playe
  10. Choose embed option and Copy to Clipboard
  11. Return to your course page
  12. Create Embed Learning Activity
  13. Paste code in relevant field
  14. When scheduled IMB Video Streaming seminar is due to start: Broadcast Live
  15. Select LearnWorlds Webinar properties
  16. Go Live
  17. Configure Audio-Video settings
  18. Start Broadcast 

IBM claims that 80% of the Fortune 500 companies in the US use IBM Cloud services.


LearnWorlds Webinars

Webex enables conferences, meetings, and events for teams of all sizes. The platform is secure and available to users from different geographic areas and languages around the world.

In addition, virtual presentation sharing, AI-powered features, noise removal technology, and custom layouts provide a suitable setting for online teaching and learning.  

Other valuable features include one-on-one group messaging, file sharing, whiteboarding, and calendar integration, which help users schedule webinars and stay in touch with participants. 


Webex pricing depends on the length of conferencing hours required, the number of participants, and specified inclusive features. Notable characteristics include break-out rooms, chat capability, and a fully interactive whiteboard. 

Pricing plans are simple and comprise the following options:

  • Webex Suite Basic: Free
  • Webex Suite Business $25 per user per month
  • Meet plan: $15 per user per month

Users can request consideration of customized plans for larger enterprises. In addition, call plans and optional add-ons are available for domestic and international use. 

Live Sessions Webinar Webex LearnWorlds

How to Connect Webex

You can integrate Webex to host simultaneous live webinars at any one time. In addition, account user permission may be shared or assigned to instructors on Pro or Learning Center pricing plans only.

Initially, connecting to LearnWorlds goes as follows: 

  1. Select and click on Settings
  2. Click on Integrations and select Live Sessions
  3. Activate Webex integration
  4. Allow for instructor access (optional)
  5. Add Your Account
  6. Edit Webex user credentials
  7. Connect
  8. Complete the fields for Account Title, Webex User ID (or e-mail)
  9. Add the password for your Webex account
  10. Add a site link (do not use webex.com)

Users will now be able to embed applicable course content into existing course material.


You can integrate reputable webinar solutions to LearnWorlds with an embed code. An embed code is a source link that users can copy to access content such as images, videos, gifs, or, in this case, webinars as part of the course curriculum.

Our article has already discussed integration with LearnCube, Zoom, IBM Cloud, and Webex. Other integrative software enabling video embedding includes Wistia and Vimeo. 

The integration process is simple and efficiently completed:

  1. Open the Contents tab of your course
  2. Add the activity you want to include
  3. From the Embed menu, click Embed
  4. Give the activity a name
  5. Save your settings
  6. Hover over the activity and select Settings on the pop-up menu
  7. Paste the HTML embed code in the field provided
  8. Save your settings

Bottom Line

Whether you facilitate corporate instruction, operate an online school, or simply sell valuable course content, LearnWorlds is easily one of the best webinar hosting platforms. Integrating one of the streaming services available to aid embedding content makes it doubly so.

LearnCube is arguably best for tutoring and teaching on a virtual platform. At the same time, Zoom offers an intuitive interface with reliable streaming and whiteboard annotation capability.

Equally, IBM Cloud’s AI functionalities make it a secure platform to conduct learning activities and transform teaching strategies. Webex is supported on all Chrome devices and functions well in collaboration with LearnWorlds users.

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