LearnWorlds & WordPress Integration: Benefits & “How-To” Guide

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Over 400 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month on WordPress. So it’s only natural that course creators might want to combine WordPress with LearnWorlds.

But how will students sign up if you’re using both LearnWorlds and WordPress? In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can create a positive user experience with a single-sign-on plugin. 


Benefits of Connecting WordPress and LearnWorlds

The reason why users connect WordPress and LearnWorlds is because of the WordPress SSO plugin. This plugin improves the user experience by eliminating the need to create new accounts or re-enter e-mail and password credentials in LearnWorlds and WordPress.  

So, every time a student updates their credentials in WordPress, the plugin updates the information in the LearnWorlds database. This functionality ensures that your students can change their credentials without editing their details on both platforms. 

The SSO plugin also supports WooCommerce, which is a popular e-commerce plugin used on WordPress. You can sell your courses through WooCommerce, and LearnWorlds will take care of the course delivery. 

This SSO plugin is perfect for course creators who’ve built part of their online business with WordPress and would like to use LearnWorlds too.

Thanks to the SSO system, this combination means you don’t have to create an entirely new platform on LearnWorlds because you can use both sites for your business. 

What is a Single-Sign-On System?

SSO (Single-Sign-On) is an authentication method that lets people use one password and e-mail address to sign into multiple platforms. Login systems on various platforms are connected to enter one set of credentials to access them all. 

Without an SSO system, you’ll need a professional developer to link both WordPress and LearnWorlds sign-in systems. But with this SSO system, you don’t need to be tech-savvy or hire a professional to connect the two platforms. 

Simply install and configure the plugin, and your students can sign into both platforms without needing two sets of credentials. 

learnworlds wordpress sso

How to Integrate WordPress SSO Plugin with your LearnWorlds School

It’s easy to integrate the WordPress SSO plugin with your LearnWorlds online school.

But you should note that this plugin integration is only available to course creators with a Learning Center plan.

In addition, you will need an API code to integrate the WordPress SSO system into LearnWorlds. Follow these easy steps to set up the plugin. 

  • To activate the WordPress plugin click on Plugins->Installed Plugins->Activate.
  • Before you can integrate your plugin, you’ll need to contact LearnWorlds’ Customer Success team. The team will send you the credentials you need to configure your school with the Single-Sign-On system.
  • Once you get your credentials, you’ll need to configure your LearnWorlds site for the plugin. First, go to your LearnWorlds Settings->LearnWorlds SSO to enter the credentials. 
  • Follow the prompts and then enter the shortcode or the widget that allows SSO to your WordPress signups.

By following these steps, you’ll have successfully configured your LearnWorlds for SSO and integrated the WordPress plugin. 

learnworlds plugin wordpress

Bottom Line

The advantage of living in the digital age is that you no longer have to be a programmer or write extensive code to integrate something new onto your site.

Plugins make it easier for people who aren’t tech-savvy to develop online businesses.

It’s crucial to utilize the WordPress SSO plugin to create a positive user experience for your students.

It will be a convenient way for them to sign up to your platform without having to follow too many steps. Use this guide to help you integrate your SSO system into LearnWorlds.

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