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LearnWorlds has earned itself a reputation for being one of the best online course platforms. So imagine what Zoom, a video call platform, can do in tandem with LearnWorlds.

Connecting the two has many benefits, such as live teaching sessions and demonstrations. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this platform integration and how to do it.


Benefits of Connecting Zoom and LearnWorlds

One significant benefit of combining Zoom and LearnWorlds is bypassing the need to download Zoom separately.

Once you integrate Zoom with your LearnWorlds platform, anyone enrolled in your course can instantly access the meeting/webinar – no additional download is necessary.

Zoom will also support better interactions because it happens in real-time by default—for example, no more pre-recorded lessons. Students can also have direct access to instructors if they have any questions or concerns. 

You have the option to engage in one-on-one or group classes and webinars as well. Incorporating Zoom features with the LearnWorlds online course platform opens doors to more versatile and innovative teaching methods. 

Zoom Meeting Webinar LearnWorlds

How to Integrate Zoom with your LearnWorlds Account

To combine Zoom with your LearnWorlds account, just follow the below steps.

  1. Head over to “Settings,” then “Integrations,” and maneuver to “Live Sessions.” Finally, find and click on “Activate” to enable the integration.
  2. You can then select whether you want to enable instructors to connect their Zoom accounts. This feature is only available in the Learning Center plan and above. 
  3. Press “Add Account.”
  4. LearnWorlds will then direct you to the Zoom Sign-in form.
  5. Enter your Zoom account information and then authorize the “LearnWorlds Meetings” app.
Zoom LearnWorlds

How to Manage Zoom Sessions on LearnWorlds

How exactly do you set up and maintain Zoom meeting sessions within LearnWorlds? You will first need a Zoom account and a Zoom Webinar add-on. This way, you can let students participate in instruction sessions, whether small group or large lecture-style.

Once you have completed the integration, admins can create multiple Zoom accounts or assign instructors to specific accounts to better manage the business. 

Another benefit of combining these two platforms is creating Zoom Learning Activities. You can do so by adding a meeting or webinar from Zoom directly into your courses. You can do this by clicking on “Live Session” when adding new content and selecting whether you want to include a webinar or meeting.

Admins and instructors can configure all the elements, such as which Zoom account to use, the time and date of the meeting or webinar, and the course description in the “Settings” section.

The live sessions are also helpful for those who want a real-time interactive experience with their students. You can include as many of these sessions as you wish, and sessions are then stored in the Live Sessions Admin Page. LearnWorlds school owners can edit and manage all sessions from this location.

Starting, editing, and deleting live sessions will take place through this page as well.  

LearnWorlds Zoom Set Up

Limitations of Zoom & LearnWorlds Integration

However, bear in mind that when the integration happens, Zoom will have the following support restrictions or requirements listed below:

  • Zoom polls will not be available
  • The integration is only available for Chrome or Chromium-based browsers. 
  • Administrators (Zoom Hosts) cannot promote a student to a panelist if they have joined the webinar from within the web browser. 
  • Zoom’s web control does not support gallery view.
  • Button functionalities, like the one that expands to full screen, will be wholly dependent on Zoom.

Bottom Line

It almost seems like Zoom is the perfect partner for a more interactive and customized LearnWorlds experience. Now that a marriage between the two platforms is possible, the learning potential seems endless.

There are, of course, still a few features that Zoom doesn’t support when connected via a web browser.

However, it’s clear that the benefits of integrating this platform greatly outweigh the drawbacks.

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