How to Create a Membership Site in Teachable

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Membership sites are the perfect way to offer ongoing value to your students and recurring revenue for you. 

Teachable lets you build a membership site by creating and selling product bundles. Here’s how to make the most of this feature.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create bundles containing courses, digital downloads, and/or coaching products
  • Set your subscription price and increase revenue by offering different membership levels
  • Provide ongoing value by regularly adding content and engaging with your students

How Do You Create a Membership Site in Teachable?

There is no specific “membership site” feature on Teachable, but that does not mean you cannot create one. On the contrary, Teachable has actually made it very straightforward to build a membership site, and you do so by creating “course bundles.”

This provides a way for you to provide multiple types of content, such as several courses, worksheets, and even a coaching program as a single product.

Then, you can offer your membership site for a subscription fee and update the content on a regular basis. This provides ongoing value to your students and recurring revenue for you.

Bundle Your Content

Bundle Your Content

To get started, you first need to gather all the content you wish to offer within your membership site. Teachable lets you create courses, digital downloads, and coaching products, so you can choose to add however many of these as you like (according to your chosen plan limits), up to a total limit of 200 products within a single bundle.

For example, you could add several small courses with supporting digital downloads. Or, you could choose to add one large course with a weekly coaching session.

Ultimately, it’s up to you what you add, but you must ensure that all the content is consistent and coherent with your chosen topic or niche. For example, it wouldn’t make sense to have a membership site about baking and include a course for learning how to make salad dressing.

Organize a Learning Path

Organize a Learning Path

It’s important to note that Teachable will simply add all your content onto a single page, so if you want your students to follow the content in a specific order, you will need to rename your material.

This helps create a learning path for students to follow and ensures they use the membership site in a logical way. If you don’t do this, you risk students becoming confused and not getting the intended value from what you have provided.

For example, if your membership site includes three courses, two digital downloads, and a coaching session, you could name everything as follows:

  • Course 1: Start here and learn the basics of baking
  • Course 2: Learn more advanced baking skills
  • Course 3: How to ice and decorate your baked goods
  • Digital download 1: A visual guide to use with Course 1
  • Digital download 2: Cake decorating ideas to use with Course 3
  • Bonus live coaching session: Book this when you have completed all three courses!

As you can see, this makes it very clear to your students which content they should be using and when.

How to Monetize a Teachable Membership Site

The advantage of membership sites is that they provide a way to gain recurring revenue. Rather than paying a one-off fee for access to a single course, membership sites offer more flexibility when choosing how to monetize them.

Offer a Sign-Up Incentive

Offer a Sign-Up Incentive

First, you have to get people interested and entice them into signing up. You can do this by offering a sign-up incentive such as a free trial or bonus content.

Free trials are popular because they provide a risk-free way for people to sign up. The key is to make the trial long enough so students can get a good taste of what you have to offer but not so long that they can get through everything before the trial expires.

Bonus content sweetens the deal and brings more value to your offer. For example, you can include webinar recordings, additional digital downloads, or even a free coaching session as a sign-up incentive.

Set the Subscription Price

Set the Subscription Price

Next, decide how much you want to charge for your membership site. Teachable allows you to set a monthly or yearly subscription price, so consider offering a discount for anyone that chooses to pay annually.

You need to find the right balance between charging enough for your content so that you’re gaining decent revenue but a low enough price that students consider it a great deal.

Create Membership Levels

One effective way to sell membership sites is by creating different price plans. You’ve likely seen these available on all paid software platforms (look at Teachable’s plans as an example).

Choose which content you wish to include within each membership level, then create a separate bundle for each one.

This provides opportunities for increased revenue as customers can pick which plan they can afford.

Create Upsells

Create Upsells

Teachable has a neat feature where you can add an upsell to the “thank you” page after a customer has purchased your membership site. An upsell is a way to get customers to spend more by offering a great deal.

For example, you could:

  • Offer an upgrade to a higher-paid plan at a discounted rate.
  • Offer extra live coaching sessions to premium plan members.
  • Entice customers into paying for an annual membership by giving two months’ membership for free.

How to Retain Your Teachable Membership Site Students

Drip Content

Drip Content

Teachable lets you set a schedule for when your content will be made available to your students. For example, if a student purchases a subscription on the 1st of the month, you can initially only make one course available. Then, after two weeks, you can schedule the second course to be released.

This is known as “dripping content,” and is an effective way to retain your members and also reinforce a set learning path.

Regularly Create and Add New Content

Regularly Create and Add New Content

Your students won’t remain students for long once they have worked their way through all your existing content. Therefore, you must give them a reason to stick around by regularly adding new content.

Create a content schedule for your membership site that you can work on each week or month. This can be adding new mini-courses, running live sessions, adding lessons to existing courses, etc.

The key is to be consistent. If your subscribers are paying a monthly subscription fee, then you should be adding content on a monthly basis. 

Reward Your Members

Reward Your Members

Members always appreciate a freebie or a token of appreciation for their hard work. For example, you can make use of the student emailing feature and invite certain students to attend an exclusive webinar.

Teachable also has a certificate of completion feature where students are awarded digital certificates once they have completed a course.

Providing free perks keeps the student’s motivation high and helps drive engagement with your course content.

Engage with Your Members

Engage with Your Members

Engaging with your members has lots of advantages. It helps establish your brand and places you as an authority within your chosen niche. It’s also effective at building trust and loyalty among your audience.

There are several ways you can use Teachable for member engagement:

  • Use the native comment feature within your course lessons to converse with your students.
  • Use a third-party live stream app to run live webinars.
  • Send out student emails with updates, newsletters, free content, and more.

Include a Community

Include a Community

While Teachable does not currently have a community feature, it doesn’t mean you cannot use a third-party tool for this purpose. 

A popular – and free – way to provide a community along with a Teachable membership site is to include access to a private Facebook group. Or, if you’re okay with a paid option, Kajabi and Mighty Networks both offer excellent community tools.

By adding a community, you will be providing even more value to your students and a way for them to engage with each other – and you – in real-time. 

Gain Feedback and Improve

Gain Feedback and Improve

Membership sites are an ever-evolving beast, and you should look to your students to understand how to take things forward as well as improve. 

After all, they are the ones using your content, so they are best placed to tell you what is – and isn’t – working. 

Regularly ask your students for feedback and ask them what else they would like to have added to the membership site. This doesn’t mean you have to act upon everything that is mentioned. Rather, look for common themes and concerns that are regularly mentioned and work on those.

Eventually, you’ll craft an even more valuable and attractive membership site, while your students will feel appreciated and listened to. 

How to Create a Product Bundle in Teachable (Step by Step)

How to Create a Product Bundle in Teachable (Step by Step)

Step 1: Log into your Teachable school and select “Bundles” from the left-hand menu. Then click “Create Bundle” in the top-right corner.

Create Bundle

Step 2: Give your bundle a name and click “Next.”

Give your bundle a name

Step 3: Next, you must select which products to include in your bundle. You will see drop-down boxes for courses, digital downloads, and coaching. Take a look through each and select which of your products you want to use.

Each product will appear below. If you add one by mistake, click on the “X” to delete it. When you’re happy, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Next.”

drop-down boxes

Step 4: Now, choose how you would like to charge for your membership site. Click on the relevant option and complete the requested details. 

After clicking “Next,” you will be asked to complete some more details, such as confirming the name, adding a subtitle, and adding a thumbnail image. Once you have done this, hit “Save” in the top-right corner.

membership site

Step 5: Click once again on “Bundles,” and your newly created bundle will now be displayed. Under “Actions,” click on the three dots and hit “Publish.” Your bundle/membership site is now live and ready for customers to purchase.


Step 6: Before you offer your membership site for sale, there’s one more thing you must do. Click on the name of your bundle and select “Pages” from the sub-menu that appears on the left.

This displays the web pages that Teachable has created for your membership site. Look on the right of the screen and select “Edit” for the sales page.

bundle and select

Step 7: A page editor will open up where you can add in lots of extra details such as a description, bio, FAQ section, and more. Edit the page until it’s to your liking and hit “Update” in the top-right corner.

You can also rearrange the order in which your products are displayed so they make more sense for your students.

Repeat this process for your other membership site pages, and you’re done!

How to Update Product Bundles (Step by Step)

If you want to update or add content to your membership site, you can easily do so by logging into Teachable and editing it.

How to Update Product Bundles

Step 1: Head to “Bundles” and click on the name of the bundle you wish to edit.

name of the bundle

Step 2: Select “Content” from the sub-menu that appears.

sub-menu that appears

Step 3: On the next screen, you can select which new Teachable products you wish to add to your bundle. Once you’re done, hit “Save” in the top-right corner.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create a membership site in Teachable by creating a course bundle. This is where you can select several of your Teachable products and offer them all together for a single price or an ongoing subscription fee.

You can add any of your Teachable courses, digital downloads, and coaching products to a membership site.

You can charge a one-off fee, a payment plan, or an ongoing subscription fee for your Teachable membership site. Subscriptions can be paid for on a monthly or annual basis.

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