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Mighty Networks is a community-based platform that provides the features and tools necessary to help you nurture, grow, and monetize your audience. 

Having your learning content and community engagement on one platform gives you a dedicated space without the distractions that come with using social media platforms for community building.

Key Takeaways:

What Can You Do With a Mighty Networks Community?

Mighty Networks is entirely centered around a community, so it’s important to understand that you cannot use Mighty Networks without having one.

When you subscribe to the platform, you are provided with one community space and all the features and tools to customize and grow it. 

Customize and Brand Your Community

When you set up your community, it’s important to get it looking the way you want and customize it so that people know it’s your brand. Mighty Networks allows a decent level of customization by allowing you to add:

  • Your logo
  • A brand color palette
  • Images, emojis, and videos

It’s also worth noting that each of your community spaces (more on those below) can be individually branded with its own color palette and images. So, if you want your spaces to stand out and be easily identifiable, this is easily achieved by giving them a new look.

Additionally, all your customization efforts show up on the desktop view and the Mighty Networks mobile app.

Create Spaces and Collections

Create Spaces and Collections

Spaces are used to create areas within your community for specific purposes. Think of them like separate rooms leading off a central area where your community is gathered. Some of these rooms are locked, and some are accessible to all.

Mighty Networks lets you create unlimited spaces within your community, and you can name them so that your members know what each space is for. 

Let’s take a community of event photographers as an example. You can create topic-specific spaces called “Night Photography Tips,” “Dealing with Difficult Clients,” “Equipment Recommendations,” etc., and members can enter these spaces to talk about the relevant topic.

You can also create spaces specifically for live events, courses, product sales, chat, and more. To make your community easy to navigate, spaces can be arranged into collections. For example, if you have several chat spaces, you can group them into a “chat” collection, so members know where to go if they want to discuss a specific subject.

Night Photography Tips

Each space is customizable, meaning you can add the features required for that space. For example, a space with course content will include all the modules and lessons along with a chat feed so students can discuss the content. A live event will include video streaming and supporting content.

Furthermore, spaces can be public or private, free or paid. Paid spaces provide you with an opportunity to upsell and increase the revenue you gain from your community.

Add Hosts and Moderators

Add Hosts and Moderators

Once your community starts growing, it can be difficult to keep tabs on all the activity and what people are saying or doing. Ease the burden of community management by adding extra hosts and moderators.

The platform lets you have unlimited hosts and moderators, which is handy since you don’t have to worry about how large your community gets and not being able to have enough people on hand to manage it.

What is a host, exactly?

A host acts as an administrator. They have access to all the community settings and can make changes to all the features within the main community area. They are also able to manage members and member access.

Your community spaces can have hosts assigned too. Therefore, you could place a  dedicated host for each of your spaces or have one host manage a group of them.

Moderators have fewer privileges than hosts and are chiefly there to take care of member management, such as adding new members or banning individuals that don’t abide by the community rules.

Message and Chat with Your Members

Message and Chat with Your Members

One of the vital components of building a community is giving members the opportunity to engage with each other. And Mighty Networks has provided plenty of tools to let this happen:

  • Private or Group Chat: Chat privately one on one or start a private group chat with up to nine members.
  • Event Chat: Enable participants to comment during livestream events.
  • Post Comments: Comment and reply to comments on activity feed posts as well as share photos, files, and GIFs.
  • Discussion Space: Set up a space with a group discussion feed around a specific subject.

Run Native Livestream Events

Run Native Livestream Events

Might Networks is flexible and allows you to go live from within any of your community spaces. Simply hit the “Go Live” button while in the space, and you’ll have a short countdown before broadcasting to your audience.

The good news is that Mighty Networks supports native streaming so you don’t have to use third-party software for this feature.

Anyone who has access to the space you are going live from can join your live stream. However, live stream events are limited to up to nine members at any one time.

If you want to run live events on a more organized basis, you can set up scheduled events and let your members know the date and time you’ll be on air. 

Set Up Courses

Set Up Courses

You can set up community spaces that contain dedicated courses and course material. Mighty Networks is unique in this respect because it’s the only platform that lets you combine community features with course features.

There are two different types of courses that you can add to your community:

Content-Only Courses

Content-Only Courses

Content-only courses are courses that contain all the course material and lessons so that the members can learn at their own pace.

You can add videos, audio files, downloadable files, and text and divide the content into modules and lessons. You can choose to have all the material available at once or gradually drip-feed it.

Content-only courses typically have community features such as the discussion feed switched off. However, this is entirely down to you and what you want, so you can switch these features on if you want to add an interactive element.

Cohort-Based Courses

Cohort-Based Courses

Cohort courses are a mix of structured lessons, group projects, assignments, and other activities. They can be self-led or teacher-led, depending on the course content.

The idea of cohort courses is to encourage teamwork and group interaction, so you would have the community engagement features switched on for this type of course.

Here you can also run live events (you can even have a 100% live event course if you like) as part of the course material.

Add Curated Content

Add Curated Content

Unlike social media platforms, your community is centered around a particular subject or interest, such as business skills, photography, or personal growth. 

Having a dedicated community provides a space for you to add carefully curated content that is of high interest and value to your audience. If your members are receiving worthwhile content, this encourages them to stick around (thus increasing your bottom line) and also encourages other similar-minded people to sign up.

Furthermore, you can add paid spaces containing premium content, which provides plenty of upselling opportunities within your community.

View Analytics and Reports

View Analytics and Reports

You get access to detailed analytics for your community so you can see exactly how it’s performing and where improvements need to be made.

For example, you can view how many people are logging in daily, weekly, and monthly, which shows how many people are using your community regularly. It also shows member contribution levels so you can understand how much people are engaging with each other.

Charge for Your Mighty Networks Community

Finally, we’ve already touched briefly on how to create paid spaces within your community. So you can charge for courses, live events, and other premium content.

But you can also charge for the community itself and for people to join. Let’s say you set up a community for meditation. You can charge for community access – say $5/month – which will provide you with recurring revenue from each member.

Then, within the meditation community, if you set up paid spaces for things like meditation courses or guest speaker events, your members will have to pay an additional fee to access this content. Thus, it allows you to increase your revenue from your existing members.

Mighty Networks Community Integrations

One of the good things about Mighty Networks is that you need very few third-party integrations to fully use the platform. It even supports native payment processing.

However, if you prefer to use third-party providers, the platform supports integration with the following apps:

  • Stripe (payment processor)
  • Google Analytics (user data analytics)
  • Zoom (live streaming)
  • Quaderno (sales tax processing)
  • Facebook Pixel (for Facebook ads)
  • Zapier (to connect with other third-party apps)

Frequently Asked Questions

A Might Networks community is a dedicated space in which to grow your membership base. To nurture and monetize your community, you can run discussions, groups, live events, courses, and more.

When you sign up for Mighty Networks, you get one community with each plan. However, you can create unlimited spaces (paid and free) within your community, and you can have unlimited members.

You can sell digital products in a Mighty Networks community. All you need to do is create a space within the community, add the digital product (course, downloadable document, etc.), and charge people to access the space.

Mighty Networks supports native live streaming, and you can go live directly from any of your community spaces. This means you do not need to connect with a third-party app to use this feature.

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