Mighty Networks Groups and Spaces

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If you have a Mighty Networks community, you can use spaces to create sub-sections of your community.

You can do various things with the spaces, including creating courses, events, pages, and resources. Spaces can also be used as smaller communities for specific aspects of your main community.

Key Takeaways:

  • Spaces are like a group on Mighty Networks
  • You can create paid spaces with a one-off or subscription payment
  • Spaces can also be public and accessible to all community members

What Are Mighty Networks Groups and Spaces?

Groups on Mighty Networks are called spaces.

They can be useful for organizing your community and bringing together people with similar interests within a larger community.

You can choose how each space is formatted. You can create spaces with chats, feeds, resources, pages, events, and courses. 

There are four privacy options for spaces.

Groups on Mighty Networks are called spaces
  • Public Space – When creating a Public Space, there are two options. You can invite all of your members to join the space or auto-join all current and future members. 
  • Private Space – Members will have to request access to join.
  • Secret Space – The space will only appear once the member accepts the invitation.
  • Paid Space – Members will have to pay to access the space.

Mighty Networks Plans for Access and Spaces

To create paid spaces, you need to set up plans. 

Plans allow you to choose new and existing members’ access to your community and spaces. 

There are two types of plans available.

Internal Plans:

These are for those who are already members of your Mighty Networks community. 

This plan would allow access to spaces within your community.

You can create bundles to sell access to more than one space to existing members.

External Plans:

These can be purchased from your landing page.

This plan would allow access to your Mighty Networks community.

You can create bundles that include access to both your Mighty Networks community and created spaces.

Payment Options:

There are three pricing options for your plans.

  • Free – Members will receive access to the community and spaces for no charge. They will not be required to provide card or payment information. 
  • One-Time Payment – Members pay once for access.
  • Subscription – Set up monthly or annual subscriptions. Users will have access while they continue paying for the subscription.

Mighty Networks Space Example

If you have a fitness community on Mighty Networks, you could create the following spaces:

  • Beginners Fitness – You could create a feed for beginners to fitness to interact.
  • Weighted Workouts – This could be a page with detailed weighted workout videos.
  • At-Home Fitness Program – Create a standalone course of at-home fitness exercises. Users can follow along with the course in their own time.
  • 6-Week Fitness Program – This could be a paid cohort course. Members pay for access to the course and participate at the same time and share their experiences and progress in the space.
  • Weekly Fitness Q&A – You could create this as a live weekly event for members to ask you fitness-related questions.

Which Groups and Spaces Can I Create on Mighty Networks?

You can create any kind of space you like on Mighty Networks. 

You use one of the preconfigured templates. These templates have certain features turned on to suit that type of space.

Alternatively, you can build your own Mighty Networks space.

These are the space options and templates currently available on Mighty Networks.

Build Your Own Space

A build-your-own space is exactly what it says it is. You can create a custom space to suit you.

The features you can add will depend on your Might Networks subscription plan.

All of the features you can include are detailed in the next section.

Chat Template

The chat templates have the following features turned on:

  • Chat
  • Feed
  • Members
  • Events

Feed Template

The feed templates have the following features turned on:

  • Feed
  • Discovery
  • Events
  • Members

Cohort Course Template

The cohort course templates have the following features turned on:

  • Course community
  • Course material
  • Discovery
  • Members

Content Course Template

The content course templates have the following features turned on:

  • Course material
  • Members

Event Template

The event templates have the following features turned on:

  • Calendar of Events
  • Attendees

Page Template

The page templates have the following features turned on:

  • Page

Resource Template

The resource templates have the following features turned on:

  • Table of Contents

What Features Can I Have in a Mighty Networks Group or Space?

Within your spaces, you can add the following features: 



The feed is like an activity feed. Members and hosts can post, view, and engage with content.



Create events in a space that members can RSVP to. You can integrate your event with third-party platforms, like Zoom.



The member’s feature allows you to view all the members in the space.



Discovery gives members an overview of the space. 

You can choose what is shown in the Discovery section and reorder the content.

You can add top posts, top members, upcoming events, etc. 

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

You can use the table of contents feature to organize content. It is mostly used for course material. You can create sections and lessons within the table of contents.



A page is similar to a blog article. You can add a variety of content to pages, including text, images, and video. You can use it to inform or update members. You can also decide to turn comments and cheers on and off.



The chat feature allows members to have open conversations with one another. They can also post emojis, images, and GIFs.

How Do I Create a Space on Mighty Networks?

  1. Open your community dashboard.
  2. Click Create a Space.
Click Create a Space
  1. Choose the type of space you want to create.
Choose the type of space you want to create.
  1. Follow the steps to create your space.

You will need to name, add a tagline, and choose whether the space is public, private, or secret. 

You can also decide whether the space is free or paid. If it’s paid, you can choose how much you’ll charge.

How Do I Manage and Delete My Mighty Networks Space?

To manage, edit, and delete your space, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the space from the sidebar.
  2. Click on the three dots.
How Do I Manage and Delete My Mighty Networks Space
  1. Locate Manage.
  2. Choose from the following options:
Locate Manage
  • Settings – Here, you can change the name, features, description, and all other space settings.
  • Promote In – Choose to promote the space to other members of the community that are not members of this space.
  • Change Collection – Move the space to another collection.
  • Duplicate – Duplicate the existing space.
  • Move Multiple Posts – Move content from this space to another. You can move all posts or posts with specific hashtags.
  • Archive – Archive the space so it becomes invisible to members. You can unarchive it at any time.
  • Delete – Permanently delete the space and all posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Collections help organize spaces. Your spaces will sit within a collection.

For example, say you have a Cooking Community. You could create the following Collections: Beginners Cooking, Advanced Cooking, Basic Skills, etc. Within each section, you could offer various spaces that are suitable for the collection.

All of the plans allow you to create unlimited spaces.

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