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There are several ways to get help on Mighty Networks, no matter if you’re a host, member, or interested in joining.

You can use the Help Center to answer your questions, the Community to guide you and show you what can be achieved, or the Resource Center for digital business guides.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mighty Networks members can use live chat for help
  • Contact Mighty Networks by email if you don’t have a paid plan

Mighty Networks Help Center

Mighty Networks Help Center

The Mighty Networks Help Center is the place to go for both hosts and members if you have any questions. 

You can type your question into the search bar, and it will show you any relevant answers. 

This is great if you’re struggling to work out how to change, access, customize, or use a certain area of the platform. The Help Center will give you simple answers to most queries.

Help Center for Hosts

If you’re a Mighty Networks host and need help using the platform, this section should have the answer for you.

To access the Mighty Networks Help Center for Hosts section, click on the For Hosts button.

Here, 14 question topics will appear.  

Some of the topics include the following:

  • How Do I Get Started with Mighty Networks?
  • How Can I Customize and Brand My Mighty Network?
  • How Can I Grow My Mighty Network?

Within each topic, there are many helpful articles explaining everything there is to know about hosting on Mighty Networks. 

Some of these articles include the following: 

  • How Do Members Join My Mighty Network?
  • Can I View My Mighty Network in Dark Mode?
  • How Does SEO Work for My Mighty Network?

Each article includes the answer to the question. They are formatted in an easy-to-read way, with step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and images.

Help Center for Members

If you’re a member of Mighty Networks and have questions about using the platform and managing your account, you can find the answers here.

To access the Mighty Networks Help Center for Members section, click on the For Members button.

Here, four question topics will appear:

  • What Is a Mighty Network?
  • How Do I Navigate a Mighty Network as a Member?
  • How Do I Interact in a Mighty Network?
  • How Do I Manage My Account and Purchases as a Member?

Within each topic, there are several other questions. 

Some of these include the following: 

  • Does Mighty Networks Sell My Data?
  • My Host Is Going Live – Where Do I Watch Them?
  • How Do I Set Up My Member Profile?
  • Why Can’t I Log in to My Mighty Network?

You can click on the question to open an article that answers the question. 

Each article includes relevant images (including web and mobile screenshots), guides, tutorials, videos, and answers to other questions about the topic.

Get Help at a Mighty Community

Get Help at a Mighty Community

The Mighty Community is a community built on Mighty Networks. It aims to teach and show users what can be achieved using Mighty Networks.

It is also used to share successes and best practices and help each other with any queries.

There are several buttons in the left-hand menu. You can click on each one, and it will open the main screen. 

The buttons include the following:

  • Feed – The feed is where you can see everything happening across all of the Spaces you have access to.
  • Discovery – The Discovery section includes featured posts, top spaces, and members.
  • There is also an entire Welcome Checklist of posts. These posts welcome new users to the community and include free guides to help those starting out or exploring Mighty Networks.
  • Members – You can click here to see members of the Mighty Community. You can click on each member to see when they were last active, how many posts they’ve created, their bio, profession, personal links, location, and badges. 
  • Events – This tab shows all of the upcoming, nearby, and past events. You can click on upcoming events and RSVP to any that interest you. 
  • If you’ve missed an event, you can find the replay under the past tab. 

Underneath these four tabs, there are a variety of courses. 

There are both free and paid courses available. Experts create the courses to help you succeed in building a community.

Use Mighty Networks Resource Center to Find Help

Use Mighty Networks Resource Center to Find Help

The Resource Center is Mighty Networks’ blog. It is made up of articles of helpful information. 

The articles focus less on Mighty Networks than the Help Center and Community. 

Instead, it focuses on building a thriving community, creating an online course, and starting a successful website. 

It is a great resource for individuals and large businesses who want to create a digital business. 

You can find articles on a variety of topics including:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Building an Online Community
  • The 5 Best Online Coaching Platforms
  • 7 Awesome No-Code Website Builders for Creators

Can I Hire Someone for Help on Mighty Networks?

Yes. You can hire someone to help you with your Mighty Networks community.

Currently, there are no official websites or lists of people you can hire. 

However, there are several ways you can find someone to hire. These include the following: 

  • Post on the Mighty Networks Community
  • Search freelance platforms, such as Upwork and Fiverr

As they are not official hiring methods, we recommend only sending money through secure payment methods and creating a contract or plan that you’re comfortable with.

How to Contact Mighty Networks for Help

How to Contact Mighty Networks for Help

If you can’t find the help you’re looking for through any of the other methods, you can always contact Mighty Networks directly.


We couldn’t find a direct number for Mighty Networks.


If you have a paid Mighty Networks plan, you can contact Mighty Networks using the Need Help button that appears when you’re logged in. 

The team is available Monday to Sunday from 6 AM to 6 PM PT. 

You can message the team with any questions. 

You will receive the reply in both your Mighty Networks chat and your email inbox. 

Email and Submit a Request

If you are a member of a community, rather than a host, or haven’t yet joined Mighty Networks, you can contact them by email and by submitting a request through the website. 

No reply times are available on the request form, so we can’t confirm how long it might take for Mighty Networks to get back to you. 

On the Help Center, they do say they pride themselves in their fast reply times.

The email address is: help@mightynetworks.com

Which Plan Do I Need to Contact Mighty Networks for Help?

Which Plan Do I Need to Contact Mighty Networks for Help?

All the paid plans on Mighty Networks have access to priority customer support. 

Mighty Networks advises that the quickest and easiest way to contact them is by using the Need Help button in the bottom right corner when you’re logged in to your Network.

Note: This is only available on the web.

There is a team of people to answer any questions. They are available from 6 AM to 6 PM PT every day.

You can access VIP customer support if you have a Mighty Pro account. You will also have a monthly session with your community strategist where you can ask for any help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a chat available for Mighty Networks plan holders. The chat is available from 6 AM to 6 PM PT every day. You must be logged into your account to access the chat.

You can contact Mighty Networks through live chat or email or by submitting a request on the website.

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