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Mighty Networks has a powerful website builder that allows users to showcase their community and course products.

Moreover, website owners can advertise their subscription offerings, take payments, and vet potential members.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 impressive examples for you to see the platform’s capabilities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mighty Networks has a website builder, which makes creating sites easy
  • All subscribers can make websites, accept payments, and use custom domains

1. Mighty Community

1. Mighty Community

Mighty Networks has its own community called Mighty Community. 

Inside it, they discuss strategies for using, managing, and growing communities on the platform. 

One of the features they use is events. They post upcoming events on the community feed that contain a description of topics covered, how to access them, and an RSVP button.

Whether you’re just getting started on the platform or a seasoned community manager, we would recommend you check out Mighty Community to generate inspiration and connect with like-minded business owners.

2. Sacred Ground

2. Sacred Ground

Sacred Ground is an online spiritual community that connects people that are interested in consciousness and interconnectivity.

On its website, they give visitors information about the community, instructions for how to join, and what to expect after they become a member.

To become a member of Sacred Ground, you must request to join. Mighty Networks lets you pre-vet members by getting them to fill out information about themselves.

Even though your community may be free to join, this lets you decide who should have access.

3. Sandra Valks

3. Sandra Valks

Sandra Valk’s community is called Compassionate Straight Talk. It gives people a place to discuss a wide range of topics, including money management, financial literacy, divorce issues, and estate planning.

Sandra offers two pricing options for new members when joining: the monthly or annual subscription plan, which is respectively priced at $47 per month and $497 per year.

Mighty Networks lets you sell monthly and annual plans. Often, when selling an annual plan, you’ll give the customer a discount for paying upfront; in this case, Sandra offers 15% off.

4. Soul Driven Success

Soul Driven Success

Soul Driven Success is a community focused on connecting coaches. Oftentimes, coaches run businesses alone from home: Soul Driven Success has identified that and created a community to connect them.

The community is a Free Public Network, meaning anyone can access it without paying or becoming a member.

Communities may make them public so more people can access the information and benefit from it.

5. Strategy Rebel

5. Strategy Rebel

Thought Evolution by Strategy Rebel delivers a community for women to connect, network, and receive coaching to achieve their goals.

Currently, its site says the community is not able to be purchased.

Mighty Networks lets communities like Thought Evolution keep their site active while pausing new member applications.

This feature can be very useful if you offer live coaching and sessions, as you may already be at your maximum capacity.

6. SaasStr University

6. SaasStr University

SaaStr University is an online community that gives software entrepreneurs access to over 300 lessons from experts.

The community is free to join, and as it’s public, you can access it without signing up.

If you choose to join, you can sign up by entering your name and email address or by using your Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Apple account. 

Mighty Networks makes it incredibly easy for new members to join, as most potential users can bypass the sign-up by using one of these existing platform profiles.

7. 5 Carat Collective

7. 5 Carat Collective

The 5 Carat Collective is a complementary community product produced by Jewel Education.

This community is focused on helping photography studios market their services and grow their companies.

This example shows how you can use your community to either upsell an existing product or give it away for free.

Moreover, at the bottom of the page, it tells customers they can access the community via iOS and Android. This core Mighty Networks feature will increase engagement and customer satisfaction. 

8. Serious Marketers Only

8. Serious Marketers Only

Serious Marketers Only is a private community created to help online entrepreneurs grow their businesses. 

As Mark Thompson advertises training and community, he likely has the Mighty Networks Business plan. In addition to the core community features, this plan allows users to create and sell courses.

Some of the course features include cohort creation, modules, native upload, and drip course content.

9. Solo 401K

9. Solo 401K

A 401k is a retirement account for workers in the USA. Instead of paying someone to manage the account, a growing trend is to self-manage it.

Solo 401k is a community that connects 401k account holders with industry experts that include investment sponsors, lenders, banks, brokerages, CPAs, and attorneys. 

The company aims to educate and help these solo investors. They do this by offering courses, groups, focused discussions, and live events with experts inside the community.

10. vCISO Network

10. vCISO Network

vCISO Network is a community that connects security professionals together. Its website is extremely simple, they have a short description in the about us section and then a request to join button.

If you’re advertising your community on another platform, the potential member is already aware of it and doesn’t need a long sales pitch. You can send them to a simple site where they can request to join.

Mighty Networks website builder caters to both simple and complex site requirements.

11. SilverChartist PRO

11. SilverChartist PRO

SilverChartist Pro is an investment community that is dedicated to making money from precious metals and hard assets.

Inside the community, they show founder Steven Penny’s personal strategy and portfolio as well as give access to alerts, trade setups, and live strategy sessions.

To join the community, they offer one monthly subscription package, which costs $19.

The company uses a custom domain, which is a core Mighty Networks feature. As you can’t purchase domains on the platform, you will have to buy one from a third party and then connect it.

12. Roots

12. Roots

Roots is a community for educators and leaders in the education sector who want to improve young people’s education.

Their website contains four sections, which cover the following topics:

  • About Us
  • Core Tenets
  • Reasons why you may want to join
  • Details about what you’ll have access to

Mighty Networks lets you customize your website to include all relevant details related to your course and community. You can use this section to answer all your customers’ questions.

Bottom Line

Overall, Mighty Networks offers powerful website and landing page features to subscribers.

These 10 examples show how to market and sell your online courses and membership communities.

We hope they’ve inspired you to start designing your own.

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