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New Zenler is an “all-in-one” course and learning product creation platform that provides plenty of features to help you build, market, and sell your products.

Key Takeaways:

  • The platform has a good selection of live webinar and streaming features
  • The platform’s automatic sales tax handling is a standout feature
  • The $67/month Pro plan offers the right balance between features and cost

Overview of New Zenler Features

New Zenler states it is an “all-in-one” platform for courses and learning product creation. Indeed, it does have a good selection of features for:

  • Course, community, coaching, and learning product creation.
  • Building sites, funnels, and email campaigns.
  • Selling and managing your products.

Access to New Zenler features depends on your chosen plan. The free plan is very restricted. The Pro plan gives full access to features but has lower limits for creating funnels, adding contacts, sending emails, etc. The Premium plan gives you the highest feature limits.

Zenler Features for Course Creation

Zenler Features for Course Creation
  • Course Builder: Create engaging lessons by adding video, audio, ebooks, and PowerPoint elements. Upload course material in various formats (including PDF), and you can even add live content.
  • Assignments and Quizzes: Cement learning by adding a quiz or assessment to your course. Choose from different question types (multiple choice, true/false, etc.) and add a pass grade for students to attain.
  • Certificates: Award your students with a certificate upon completion of a module or course. The platform features several templates or you can add your own design.
  • Student Progress Tracking: Understand how your students are performing and what stage they are at on your course.
Assignments and Quizzes

New Zenler Live Features

New Zenler has the capability to make your course content SCORM-compliant for compatibility with learning management systems (LMS).

One of the best feature sets in New Zenler is its native live streaming tools. Not only does this remove the need to use a third-party streaming platform, it also provides features for different types of live streaming:

  • Calendar: Use New Zenler’s scheduling tool to manage your live stream bookings. This feature supports multiple schedules for different live streams.
  • Live Class: Specifically for your students, only those with an account on your site can access a live class.
  • Live Webinar: A classic webinar tool. Participants can join using their email address and engage via the chat feed. Only the presenter will appear on the screen.
  • Interactive Webinar: A “Zoom-style” setup where all participants can appear on the screen and talk with each other in real-time. Presenters can make other participants co-hosts.
  • Live Stream: A live broadcast tool that can be used to stream on Facebook or YouTube live.

New Zenler Community Features

New Zenler Community Features

If you want to create a space for your students to properly engage with one another, or if you want a way to increase your audience, you can use the New Zenler community feature:

  • Add Extra Value: Set up a community and connect it with a course, membership site, or website to create a more diverse offer.
  • Discussion Areas: Organize the chat by setting up different conversation threads for specific topics.
  • Add Media: Upload videos, images, and documents to your posts.
  • Email Members: Send an email broadcast to all community members. This is handy if you have a big announcement to make!

New Zenler Email Features

New Zenler Email Features

To help you promote your learning products, New Zenler contains an emailing tool that allows you to send out email broadcasts to your contact lists.

  • Email Templates: There are 21 pre-built email templates that you can use and edit.
  • Personalize: Add the personal touch by including individual recipient’s names on their emails.
  • Multiple Sending Options: Choose to send the email right away, schedule it, or drip email content out gradually over a predetermined time period.

New Zenler Funnel Features

New Zenler Funnel Features

New Zenler has a full funnel-building feature that allows you to create funnels for different purposes, such as selling your learning products, gathering leads, and more.

  • Themes and Page Templates: Pick a pre-built theme for your funnel type, and customize any of the pre-built page templates.
  • Pre-Built “Blocks”: Blocks are the elements that you add to your funnel step pages such as video, text, images, etc. Like the page templates, New Zenler has loads of pre-built designs to choose from, making funnel building quick and easy.
  • Drag-and-Drop Page Editor: Choose which blocks you want to add and simply drag them into the desired spot on your funnel page to edit as necessary.
  • Automation: Automate your funnel steps and incorporate emails, tagging, and webhooks. Drip your funnel content over a predetermined time period.
Drag-and-Drop Page Editor

New Zenler Site Builder Features

New Zenler Site Builder Features

Create a site to host all your learning products using New Zenler’s site builder. Create your membership site using the site builder and any landing pages that you want to use for specific promotions.

  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Like the funnel feature, New Zenler’s site builder also uses the drag-and-drop editing method.
  • Add a Blog: Increase organic traffic by adding a blog to your site.
  • Upload Your Branding: Customize the global style of your site and upload and use your branding.
  • Use Different Languages: Add a different language to the default one so that you can appeal to a wider audience.
  • “Done-for-You” Pop-Ups: Choose from a selection of ready-made pop-up templates for use on your site.

New Zenler Sales Features

New Zenler Sales Features

New Zenler makes selling easy and painless, thanks to the following features:

  • Payment Gateway Integrations: For taking customer payments, New Zenler connects natively with PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay.
  • Create Pricing Plans: You are able to set up different pricing tiers for your products. 
  • Automatic Tax Handling: This is a highly useful and standout feature that we feel is missing from so many similar platforms. New Zenler will automatically handle and pay sales taxes for the countries you plan to sell your products to, removing the need to do it manually.
  • Offer Coupons: Create offers and promotions using coupons with discount percentages or monetary values.

New Zenler Integrations

New Zenler Integrations

Finally, to give you more functionality, besides the payment gateways listed above, New Zenler provides native integrations with a handful of apps. The majority of these are centered around marketing or scheduling:

  • Your own Zoom account (instead of using New Zenler’s)
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Google Calendar
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Mailerlite
  • ActiveCampaign
  • MooSend

New Zenler Features Plan Availability

New Zenler does not advertise what is and isn’t available on its free plan; you only really know what you can access once you have signed up and start exploring the platform.

However, we’ve scoured the platform to give you a rundown of the features included in each plan.

FeatureFree PlanPro PlanPremium Plan
Transaction Fees10%0%0%
All Live Streaming/Webinars
Zenler AI
Custom Domains
Page Editor Design Blocks
HTML/CSS Editing
Priority Support
SCORM Compliance
Drip Scheduling
Single Sign-On/API

Are New Zenler’s Features Worth the Price?

New Zenler currently costs:

  • Pro Plan: $67/month or $647/year 
  • Premium Plan: $197/month or $1,447/year

The site claims that these prices are for “founding members” (those who sign up while the platform is in beta mode), and the prices are set to rise significantly when beta mode ends.

Right now, the price for the Pro plan is good. You get an excellent amount of functionality and all the features for a relatively low cost.

The Premium plan price is okay. However, if you’re going to spend that amount of money on a course creation platform, we would say it’s better to go with a platform like Kajabi. 

You’ll pay about the same for your plan, but you’ll get access to best-in-class, well-established features.

While the price for the Pro plan is still just about reasonable, the amount you will pay for the Premium plan is exorbitant and not worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The free New Zenler plan lets you create sites, courses, funnels, and gives you access to other features on a limited or restricted basis. However, you cannot use any live stream or webinar features, nor can you create a community.

New Zenler has features for creating courses, communities, and other learning products. It also provides features for selling and marketing your products and boasts a decent array of live-stream features and templates.

Both the New Zenler Pro and Premium plans allow you to create unlimited courses and add unlimited students. The Premium plan also lets you create unlimited funnels and add unlimited numbers of leads. All other features have limitations in place.

New Zenler’s features are of a good standard and provide you with enough variety and functionality to build and grow your business. However, they do not match the standard of Kajabi, so if you want best-in-class, choose this platform instead.

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