There is currently no lifetime subscription available from New Zenler.

However, the platform has excellent alternatives such as the free BETA plan and, of course, the available annual subscription plans.

The paid plans offer valuable discounts and access to more features than the free plan, which has limitations.

Let’s look at what New Zenler offers its users and alternatives to the lifetime deal. 

Zenler Lifetime Plan

How to Get a New Zenler Lifetime Plan?

Currently, there is no lifetime deal with New Zenler.

That situation could change, but there is currently no way to obtain such access.

Fortunately, there are valuable alternatives to take advantage of, such as the free BETA plan (and permanent free plan after launch) or the paid plans with substantial annual discounts. Of course, you can also try both.

Use the free BETA plan (or post-launch permanent free plan) to help you decide which is best for you. 

Can I Offer a Lifetime Deal to My Customers on New Zenler?

Although New Zenler doesn’t offer a lifetime access deal for entrepreneurs, you can use New Zenler to offer one to your customers.

You can do this easily by creating one-time payment memberships on products and services to grant lifetime access to paying members.

New Zenler Lifetime Deal Alternatives 

Just because New Zenler does not offer a lifetime deal does not mean you don’t have options.

On the contrary, the platform has great alternatives that provide exceptional value. 

New Zenler Lifetime Plan

Free BETA Plan

New Zenler provides a free plan upon launch called the Free BETA plan.

However, this plan only offers limited access to New Zenler’s course creation and delivery features, but not to marketing tools.

New Zenler itself suggests that going for the paid options is better for those looking to grow and expand their course-creation business. 

It’s also important to note that although the BETA plan is free, users will need to pay a 10% fee on all transactions.

New Zenler will stop charging this fee if you upgrade to a paid plan. 

Discounted Pro & Premium Annual Plans

The discounted pre-release beta Pro and Premium annual plans are the alternatives we would suggest instead of a lifetime deal.

These yearly plans give you extra savings and access to important features of the platform. Remember that the current pricing during the pre-release beta period is significantly lower than it will be after the full public release.

New Zenler promises that paying members who join during this period will keep the pre-release beta pricing forever.

Aside from the price, the main difference between Pro and Premium plans is the numerical activity permitted under each feature.

Specifically, Premium offers more emails, leads, sites, and funnels than Pro does. 

zenler pricing plans upgrades

Bottom Line 

There is no New Zenler lifetime deal, but there are plenty of worthwhile alternatives.

The free BETA plan gives you a taste of what New Zenler can offer, although there is a small transaction fee.

The two paid plans do not have transaction fees and offer additional yearly discounts that can potentially save you hundreds.

Even more, during the pre-release beta period, these plans have had a price cut that will stay with you even after the full public launch.