Ontraport Integrations

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This article addresses each integration that users can set up within Ontraport’s account.  Our team scrutinized every tool, so you have a complete guide.

Adding third-party integrations to your project can help you to automate and optimize all processes and save time. 

Ontraport allows plenty of flexibility when it comes to connecting integrations so you can connect a variety of apps. 

Its selection includes memberships, learning management, reporting, social media, and more.

Ontraport also has a comprehensive, open API that makes it easy for developers and software companies to build a custom integration.

It provides all the documentation you need to start and the opportunity to apply for a sandbox.

Ontraport Integrations

Payment Gateway Integrations

Payment gateways allow you to process credit, debit, and other online payments. They can help lessen credit card fraud and ensure customer data is secure using encryption and verification technology. They transfer information about a payment between the payment portal and the front-end processor or bank.

Ontraport integrates with trusted payment gateways, all complying with payment card industry standards (PCI DSS).  They process recurring transactions automatically and include advanced fraud detection features. 

Some gateways charge a flat rate per transaction, a flat rate per invoice, and a monthly rate as well, so you’ll need to make sure you read all about your charges before choosing one.

Ontraport allows for one currency at a time except for the PayPal gateway.  Or you can use separate Ontraport accounts for each currency.


Authorize.Net allows you to accept payments online, at a retail location, or by mobile devices. It offers support for multiple currencies.  It supports payment by major credit cards, signature debit cards, e-checks, PayPal, and digital payments.


You can take online and in-person payments with this integration. Elavon also offers same-day access to received funds. It has different features and charges for different-sized businesses.  

You can accept payments from customers with credit and debit cards, electronic gift cards and checks, and electronic benefit transfers.


eWAY is a payment solution for businesses exclusively in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Macau. Users can accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and JCB in Asia. In Australia and New Zealand, users can also accept payments with Diners Club and Discover cards.


Network Merchants, Inc. (NMI) accepts payments of American and Canadian dollars and many international currencies based on the integrated processor via all major credit cards. With reporting capabilities, you will receive detailed reports and insights into your transactions. 

You can also keep your inventory organized with its Product Manager feature.


Real-time reporting and analytics of transactions and performance are some of the features offered with PayJunction. It offers monthly payment plans to its users. It provides reports on deposits and sales and a search feature for users to find specific receipts. You can customize your receipts with your logo, contact information, and transaction details. You can accept credit cards as well as ACH payments encrypted into its system, capturing signatures.


With this integration, you can accept payments by credit and debit cards, checks, ACH transactions, and gift cards. PayLeap also offers users the ability to accept PIN-Debit transactions. Customers in the USA can pay with their mobile phones, and PayLeap Mobile is pre-integrated with social media sites where a payment button is embedded.

QuickBooks Payment Services

QuickBooks Payments Services allows small businesses to accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH transfers with next business day deposits. It also enables users to sync orders and inventory between QuickBooks and Ontraport. And you can accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments from your customers.

PayPal Payments Standard

PayPal Payments Standard enables you to offer a checkout experience to customers using mobile devices. You can set up Instant Payment Notifications and a payment button on your pages. 

You can also allow your customers to return automatically to your site after purchase. Your PayPal gateway can accept international currencies, and if you don’t want to incur an exchange fee, you should charge in your account’s currency only.  

PayPal Payments Pro

You can use this integration with PayPay Payments Pro to accept all major credit cards issued globally. Although you can also accept PayPal payments, your customers do not need a PayPal account to pay. Your money is in your account within minutes after the transaction. 

Unlike the Standard option, PayPal Payments Pro allows you to process trial periods, payment plans, subscription payments, and upsells. You can create manual transactions and bills and issue payments to your purchasers through Ontraport.

Payflow Pro

Payflow Pro is PayPal’s secure and open payment gateway. You can use it to process major debit and credit card payments, PayPal, and PayPal credit payments.  It also supports accepting payments in multiple currencies, and you can add a PayPal button to your pages. 

Advanced features offer reporting, which includes reports within specified date ranges. You can then store this information in your database to use later.

Stripe and Stripe Tokens

The Stripe payment gateways let you accept and send payments globally. It supports dozens of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and buy-now-pay-later plans.  It also supports multiple currencies. Ontraport stores credit card details on its servers.

Stripe Tokens securely collects sensitive card and bank details directly from your customers.  Ontraport stores it and then matches it up to the customer card data on Stripe’s servers.  


USAePay offers a payment gateway to merchants within or outside the USA. It allows users to accept credit and debit cards, ACH transfers, and gift cards as payments. Its features include transaction, customer, and product reports.

Ontraport Integrations

CRM Integrations

Customer Relationship Management allows small and large companies to manage and analyze all their interactions with customers in one place. Users can amalgamate contact information from multi-channels such as emails and social media. With automatic reporting, you can identify problems quickly, improve your processes, and save time.


This integration allows users to connect cloud apps with PicSync. Examples of syncing include when Pipedrive or HubSpot contacts are from a specific region, they subscribe to a list in Ontraport.  And when Ontraport’s contacts are from a particular region, they update in Pipedrive. Another example is Ontraport’s contacts merge in HubSpot.


LeadsBridge is a lead generating platform. When you connect your Ontraport account to it, you will have access to over 400 CRM’s. These include Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Zoho, and Salesforce. There are many actions you can take. For instance, you can create new Mailchimp subscribers in groups with Ontraport and update Ontraport contacts in tags with ActiveCampaign.

Ontraport Integrations

Survey Integrations 

Surveys and quizzes are a great way to interact with your customers.  They give you fresh insights into your customers, and they’re also useful for generating leads, driving traffic, and segmenting your audience. 

With Ontrapport’s integrations, you can choose between compiling professional or lighthearted quizzes, and you won’t need any technical expertise to create them. Market research surveys help you to better target and grow your audience by merely asking the right questions.

Surveys are fun for your team too, and you can use them to engage your employees and help ensure loyalty to your brand.


DilogR provides quiz, video, and visual marketing on any device, which can help you generate leads with targeted offers using Q&A, assessments, quizzes, polls, interactive images, and videos. DilogR measures your customer engagement on social media and across the web. You can segment your list, personalize your offers, and analyze your data.


Interact integration means you can set three types of quizzes – Personality, Scored, and Assessment.  Choose from hundreds of templates in over 40 categories with all the questions built-in, add your brand, and edit them by changing the quiz items and images – saving you lots of time.


Make an online quiz or survey with LeadQuizzes. Quiz types include Personality, Diagnostic, Trivia, and True/False, and you can personalize them. You can create surveys for market research, site feedback, and more. LeadQuizzes also gives users the ability to make forms, and it provides templates for everything.


With Outgrow, you can attract customers with numerical calculators, quizzes, graded tests and assignments, chatbots, polls, and surveys. You can easily customize to suit your brand. You can send respondents down different paths based on their answers, and with the Conditional Messaging feature, you can send result-specific messages.


Embed a simple one-question survey into an email and tag customers based on their answers. Sending one question can increase your response rates.  Based on your customers’ responses, you can direct them to different landing pages and apply follow-up triggers with your CRM. If you want customers to answer more than one question, you can redirect them to a full survey.


To get leads into your Ontraport system with ViralSweep, you can run sweepstakes, contests, competitions, and promotions. You can trigger the sending of emails, grow your email list, and you can build forms. The Social Actions feature allows your customers to perform various actions such as visiting a Facebook page.


Once you’ve integrated YesInsights with your Ontraport account, you can get customer feedback by creating surveys and sharing them via email or on your website. The survey forms are fully customizable, and you can add as many responses to the questions as you want.

Ontraport Integrations

Phone, Voice & SMS Integrations 

Phone, voice, and SMS software are great for instant communication with your customers.  You may want to remind them of events you’re organizing or webinars for which they’ve signed up. You can also immediately advise about the new promotions you’re offering.

You can schedule messages, send mass texts, and you can personalize them. You can send messages using triggers, and the data collected is automatically sorted – saving you time and hassle.

Ontraport’s integrations with phone, voice, and SMS platforms help its users control and scale marketing using these tools.  And they allow users to upload contacts from the different sources into your Ontraport account.

Call Loop

Send SMS texts, and voice broadcasts with Call Loop within your Ontraport marketing campaigns.  You can reach new leads, and new customers and so grow your phone subscriber list. You can set triggers to automatically send timed messages using Ontraport’s setup of your campaigns and sequences.


Syncing JustCall.io with Ontraport means you can make and receive calls directly from Ontraport and log your recordings, voicemails, texts, and all call activities to your contact records. Click-to-call and Click-to-text buttons next to your phone numbers on Ontraport make it easy to contact your customers. 


All Ontraport contacts can sync with SimpleTexting.  You can send MMS and SMS messages and create or update contacts when new messages arrive. SimpleTexting also gives in-depth advice about creating Customer Satisfaction surveys so you can get accurate customer feedback.


Deliver SMS alerts, notifications, and reminders throughout your customer journey with Twilio. With cloud-scale APIs, you can reach customers in over 180 countries. Two-way SMS messages help you to provide immediate customer service.

Ontraport Integrations

Webinar Integrations 

Webinars are an easy way to build rapport with your customers, attract new customers, and advertise your brand. Live or recorded webinars increase sales as you can target your customers with relevant content. 

Once you’ve written your script, you’ll need to advertise your webinar, and that’s where Ontraport can help.

With Ontraport’s third-party webinar integrations, you can save time and money. Through these platforms, new contacts registering go into your Ontraport database. Registrants will receive email notifications containing a link to the webinar.  They’ll also receive automated reminders and follow-up messages you set up in your Ontraport account.


EasyWebinar offers a full webinar service with live HD quality with no delay, and you can screen share with up to four people.  You can choose between live or automated webinars.  You can also send email reminders from your autoresponder before and after the event.


Create a pre-recorded, high-quality video and audio webinar.  EverWebinar is for screen-sharing tutorials and PowerPoint presentations.  Users have the option to schedule webinars or offer customers on-demand webinars – where customers will find a webinar that’s just about to start. Your visitors can either watch a replay straightaway or join in an ongoing session.


With the GoToWebinar integration, you can host large-scale webinars. You can share anything on your screen and pass presenter controls to a co-host. Your audience can interact via polls, surveys, live Q&A, and more. When your webinar is over, you will receive detailed reports on your attendees. And you can share your recording.


StealthSeminar enables users to pre-record webinars.  Sign-up and registration templates help to drive leads to your webinars. It also offers templates, graphics, and slides for Google and PowerPoint presentations. You can track and segment attendees based on whether they attended and how long they stayed.  You can then deliver specific messages to attendees.


You can reach up to 5,000 people in one webinar using cloud-based WebinarJam. You can have up to six presenters, and you can broadcast on any device.  You can also secure your content with password-protected rooms for corporate meetings or members’ only webinars. Chat comments post as your webinar streams, and you can promote using pop-up calls-to-action.


Yondo allows you to host webinars, sell videos, and have live online consultations on your website. Yondo offers templates for everything, and you can create a custom template if you prefer. You can choose to start your webinar right away or schedule it for a later date. 


Ontraport integrates with the famous and easy-to-use Zoom platform. You can use Ontraport Smart Forms to register Zoom webinars’ contacts and send follow-ups from Ontraport using a webhook. You can connect from desktops, conference rooms, and mobile devices.

Ontraport Integrations

Reporting Integrations 

Tracking and reporting integrations are useful to businesses as they can pop up relevant offers to visitors who haven’t converted on your landing page at a time you decide, for example, as they’re leaving.  You can set the rules as to when you want the page to appear. This automation can help increase your sales. They also send automatic follow-up emails to your new customers, which helps to grow your email list.

Ontraport has tracking and reporting tools built into its system, and it offers integrations with other systems, so its users have choices. All data goes automatically into your CRM or marketing automation tool.  


Ontraport integrates with the tracking tool, Picreel. You can use Picreel’s design templates or create your own offers to display to your visitors, and you can decide when you want the recommendations to pop up. You can assign multiple campaigns and tags so you can see in your Ontraport account which lead came from which campaign.


SegMetrics, a reporting tool, connects directly with your CRM for accurate revenue and lead reporting. It promises actionable insights into your data within minutes. Filtering reports allow you to segment what’s working and what isn’t working.


TruConversion integrates with Ontraport as a reporting tool, adding the email address it receives into Ontraport email lists.  TruConversion offers feedback and analytics features for both your website and mobile visitors. You can also view recordings of individual browsing actions to see where visitors clicked and why you might be losing them as customers.

Wicked Reports


Simply add Wicked Reports’ code to every landing page, website page, order forms, and opt-in forms so you can receive its reports. These reports ensure that you can track and measure your marketing and advertising performance.

Vital Stats

Vital Stats developed a data source creator tool for Ontraport users, which allows for any object or field assessed to create large data sources and used in their reports. Its dashboard gives detailed insights into your subscriptions over time, the value of MRR (monthly recurring revenue), percentage of growth, retention rate, and more.

Ontraport Integrations

Accounting & Bookkeeping Integrations 

Accounting and bookkeeping platforms help simplify your accounting systems by automating financial functions and transactions. In your business, you will use the app you choose daily to check on money coming in and going out.

These integrations with Ontraport will allow you to create online invoices and record all payments made and received. The real-time reports you receive will help you to analyze all the financial aspects of your business. And you can sync contacts and add new customers from Ontraport’s pages.

With automated bank feeds and payment reminders, these apps have plenty of time-saving features and reduce data entry errors.

All of them are mobile-friendly so that you can keep up to date at any time, anywhere.

QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop is a platform that’s downloaded and installed onto your desktop computer.  

With built-in automation and many features, QuickBooks is a popular accounting system for small and large businesses. You can track income and expenses, all automatically sorted, and manage receipts with the mobile app.  

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is cloud-based and a subscription service. It’s suitable for small and large businesses, and you can work from any device.

You can customize tags on transactions such as promotions and marketing channels, customize invoices, and zoom in on reports. You can track miles with your smartphone’s GPS, categorizing personal and business trips.


Xero is online accounting software, which you can log in to with your PC, Mac, or mobile. It automatically imports your bank statements.  You can invoice, pay bills, and get reports.

XOSync integrates contacts and sales from Ontraport to Xero.  In your CRM, you will see your customers and which ones owe you money. Connecting Ontraport to Xero allows you to create paid invoices automatically, ready for reconciliation.

Ontraport Integrations

API Helpers Integrations 

When you need to install tools that are only available outside Ontraport, you’ll need API helpers.

API helpers enable non-developers to build integrations easily and quickly, without code.

You can collect and store records of interactions in one location with data pulled from form submissions, email campaigns, videos, support tickets, and more. There’s no need for manual importing and exporting, and no more inaccurate or missing data. Automation can take control of the tedious tasks, saving you both time and money.

Each API helper gives step-by-step guides to connecting to your Ontraport system and offers support if you need it.


Apiant is a versatile integration platform that automates your workflow.  Integration templates already include one or more integrations.  They’re fully built and pre-configured with conditional logic. Templates also include filters, data transforms, look-up tables, pre-mapped fields, bi-directional syncing with the apps you connect. Simply install the template, turn it on, and integrate your apps.


You can connect your e-commerce, affiliate, and other apps to your Ontraport account with Fuzed. It works with Shopify, GoToWebinar, Freshdesk, and Wistia, and it pulls data from your email campaigns, videos, appointments, and more.


PieSync helps connect your cloud-based apps with Ontraport and shares data between marketing, CRM, invoicing, and e-commerce apps. For example, when custom attributes update in Ontraport, they could match with contacts in Google Contacts.


PlusThis add-on tool will help enhance campaigns.  Tools include Facebook Audience triggers, sending SMS messages, video triggers, and many more.  All these additional functions to your Ontraport platform should help your sales grow and save time.

Formstack Documents

Formerly WebMerge, Formstack Documents generates PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, etc. sending contracts and agreements to contacts in your Ontraport account. You can also set it to send welcome letters to contacts in Ontraport. Data is automatically sent from Formstack form submissions to populate your documents.


Zapier allows you to connect Ontraport with thousands of apps. Amongst many other actions, Zapier will track your phone and in-person meetings and create Ontraport contacts with bookings taken in your scheduling tools. It also supports chain commands – combining apps in one action. 


This tool connects Ontraport with Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads.  It also connects with hundreds of CRMs, email and SMS marketing software, call centers, and many more apps.

You can take various actions; for example, you can sync Facebook Custom Audiences contacts from tags at Ontraport and update ActiveCampaign contact in tags with Ontraport.

Ontraport Integrations

Appointments & Calendars Integrations 

Appointments and calendars integrations allow customers to make appointments with you without sending emails.  Easily embed the appointments and calendar tools links on your Ontraport pages. You can share all calendars, and they are customizable.

Your CRM in Ontraport is automatically updated as you schedule meetings, and your bookings go into your Ontraport account as contacts. Automatic reminders are sent to your customers before the meeting, reducing no-shows. 

Your customers can print off the schedules if they want.  It’s much easier for customers to make appointments by phoning or emailing you. It’s also easier to keep track of these appointments, and the software allows for easy rescheduling.

Acuity Scheduling

Offering a customized scheduling page, your customers can see your real-time availability and schedule appointments with you. And you can control your availability by showing the calendar you want them to see. You can organize client information when they book, so everything is in one place. 


Clients can choose from time slots you created with Calendly to make appointments with you, and then the meetings get automatically added to all of your calendars.  It also works with your team or department, pulling the availability of multiple people.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar allows users to create and edit meetings and events. Designed especially for teams, you can create multiple calendars.  You can import your other calendars to your Google Calendar, such as your personal calendar, so everything integrates. And you can add attachments to your calendar.


With ScheduleOnce, you can embed booking pages directly onto your Ontraport pages and create call-to-action scheduling buttons throughout your site.  Your email address and telephone number are also displayed.  Your customers have a direct way of connecting with you or your team, and the call-to-action offers the opportunity to capture more leads.


TimeTrade offers intelligent appointment scheduling by matching your customers with the right people in your team, combining artificial intelligence and automation to find customer behavior patterns on your site. TimeTrade knows when your staff is available, their skills, and their locations. Data capture provides reporting and analytics, helping you to manage and optimize performance.

Ontraport Integrations

Forms Integrations

Forms automation software helps you to cut down on time spent on paperwork.  It also records, tracks, and stores the data you need.

All the form platforms that Ontraport integrates with can capture and manage leads growing your email list. When a visitor fills out your form, all the information given will automatically appear in your Ontraport account based on your settings. You just select the sequences and tags that your promotion needs integrating with, and the app does the rest.

Ontraport already offers built-in forms and smart forms, but if you need to build different forms, you can use any form tools with which Ontraport integrates.


Typeform, integrating via Zapier, is a form and survey builder with other versatile features.  It anticipates questions as you start typing, so it’s easy and fun to use. It’s got plenty of design options and advanced features.  You can build quizzes using many templates, including geography, maths, and trivia.


With this integration, you can choose from many pre-designed templates or customize your opt-in forms. You can customize the edges and borders and add images and display them where you want on your form. And, as well as field and text options, unlimited colors are available.


ConvertPlus is a WordPress popup plugin that users can easily integrate with Ontraport.  You can add multiple fields to your forms and sync them with Ontraport’s Custom Fields. ConvertPlus offers various display positions, such as slide-in popups, info bars, and a widget box.

Convert Pro

Convert Pro comes with a vast library of high-converting form templates. Create your call-to-action and store all the leads you capture in Ontraport. The data syncs to your contact and e-commerce systems.


Fully customizable with advanced styling options, you can choose from thousands of templates.  You can build advanced forms and encrypt user data. And you can receive online payments as part of JotForm’s many features.


As well as pop-ups and lead generation forms, you can push notifications with this integration. You can make fields required or hidden, change field labels, and add more fields to your forms. You can choose from templates and add animation options. You can create mobile-specific promotions and A/B test your content.

Plugmatter Optin Feature Box

Plugmatter’s Optin Feature Box offers users the opportunity to display featured content on your page. Users can combine text and images that can be easily customized.  You can create mini-feature boxes and display them everywhere on your site.  To more engage and entertain your customers, you can add videos to your feature box.


OptinMonster offers high-performing templates and an A/B testing feature. An exit-intent feature tries to recover visitors leaving a site.  You can add a phone number so you can capture numbers as well as names and email addresses. Users can choose from single opt-in or double opt-ins.


With an HTML opt-in code, you can create pop-ups and opt-ins with thank-you pages, give the form a name, and edit the fields.  You can paste the code into PopupAlly on your WordPress site. Fully customizable, you can decide where you want the pop-ups and opt-ins to appear on your pages.

Thrive Leaves

By adding a Lead Generation element, Thrive Leads supports Ontraport’s marketing automation system for your WordPress website. Thrive Leads offers pop-ups and opt-in forms and the ability to split test them.


You can set up forms for contact details, surveys, and event registrations with Wufoo forms using Zapier, the integrator tool. Customize ready-to-go themes by adding your logo and other brand elements.  Other features include setting rules to personalize your visitors’ form-filling experience and accepting payments.


You can connect with MiloTree to get more email subscribers and social media followers with smart pop-ups.  Your visitors will see a different pop-up every time they go to your pages. As well as being mobile and Google-friendly, you can customize your pop-ups. MiloTree promises set-up in under two minutes.

Ontraport Integrations

Help Desk Integrations 

Help desks provide an easy way for businesses to handle customer support by organizing and responding to customer communications.

Integrating with Ontraport’s CRM solution ensures efficiency, so solving issues quickly. Automation and tagging, reports, live chat, and chatbots all help to keep the process smooth.  

Assigning tickets and emails also saves confusion about who should be replying to the customer.  Filtering tickets and emails sort priority, and filtering reports help you glean better insights into your data.

Tickets and emails are promptly created from customers’ requests from multiple channels such as phone, email, and social media sites so you can deal with queries quickly.


Freshdesk offers a customizable ticketing system allowing users to prioritize, categorize, and assign each ticket automatically.  They are all centralized, and routine support tasks are automated, reducing your workload. As well as tickets, Freshdesk offers live chat and chatbots.

Help Scout

You can save custom views of your reports so you can access them quickly, as well as creating and publishing answers to questions with a knowledge base. This centralized database consists of FAQs, guides, and video demonstrations.  And customers can rate and comment on your service in all your outgoing emails.


Zendesk includes a knowledge base, and an Answer Bot suggests articles for customers to read to resolve issues faster and saves agents’ time.

Cloud-based Zendesk Talk allows you to take or make calls with customers. Zendesk Gather is a community forum for customers to swap their knowledge of your product or service, helping each other.  

Ontraport Integrations

Landing Page Integrations 

Landing pages are standalone pages that focus the attention of targeted traffic on your product or service. Great landing pages benefit your business by converting leads into paying customers and encourage visitors to leave information about themselves.

Ontraport has a drag-and-drop landing page builder, which you can use to create responsive and mobile-friendly pages.

Integrating with other landing page tools gives Ontraport users more choice – more templates to choose from, A/B testing options, and other features.

Beaver Builder

You can build WordPress landing pages when you connect Ontraport with Beaver Builder.  Its easy-to-use drag and drop builder gives you control in creating your pages.  You can choose from dozens of page templates and easily place text and images on them. It works with any theme, and you can change themes without losing your content.


Leadpages is a popular landing page tool for small businesses. Integrate your Ontraport account with Leadpages to send leads to Ontraport’s Smart Forms and Sequences. You can create landing pages with opt-in forms. You can choose from over 200 templates and carry out A/B split tests on each page.

Ontraport Integrations

Mail & Fulfillment Integrations 

Ontraport’s integrations include the sending of handwritten letters and cards within your campaigns.  Delight your customers by sending personalized handwritten communications, creating goodwill with them.

The apps are easy to set up, and the presentation looks great. You can nurture existing clients or impress new ones with triggers you set up.

An e-commerce fulfillment company that also publishes any product needed for your business is an asset to online stores, allowing you to integrate all your printing and logistical needs with the one company.


Acutrack provides book printing and global fulfillment services, delivering your books directly to your customers. You just upload your content, work with Acutrack on the design and layout, then Acutrack prints your book, downloads your orders, and ships to your customers. It also loads your digital content to a USB flash drive or DVD and ships it out.


Using Lob, you can send personalized postcards, letters, and checks to your customers. You can set triggers directly from your CRM.  With automated production, postage, tracking, and analytics, communication won’t just be more accurate; you can also save a lot of time and reduce postage costs.


For a more personal touch, you can send handwritten letters to your customers. MailLift ships the letters from your location, so each letter sent displays your local postmark.  The letters are written by real people and sent first class by USPS. 


Thankster creates and sends cards that look authentically handwritten automatically. You can select from templates or design your own. Using merge fields to personalize your messages, you can send the same message to many people or send unique messages to each customer. All the customers’ data comes from Ontraport. Thankster prints, stamps, and mails your cards.

Ontraport Integrations

Membership & Learning Platform Integrations 

Functions such as membership sites and learning management systems (LMS) are readily available to integrate with Ontraport.

An LMS manages the creation, distribution, and assessment of training courses.  With these tools, you can host lessons, worksheets, quizzes, tests, and more. Remote learners, whether they’re individuals or staff within your organization needing training, can benefit from easily accessible courses. Suitable for large and small businesses, as well as freelancers, you can store, track, and update your content.

Creating a membership site is a way to receive continuous revenue. You can offer single pieces of content as well as online courses. Membership platforms offer management and selling tools, too.


This membership site integration allows WordPress users to create, promote, and sell dripped course content. It includes built-in course automation, gamification, affiliate marketing, and subscription administration. You can create new members with either Ontraport or AccessAlly’s forms and automatically create Ontraport’s tags, simplifying the process.


This WordPress plug-in will connect Ontraport to your WordPress site using shortcodes so you can create a membership site.  All data from WordPress appears in your Ontraport account. You can create sign-up forms, bring subscribers into your contacts, and show or hide pages based on the members’ level. Note: WordPress has not yet tested this plug-in on the three newest WordPress releases, so ongoing support remains has yet to receive confirmation.


You can create a learning management system with LearnDash, WordPress, and Ontraport using WP Fusion, Zapier, or PilotPress. WP Fusion supports communication going to and from LearnDash, and Zapier supports a one-way communication between LearnDash and Ontraport. PilotPress doesn’t connect with LearnDash, but you can sell membership levels through Ontraport and then protect the LearnDash created content.


With WP Fusion, you can integrate Ontraport with the WordPress plug-in LifterLMS.  Then you will be able to create, sell, and protect online courses and create membership sites. LifterLMS features gamification, quizzes, assignments, and an online community.


When you integrate your Ontraport account with MemberVault, you can build online courses and membership sites. MemberVault’s gamification, automatic lead tracking, and tagging, and affiliate tracking promise to increase your sales.  You’ll also get a leaderboard to post social proof and inspire students in their progress. And a marketplace where you can showcase and sell all your products.


Users can integrate their WordPress site with Sensei using WP Fusion to create courses and lessons.  You can categorize courses, and Sensei’s LMS has an extensive quiz feature, including multiple-choice, true/false, and gap fill. You can assign teachers and can manually grade lessons.

Summit Evergreen

You can build membership platforms to showcase your products and create online courses with this integration. You can segment and tag contacts within your Ontraport account. Setting up a schedule means you can lock content, and your users will not be able to access it until it’s unlocked.

WishList Member

WishList Member is a membership plug-in for WordPress. You can turn any WordPress site you own into a membership site. You can launch your online community with member-only content or allow members to receive access to everything. You can create snippets of content to show non-members browsing your site and invite them to join.

WP Courseware

Anyone with a WordPress site can add this plug-in to create courses.  WP Courseware provides powerful quiz functionality. Quiz types include True or False, multiple-choice, essay style, or fill-in-the-blanks questions, and you can display random questions from the question bank. You can either automatically or manually grade all quizzes. 

WP Fusion

Integrate WP Fusion to connect your WordPress site to Ontraport. You can connect your membership site and LMS and track purchases and subscriptions. You can trigger events, recover abandoned carts, and control access to content.

Zippy Courses

You can sell different versions of your course at different prices with access tiers. You can sell your courses as evergreen courses, or you can open and close enrollment.  You can create unlimited courses and drip content.  This integration works with WordPress and any other website service you use.

Ontraport Integrations

E-Commerce Integrations 

Shopping cart platforms allow you to sell products, services, and digital goods from your landing pages.

Integrations with e-commerce tools offer robust shopping cart features, including inventory management, fulfillment, and back-orders.  Ontraport logs and tracks purchases so you can run automation based on them.  Being responsible for shipping your products to your customers allows you to focus on product development and marketing.

Some platforms also provide the opportunity for affiliates to promote your products and services.

Payment options play a vital role in your e-commerce store, and so you need to be aware of the different types of payments you can accept in your store.


1ShoppingCart features membership and downsell/upsell features to handle all memberships, subscriptions, and recurring billing.  Users can create discount codes and personalized sales options. Although you can choose whatever payment processor you like, 1ShoppingCart prefers credit and debit card payments via EVO Payments with whom it partners.


When you integrate ClickBank with your Ontraport system, ClickBank will promote and sell your goods, and affiliates earn a commission. ClickBank can help you sell worldwide and re-market to your customers so you can generate return customers. ClickBank offers direct deposit, wire, and checks as payment methods for clients to receive their funds.


Among its features, UltraCart offers detailed descriptions of your products and customer profiles. Profiles include allowing your customers to view their past purchases and write reviews on the items they received. Affiliate marketing enables others to promote your brand. Your customers can pay using credit cards, direct debit, and PayPal.  And UltraCart can support up to 12 currencies.


AffiliCon is a networking platform for vendors and affiliates. Here you can showcase your products and process purchases. Affiliates using the platform can then promote these on your behalf. Order confirmations are sent to you automatically by email by AffiliCon, and you can track and manage all payments.

Easy Digital Downloads

You can sell your digital downloads with this integration. Your customers can download their purchases endlessly, and you can set the file download limit and download link expiration.  With a customer account page, your logged-in users can view their complete purchase history. Easy Digital Downloads accepts many different payment methods from your customers, including PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, and checks.


iDevAffiliate is an affiliate tracking software program.  You can edit your program settings, approve commissions, pay affiliates, and view statistics while your affiliates can sign up, receive marketing information, and view their statistics within the iDevAffiliate dashboard. You can design your payout structure, including percentage and flat-rate payouts, pay-per-click, and pay-per-lead.


PayKickstart is a shopping cart and affiliate managing platform. Users can add and segment leads and customers to Ontraport lists and tags.  Tags will automatically attach during purchase, cancellation refund, and cart abandonment.  There’s also an Affiliate Management feature. PayKickstart supports payment by PayPal, credit cards, checks, draft checks, electronic checkout, purchase order, COD, Wire Transfer, Saftpay, and Amazon Payments.


SamCart showcases your product with pre-designed templates, which you can fully customize.  You can set up subscription or donation payment options and allow customers to make multiple payments.  Features include upsells, add-ons, abandoned cart recovery, and A/B testing. SamCart offers your customers payment options with credit cards, PayPal, Apple, and Google Pay.


You can use the well-known Shopify app to sell, market, and manage your orders. You can sell online, on social media, or at a physical retail location. Trusted by over one million users, Shopify handles all your marketing, payments, checkouts, and shipping. Customers can pay using all major credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and multiple currencies.


Integrating with the open-source, fully-customizable platform, WooCommerce means you can sell and accept subscriptions online.  You can add the plug-in to any WordPress site and open your store easily and quickly. WooCommerce provides your customers with many payment options, including PayPal, Stripe, all major credit and debit cards, and cash on delivery.


Users can create high-converting cart pages, sales funnels, and affiliate campaigns with ThriveCart.  Your customers can pay with Stripe, Apple Pay, Authorize Net, and PayPal.  You’ll be able to offer different payment types such as subscription, or a one-time fee, and even pay-your-own-price, as well as various payment plans.

Ontraport Integrations

Signatures Integrations 

Electronic signatures provide the same legal standing as handwritten signatures. They’re also efficient as they naturally speed up transactions, and they are cost-effective. You can use e-signatures for contracts in hiring remote candidates, closing sales deals, and legal digital documents.

You can prepare Agreements with just a few clicks, customize or edit them to your customers’ needs, and send and track them. It’s possible to sign them anywhere and at any time, in multiple languages.


DocuSign, a cloud-based solution, allows the automation of preparing, signing, acting on, and managing agreements you need for your business.  You can collect payments, update systems, and trigger processes, saving you time and money. From the dashboard, users can see the status of the document and send reminders.

Ontraport Integrations

Social Media Integrations 

Ontraport integrates with several social media tools expanding your marketing areas. You can define your target market with adverts promoting and exposing your brand. In any business, reviews on social media sites are essential to bringing in more customers.

Giving away prizes to customers may sound expensive, but it could boost your profits if it’s part of your marketing budget.  If a visitor is willing to enter a contest, they may also be interested in receiving a regular newsletter from you or following you on Facebook.  It’s also a great word-of-mouth marketing tactic as visitors can encourage others to visit your site.

Facebook Custom Audiences

By creating a Facebook Manager Account, you can set up Facebook Custom Audiences, finding your existing audience on Facebook. After that, you can target ads to your Facebook audience, Instagram, and Audience Network. You can use Ontraport to add or remove contacts to Facebook Custom Audiences.

Facebook Connect Button

Place a Facebook login button on your Ontraport page for users to easily log into your website. This way, you broaden your reach and can target visitors effectively.  You will receive more information about them and know that the data is more reliable than form submissions.

Facebook Lead Ads

People simply tap your ads, and your form pops up. The forms are more easily sent to you as the fields are already pre-populated with their Facebook contact information. This pre-population of data is much more accessible for people using mobile phones, where form-filling is harder.  These leads then sync with your Ontraport CRM.


With this integration, you can easily create sweepstakes, contests, and campaigns and publish anywhere on the web.  You can run a sweepstake with a sign-up form, set up a downloadable e-book or content download landing page, and host a contest. Users receive a variety of optimized templates.  Form submissions data is all managed through Ontraport.


Integrating with this viral social media platform allows users to create sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways. Capture email addresses when people enter the contests and send emails automatically when leads arrive on your landing pages. You can also incentivize people to share, follow, and refer their friends.


LeadSync sends instant notifications of Facebook leads to CRMs and email marketing platforms. If you’d like to get your Facebook leads and data into your Ontraport system, you can synchronize them with LeadSync. Your autoresponder will quickly send out relevant emails to the prospects.

Ontraport Integrations

Video Integrations 

Raise your customer service level and impress your customers by sending them personal videos. 

You can also host ad-free and customizable videos on your Ontraport pages. You can autoplay your videos to keep your customers continually engaged. 

Videos stand out on your landing pages as you can create them to suit your style, and the benefits are numerous. Not only do they engage your visitors, but they also deliver your message quickly and strengthen the bond between your team and your visitors.  If you change your videos regularly, your visitors may return, especially to view them.

With both integrations, you can also grow your email list and create custom workflows.


The Bonjoro and Ontraport integration mean you can send personalized welcome and

thank-you videos to your customers. You can select specific triggers, such as when a new contact in Ontraport appears in your Bonjoro tasklist for you to record a video message.  Message templates save you time, and you’ll receive a detailed delivery history of all your videos.


Create TV-quality videos with Wistia and host them on Ontraport. Advanced video analytics are also available. You can automatically send notifications when you publish new videos to keep your customers informed. Adjusting colors, editing, and auto-playing the next one are options you can make to ensure your video truly represents your brand and encourages your visitors to stay.

Ontraport Integrations


Ontraport is a complete system offering its users an advanced CRM, robust email and marketing tools, and more.  And customization of landing pages, forms, and emails rank high with the Ontraport team.

Offering alternative tools for you to integrate into its system is advantageous to its users.  With them, you should improve and enhance the capabilities and organization of your business and your team. 

You can choose from many apps you may already be familiar with or would like to try. 

And the best part is you don’t need to be technically minded – Ontraport takes you through all the steps you need to add any integration logically.

As well as the awe-inspiring collection of integrations, Ontraport’s open API enables developers to build custom integrations, pushing the limits of its software. 

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