Ontraport Landing Pages

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Our team of experts spent a considerable amount of time researching Ontraport’s landing page features and standout examples of landing pages that use them.

We found many inspiring examples of landing pages created with Ontraport and studied a few of them to show you how you, too, can make outstanding pages.

Our researchers delved into the features so you can see how easy it is to build landing pages without graphic designers or web developers.

Ontraport Landing Pages

Ontraport Landing Page Examples

Creating landing pages has never been easier. We looked at three of Ontraport’s landing page examples to show you how they work for entirely different businesses. 

We give a short description of the pages and hope you’ll feel inspired to start creating your landing pages.

Don’t Waste the Crumbs

This blog site gives lots of free tips on saving money on bills, meal planning on a budget, gardening, and recipes – all obtained directly from the site.  

As well as an email capture form pop-up appearing when you land on the page, another form appears directly on the header image.

Free resources include a free minicourse that users can enroll for and a downloadable free book, as well as free guides. 

Beautiful images are showcased excellently on the landing page, and visitors can save images to their Pinterest site.

The page ends with social media sharing buttons. The site is easy to navigate, making the visitor experience a smooth one.

Hillsong Leadership Network

This online course offers training on preaching in churches.  The syllabus is nine hours long and consists of 53 videos.

At the top of the page, icons with headings indicate the resources available, and the call-to-actions light up when you hover over them. The Learn More button takes visitors to a form page with a ReCaptcha feature.

Using Ontraport’s image editing, the team has chosen to overlay pictures throughout the site.

The site offers payment plans or one-off payments, and Thinkific powers the online course. There’s also the option to download videos instead of watching them online. 

The page showcases webinars hosted by the network with images that bring visitors to a video page when clicked. Only members can download the webinars.


John and Kimberly Gallagher show users how to create herbal remedies through books, PDFs, and courses.

A video plays at the top of the page, and John and Kimberly have embedded calls-to-action in the header video.

A Watch the Video button introduces the owners and gives viewers information on how they got the idea.

Other call-to-action buttons bring up an email capture pop-up form. Sticky blocks showing relatable images and text create a stunning effect.

Making stellar use of the image editor, three tabs across the page show separate text in the same place when clicked.

Ontraport Landing Pages

Ontraport Landing Pages Overview

Ontraport is a result-oriented platform for creating landing pages quickly and efficiently. Here we focus on its ease of use, marketing, form building, and membership sites.

Every element is customizable, so users can create a page that explicitly defines their business. Your pages will look great on desktops, tablets, and phones, and you can also specially design your pages just for mobile use.

Ontraport’s Global Blocks allow you to repeat content such as your business contact details across several landing pages.  When you need to edit, you only have to do it once, and you can then make the changes everywhere.

You can host your high-converting pages on Ontraport’s free domains, your custom domain, or your WordPress site.

Ease of Use

Ontraport’s landing page creator is very intuitive to use with its “drag and drop” feature.  This page creator saves you the hassle of hiring graphic designers and web developers and allows you to design a useful landing page by yourself easily.

The landing page builder also has a split testing option.  Within minutes you can create up to four versions of a page, changing elements like call-to-action buttons or images. Once published, Ontraport will distribute the different versions to your visitors automatically.

Adding blocks and then elements into the blocks can make page creation much easier to manage. Users can then see clearly how the finished part will look.

Each block dragged is easily customizable, and a cool feature is Ontraport’s Sticky Block. This block could have the text, and an image, with the image staying on-screen while the visitor scrolls.  

You can also add shadow to your blocks to “lift” them and even drop a shadow that seems to hover when visitors scroll.

Ontraport Landing Pages

Personalization Opportunities

Personalization means using the data collected from visitors’ behavior on your page to send them offers that are custom-made for them.  Customers appreciate receiving offers and other experiences that are relevant to them.

Ontraport’s CRM system, tracking tools, and landing pages are all synced together, creating the opportunity to personalize your landing pages. Ontraport collects information about your customers, and you can use the information to create a Conditional Block. You can decide to whom you display it.  

With Ontraport’s features, you can also upsell products based on your customers’ past purchases and offer special discounts. You could show specific information about an event or sale to members who arrive on your page to log in. 

Using lead source, you can send welcome messages or promotions to users who come from other sources such as your Twitter ads. 

Ontraport’s Referral Program feature means you can send a Refer a Friend offer. 

You can target specific customers in specific locations when you have events in their area and even offer location-specific information or promotions.

Ontraport Landing Pages

Visitor & Lead Tracking

Ontraport automatically tracks all performances made by its created landing pages through a built-in analytics tool. You can find out which landing page visitors went to, which ads they clicked, and which emails they opened.


UTM references the Urchin Tracking Module, web analytic software from Google. By adding a simple code to the end of your URLs, you can track your customer’s actions on your page. With this UTM link, users can also follow the performance of their advertising campaigns. Ontraport can auto-generate UTM links, or you can take a more direct hand in their formatting, depending on your needs.

Ontraport Tracking Script

With the Ontraport Tracking Script, you see which pages traffic reached. It installs automatically, and you can also track non-Ontraport pages with a snippet of code.

Tracking Filters

You can use filters across multiple platforms, and the statistics will automatically update.


The Campaign Builder’s Performance Mode feature displays the data for each part of your campaign map so you can track results. It also allows you to keep track of developments in real-time. 


See your email performance and track link clicks.  You can also split test multiple versions.

Landing Pages

View your landing pages’ performance. For example, you can see the number of visitors or the percentage of visitors who pressed your call-to-action buttons.

Sales Reports and E-commerce

Keep track of your sales performance with reports. And you can integrate with Google Analytics collecting and analyzing statistics.

Measure Results 

Set up a metrics dashboard where you can see the results of all your measurable data. 

Track Partners

The Ontraport Partner Program tracks referred customers as well as identifying the customer who referred them.

Ontraport Landing Pages

Built-In Membership Sites

A membership site enables customers to subscribe to exclusive content.

The option of creating, launching, and managing a membership site is available with your Ontraport account.  Ontraport’s membership sites are highly customizable, allowing you to use and edit a template or build your own design.

And you can integrate your WordPress site with Ontraport so you can manage it through your Ontraport site. 

Using your contact data, you can set up tiers which restrict access to blocks and pages to some of your members. You can drip access to content or give immediate access. All this means you can deliver the right messages to the appropriate member based on their visits, ads seen, and what they purchased.  

You can offer payment plans, subscriptions, or a one-time fee to suit your members. 

Subscription billing is automatic, which includes follow-up with declined cards or when users cancel a subscription. Your members can also update their credit card information and view their payment history at the Customer Center.

Ontraport Landing Pages

Powerful Form Builders

Forms are a critical feature of marketing and sales campaigns as they capture leads and customer information.

Ontraport offers lots of flexibility to create various types of forms on your landing page. You can build almost any kind of web form you like, with as many fields as you want, and you can connect it to a payment gateway.  The information captured is immediately automatically transferred to your database.

Ontraport’s forms come in all shapes and sizes, and you can decide when they pop up, whether they cover the entire page, float in a corner, or hover.   

You can set forms to pop up when a visitor clicks a specific button, when they arrive on your page, as they scroll, or as they leave. And you can time an order form to pop up while a visitor is watching your promo video.

Ontraport’s forms automatically track UTM variables, Google Analytics IDs, and referrers.

Ontraport automatically tracks every filled form and adds the data to your visitor’s contact record. 

And you can easily embed Ontraport forms on your WordPress site with the same tracking and automation powers.

Ontraport Landing Pages

How to Create an Ontraport Landing Page?

It’s easy and great fun, creating landing pages in Ontraport. You can drag and drop elements such as text, buttons, and form fields from the left-hand side toolbar and resize and move them around only by clicking and dragging.

Here are the steps to building a page:

  1. On Pages, click the New Landing Page button.
  2. Choose a template or create your page by clicking on Start from Scratch.
  3. Add ready-made blocks or create your block. 
  4. Drag and drop elements from the toolbar, i.e., buttons, 
  5. Within a Block or Column, you can set background, spacing, and borders.
  6. The Settings tab is where, for example, a button links to once it’s clicked, and you can edit the text on the button here, too.
  7. Use the Position tab to adjust padding, margins, alignment, and sizing.
  8. On the “Style” tab, select from preset designs. You can also edit here. 
  9. Add a Submit button and adjust your thank-you page.
  10. Add credit card buttons and payment gateways.
  11. Enter URL, select domain, and then Save & Publish.
Ontraport Landing Pages

Bottom Line

Marketers design Ontraport’s system for other marketers.  That means the team truly understands your needs in creating your landing pages. All the features can seem overwhelming at first, but Ontraport provides plenty of support. 

Creating your landing page to match your brand is easy and fun using Ontraport’s system. Its form builder is one of the best, and if you don’t want to add too many fields to a form, you can set up and send multi-step web forms, gaining information a bit at a time.

Once completed, a lot can happen on a landing page – items purchased, courses signed up for, contact details given – the list is endless. Ontraport provides all the advanced tools you need to set tracking for analytics and analytic reporting so that you can make the most out of your page.

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