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We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Our team of experts spent countless hours scouring the internet for the best Podia deals. You may have seen numerous sites offering a range of different coupons and discounts, but we can confirm that these are phony. 

We can assure you that there is only one Podia discount available, and it’s a very generous one. This article details the Podia annual payment discount, evaluates the savings you will make, and takes you through the steps to receive it.

Podia Discounts

2-Month Podia Discount

The 2-month Podia discount is available to new users who pay for either of the pricing plans annually.

Current Podia users who pay monthly can switch to annual payments at any time to take advantage of this offer.

This discount is an excellent opportunity to save. We suggest that you register with Podia now if you want to benefit from two free months.

Podia’s Mover plan is $39.00 per month, which is $468.00 per annum. If you choose annual billing, you will pay $390.00 per year, saving $78.00.  This cost reduction means the monthly rate works out to $32.50.

The Shaker plan is $79.00 a month, meaning that you would pay $948.00 per annum.  Switching to annual billing lowers the yearly payment to $790.00.  This savings works out to $158.00 per year, yielding a monthly rate of $65.84.

How to Get a Podia Discount

At the moment, the only Podia discount available is the annual payment discount. 

You can try the Podia system free for two weeks with its 14-day free trial and then apply for a paid plan. When you opt to pay annually, you will receive a 2-month discount.

If you want to stay apprised of Podia’s new deals, you should bookmark this article. We will update this page when Podia releases further discounts.

You can apply for this offer by following the steps below:

  1. Take advantage of this fantastic deal here.
  2. Register for a free trial first. (You won’t need a credit card to register.)
  3. After the free trial period ends, select your plan. Make sure you choose annual billing to receive the discount.

Is There a Podia Coupon?

After extensive research, we discovered that even though many sites offer Podia discount codes and coupons, most of these are fake.  

We know for sure that Podia has one available discount, which is a 2-month annual pricing discount.  You will receive two months free when you choose to pay either of the Podia pricing plans annually. 

You can secure this deal after first taking advantage of the 14-day free trial.  When the trial period is up, you can apply for one of Podia’s plans and get the 2-month discount if you decide to pay annually.


Be aware that many online sites are offering phony Podia deals, but Podia is genuinely offering one very generous discount.

We’ve shown you how to obtain Podia’s 2-month annual discount by first applying for the 14-day free trial.  This trial includes unlimited access to all the features Podia offers, making it a fantastic opportunity to try out the platform.

When you subscribe to either of Podia’s plans and pay the full year’s fee, you will receive an amazing 16.7% discount.

Here’s another incentive – you’ll also receive the free migration feature if you choose to pay annually. 

We hope you find our in-depth guide helpful when signing up for a Podia plan. We believe you should seriously consider taking advantage of this special discount. 

Together, the free trial and 2-month discount make Podia an extremely cost-effective platform for users who are just getting started.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can stay informed of new deals when they become available.

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