17 Best Podia Course Examples

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Podia is a versatile platform for creating, hosting, and delivering online courses, making it suitable for all e-learning providers.

To help you understand the platform’s capabilities, features, and tools, we’ve curated a list of 17 Podia course examples for you to review.

We hand-picked this list of 17 and have ordered them with the best ones at the top. We have judged these sites based on the course features they’ve used and the content they’ve produced.

Key Takeaways:

  • Podia has a powerful course builder tool
  • The platform’s course tools include video hosting, quizzes, and completion certificates
  • All paid Podia subscriptions can create unlimited courses

1. Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal is a doctor and YouTube creator discussing and documenting his medical experience.

To help prospective students with their medical school applications and tests, he has a series of courses created, hosted, and sold on his Podia site.

This is a great example of how a creator can monetize their audience by packaging their skills to help their audience.

2. Adventurous Coaching

Adventurous Coaching is an on-demand course that teaches learners how to improve their mental health by providing them with “workouts.”

The company uses Podia to host its website and courses. Podia offers an easy-to-use website builder that uses a drag-and-drop editor.

3. Aggie Armstrong

Aggie Armstrong is an artist and creative entrepreneur who sells training using Podia’s course feature.

She schedules her courses to start and end on specific dates, which allows her to create cohorts of students who can learn together.

This Podia tool is fantastic for course creators who want to create a community feeling among learners and increase retention.

3. Incredibble Academy

Helen Dibble runs Incredibble Academy, a company specializing in copywriting.

In addition to her writing business, she monetizes her skills by selling courses and coaching that help others improve their writing skills.

Podia has a fantastic coaching feature with direct integrations with calendar and scheduling apps such as Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, and YouCanBook.Me.

5. Revit Pure

Revit Pure is a training provider for students learning Revit, a 4D design and modeling software.

The company has three standalone design courses and offers them as a bundle.

A bundle discount can be a great way to incentivize prospective customers to purchase multiple courses.

6. Bea Marshall

Bea Marshall is a neurodiversity educator and consultant who works with businesses, organizations, and individuals worldwide.

Bea’s wide range of products sold on her Podia site includes courses, e-books, podcasts, and coaching.

Even though Podia doesn’t have a specific podcasting feature, she has used the platform’s course feature to upload individual episodes and made it free to access.

7. Ben Higgins Official

Ben Higgins is a professional guitar instructor who also gives away and sells courses on his website.

Ben has 27 courses for his students to select and purchase. Podia is ideally suited for businesses with many courses, as all paid subscription plans enable users to create, host, and deliver unlimited courses.

8. Afferentology

Afferentology is a professional training provider for medical practitioners, and they provide their training using Podia courses.

The company also offers in-person training events advertised and sold on Podia.

The platform can sell various products, including courses, downloadables, coaching, webinars, and events.

9. Airtily

Airtily is an online creative workshop provider that includes drawing, journaling, and mandala making.

On their Podia website, they have a newsletter lead magnet, which allows prospective customers who may need more time to be ready to purchase the change to receive tips and news from the company.

This Podia feature is great for companies to build an email list that may be interested in purchasing products in the future.

10. Families in Trauma

Families in Trauma is a course provider that helps people currently going through anxiety, depression, or trauma by providing support and advice.

This is a great example of how a social cause can package its lessons and modules into a Podia course and give it away for free.

11. Balfour & Co

Balfour & Co is a weaving school that teaches tapestry and rug-making in their studio.

In addition to their in-person workshops, they also have an online digital products business created using Podia.

The courses sold on the platform are an excellent example of how a company with a physical location can diversify and grow its revenue.

12. Bedrock 42

Bedrock 42 has a course named “Google Analytics 4 for Digital Marketers” that teaches people about interpreting and analyzing data from Google.

The company uses Podia’s website builder to advertise its courses and has an FAQ section. A FAQs section is great for displaying the most commonly asked questions so that prospective customers can better understand your product.

13. Piano Party

Piano Party is a company that teaches students how to play the piano.

The company bundles its courses with live interactive lessons to create a premium package.

As Podia has many digital products, businesses can create multiple products and bundle them together to create packages.

14. Incrementa

Incrementa is a business strategy and growth advisory company that helps existing companies increase their revenue.

They offer three programs that combine courses and coaching to accelerate growth.

This is an example of a high-ticket product being sold on Podia. As a potential buyer may have more questions and want to talk to a company rep before purchasing, Incrementa has a call booking option built into their Podia site.

15. Inhabit Pilates 

Inhabit Pilates is an online studio for students to practice at home at their own pace.

The company has a complete range of courses that teach individual movements and complete sessions.

In this example, Inhabit uses Podia’s membership site feature to sell access to its courses.

Memberships are a great way to sell courses if the company constantly updates the content and adds additional lessons.

16. 7shifts

7shifts is a restaurant training business that helps teach workers, owners, and operators how to grow their restaurants.

The company has free and paid courses for students to select, and they use Podia’s course outline tool to enable customers to view the lessons and modules they’ll gain access to.

The company also tests students’ knowledge by adding quizzes at the end of lessons and modules.

Podia has a quiz tool that enables users to ask closed questions and display results.

17. Adelia Nollet

Adelia Nollet is a business focused on teaching astrology and tarot card reading.

The courses can be purchased by making a one-time payment or opting for its payment plan.

Podia enables businesses to offer payment plans that make it more affordable for students.

Bottom Line

As you can see from the versatility of Podia’s course builder, it is suited to all types of eLearning providers, including social causes, professional training organizations, and social media creators.

Some features used in these examples that make Podia a good course solution include cohorts, unlimited courses, a powerful website builder, and many payment options.

We hope you’ve gained a greater insight into the platform and inspired you when creating your next Podia course.

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