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Are you thinking of using Podia as a platform for your digital business?

Well, you may be pleased to know that there are live demonstration sessions every Tuesday at 4 PM EST. You can watch a recording online, but the live Demo allows you to have your questions answered by the founder of Podia.

Just sign up, get the link, and be there to see the Podia dashboard and various examples of Podia stores.  

Podia Demo

How to Sign Up for Podia Demo

Signing up for the Podia Demo is simple. Follow this link and fill in your name and e-mail. Podia will e-mail the details and link you to the session.

Skip the wait by watching the pre-recorded demo on the Podia site or find other demos on YouTube. However, attending a live Podia Demo has certain benefits.

Specifically, you can ask Spencer, the founder and CEO of Podia, any questions that may come up as he walks you through the Podia site.

What you get is an insider tour and the chance to see how storefronts differ. 

Podia Demo
Podia Demo Registration

Podia Demo: How Does It Work?

Spencer sets aside time every Tuesday to show the Demo attendees how Podia works and how different stores look.  

When you register, you’ll get an invitation for the demo and a reminder on the day. The demo is on Zoom, and after the explanatory side, Spencer answers the questions in the chat bar. Type them into the Q&A bar on Zoom during the session, and Spencer will get to them one by one.

After the demo, you will receive a replay link, or if you missed that live session, you get to watch the replay, which includes the Q & A.

Remember, Podia is a digital store platform designed for creative entrepreneurs. You can sell online courses, digital downloads, and have membership plans.

By joining the demo, you can see how simple Podia is to use. 

Podia Demo


At the start of the Demo, Spencer asks everyone’s names and introduces himself. He then gives a quick overview of what to expect in the next 45 minutes to an hour. 

In the first 15 minutes, we see examples of Podia stores. In the next 15 minutes, Spencer goes over the administrative side and shows us how to set it all up.

In the final 15 to 30 minutes, he answers the questions one by one in the chat bar. 


After going through the demo overview, Spencer focuses on the features that make Podia an integrated platform.

Not only do you get to sell your content, but you also get built-in e-mail marketing and live chat service to keep you close to your community. 

In the first part of the demo, we see some storefronts on Podia and watch these features in action.

Setting them up requires minimal troubleshooting or technical know-how, which means more time to create content. 

Q&A Session

When Spencer starts the Demo, he asks you to type your name into the chat bar, and that is also where you add any questions you may have during the demo.

You can’t interrupt him as he flows through the content, but he will get to your questions one by one.

As he answers your question and moves to the next, you can comment and add further questions, which he will get to by the end of the session.

Podia Demo

Bottom Line

The demo shows what you get for your monthly fees and what you can do with the system.

If you have any questions, the demo is the place to go to ask them, and you might even find them answered before you get to the Q&A session. 

Remember to sign up and expect a link to the Zoom chat on the day. After the demo, Spencer will send you a replay link. 

Everything Podia offers is on show in its weekly live demo to help if you’re considering using the platform to set up a business or manage an existing one.

The fact that the founder and CEO is the host should give you confidence that you’ll get answers to your questions, boosting your confidence to start with Podia.

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