Podia Features

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Podia is an all-in-one digital platform created to enable you to sell your courses, memberships, webinars, and digital downloads online with no technical skills required.

It’s simple, functional, and affordable, and it offers features that make it stand out as a digital platform. 

What makes Podia stand out is its seven main features that can help you set up your business online or improve your existing business. 

Podia Features

Podia Features: Short Overview

What features do you need to run a successful online business?

A robust website, online courses, and digital downloads? What about webinars, email marketing, and messaging?

You can build your website on Podia or migrate your existing site, and use different file types for your online courses and digital downloads.

The email marketing and messaging features will keep you in contact with your customers, and you can use the webinars for content or marketing.

  • Online Courses – Create or upload your courses and drip-sell or pre-sell
  • Website Building –  About pages, product pages, and contact pages
  • Digital Downloads – Upload any file and start selling immediately
  • Memberships – Create an online community with levels and bundled products
  • Webinars  – Use your webinars to help your community grow
  • Email Marketing –  Send newsletters and drip-feed content
  • Messaging – Be on hand for your customers 24/7

Podia Features: In-Depth 

Podia offers the features any digital business needs to succeed. You get your site, communication and marketing tools, and the option to sell digital downloads and online courses.

You can upload your existing courses or build from scratch. There are more features on the Shaker plan, but you can get most of Podia’s offering in the entry-level plan.

Look at these features in-depth to see what you get for your investment.

Website Building (Sales Pages)

Your Podia site has everything you need to run a professional online business. You get:

  • Flexible Layouts
  • Customizable Branding
  • Live Previews
  • Easy-to-add Media
  • Built-in Themes

Your Podia site is your storefront, and from there, you can choose how to present your products to the world.

Coding is not necessary, but a vision is. How do you see your store? How do you want to display your products?

It is device-friendly, so you can customize your layout, which will adapt well to all devices. Choose your theme, create, upload, and then publish.

Communicating with your customers on your website is simple on Podia too.

Online Courses

You can build, market, and sell your online courses from your platform in many ways, all from your Podia platform. Feed it slowly through drips or parade it all. 

  • Drip Content
  • Payment Plans
  • Pre-sell Courses
  • Quizzes
  • Pre-launch Courses

The technical side is simple. Your storefront is where your customers will see your online courses, digital downloads memberships.

On your side, click ‘Create Product,’ where you will see these different format options. Follow the instructions to create or upload content to your store.

You can copy and paste your existing content into the editor section, do your edits, then publish. If it’s already published online, Podia can migrate it for you. 

Digital Downloads

Your Podia platform is your primary sales funnel.

For digital downloads, you have unlimited options in terms of file types and numbers of products, and you get efficient payment processors with it.

  • Upload any file type
  • Upsell
  • Bundle your products

Customizing your site is simple, and if you have concerns about the tech, Podia has given you a simple platform to navigate.

Examples of digital downloads are ebooks, audio files, guides, templates, and Podia gives you many more options.

When you are ready to sell your product, add it to your site by clicking on ‘products’ and ‘create a product.’

Then choose ‘Digital Download’ where you can add files or collections of files for your customers or members to download. 


As we use webinars to inform or persuade, the results could be customers returning for more information or finding themselves persuaded to buy a product. With Podia, you can:

  • Generate leads 
  • Offer Panel discussions
  • Earn an income

Using YouTube Live, Podia gives you video sessions with no limit on participants. You can record the webinar, allowing attendees to replay it and new customers to buy it. The webinar feature also lets you schedule future webinars but make immediate sales.

Whether you have online courses or digital downloads, you can bundle your webinars with those or include them in your membership plans. You can even offer webinars for free on Podia to generate leads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing starts with your signup form. If you don’t have one, Podia gives you one on your homepage. Then, build your list by offering value to your would-be customers.

  • Create free content
  • Offer lead magnets
  • Get 24/7 support from Podia.

How do you offer value? Through giveaways, competitions, or access to exclusive content?

Podia can help you create an automated email campaign to help you connect to your audience.

Email marketing is a low-cost method with high success rates, and Podia knows this. This fact is why both plans have email marketing and the 24/7 technical support you may need.


A live chat messaging service is an efficient way to communicate with customers and potential leads. The service Podia offers is unique as it allows for:

  • Instant answers
  • Upselling 
  • Feedback
  • 22 languages

The messaging tool on Podia comes with both plans at no extra cost. Podia has integrated this feature with your other tools giving you access to your content, marketing, and development all on one site.

With Podia’s Messaging feature, you can capture questions and feedback when you are not answering them live, which adds to this feature’s convenience for both you and your customers. You could even get validation from your community on new product ideas before you develop them further.

Bottom Line

The digital age is booming, and Podia is on the forefront by offering a platform with these comprehensive features. Podia’s ethos is evident in the practicality of its entire system. It is simple, effective, and profitable for all. 

It is a very competitive market, but Podia leads with features that give the entrepreneurs what they need to stay ahead. Email marketing and live chat messaging connect you to your community; memberships, online courses, and digital downloads give you space for your content to grow, and all of this happens on your exclusive Podia site. 

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