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Podia offers 24+ integrations in advertising, analytics, payments, e-mail service providers, and other categories.

See where your business is strong and where it needs work by integrating analytical tools, which give you the data you need to make strategic business decisions.

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Podia E-Mail Integrations

Integrating your e-mail service provider with Podia allows you to automate your e-mail marketing, newsletters, and responses. You can also track sales and segment your e-mail list. 

The most popular integrations are Mail Chimp and Active Campaign. Consider ConvertKit if you are a professional blogger and GetResponse for automated responses, newsletters, surveys, and more.

Integrations such as AWeber help with marketing campaigns, and Drip helps you to segment customer purchases. All of these tools are multi-faceted and excellent to market your Podia store. 


Connecting Mailchimp to Podia gives you the convenience of a digital store (Podia) and an e-mail campaign specialist (Mailchimp) combined.

Mailchimp is popular as it has a free plan and an in-built customer relationship management (CRM) system. With this, you can stay connected to your customers and track your sales. 



ActiveCampaign is a powerful automation tool getting you the feedback when you need it.

It delivers communication with customers, data analysis, and custom campaigns with its CRM system.



ConvertKit integrated with Podia helps you create a fan base and keep them. It’s a tool widely used by professional bloggers.

Tag your Podia customers through what they buy online or by e-mail opt-in forms, and ConvertKit opens up to you.

You get unlimited e-mails per month and 1000 subscribers. 



If AWeber is your e-mail service provider of choice, linking it to your Podia account is simple. 

With AWeber, you can set up marketing campaigns and send out broadcasts.

As with all integrations, linking it to Podia is simple, and once synced, you can start automating your campaign.



When you integrate Drip with your Podia store, you can segment your customers according to what products they buy. You can automate your e-mail marketing and get customizable forms too. 



Get custom e-mail marketing campaigns with MailerLite in your Podia store. Automate and drip content by adding the API to your site. It’s simple to link your Podia and MailerLite accounts, which is highly effective with its advanced tools.



If you’re using GetResponse, you have a suite of marketing features to support your Podia store. Set up newsletters, surveys, campaigns, and automate responses. Syncing GetResponse and Podia is simple, just Insert the API key and follow the prompts.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Payment Gateway Integrations allow you to get paid through Podia.

It’s important to note that Podia doesn’t hold any of the payments, so the money goes directly to you. The gateway integration processes the payments in your Podia store, directing them to your bank account.

Podia offers Stripe and PayPal as two ways of getting paid. Both are instant, and Podia charges no additional transaction fees. 


Podia allows one-off PayPal payments but not subscriptions or memberships.

The reason is that PayPal payments could end 24 hours before Podia gets a notification, resulting in a lag with unpaid customer access. Podia aims to provide a more consistent level of service.



With Stripe, you have software that handles the money side of your business for you. It is the newer of the two payment processors with support in 35+ countries. 

It can integrate into Podia for memberships, subscriptions, and once-off payments.

Analytics Integrations

Analytics help you know your customers and clients better by seeing how they interact with your store and your communications.

You can see what works on your site and even run tests to see where to improve. 

HotJar and Google Analytics are two examples of analytics that Podia business owners use. 


This 7-in-1 website analytics and feedback tool gives you insight into customer engagement with your site, improving your website conversion rate. Features like heat maps, polls, surveys, and analytics make HotJar popular. 


Google Analytics

As Google Analytics is free, anyone can analyze their website traffic to gain insights on their site.

The tool reveals how effective your marketing has been, and it has the potential to deliver crucial information on your business’s overall success. 

Advertising Integrations

Paid advertising of your products on Podia can lead to increased traffic and sales. Choose between Facebook, Pinterest, and Google Ads or use all three.

Podia Ads


Creating campaigns and measuring their performance is what you can do with Facebook ad integrations.

The tools are simple to use, which helps those who’d rather avoid coding. 



Using Pinterest as a tool for advertising gives you the edge by having a wider audience see your products.

Zapier Integrations

Podia is the platform that hosts your store, your content is the product, and Zapier is the integration that functions like your workforce. Zapier connects your Podia store to apps, ranging from e-mail marketing to analytics, with more than 3,000 from which to choose. The best part is that no coding is necessary; Zapier does it all for you.

Podia Integrations


Through Zapier, engage with your Facebook audience. As it is automated, there is no need for expert tech knowledge to set it up. You can market your courses or memberships and improve traffic to your site. 



As soon as a lead comes in via Gmail (or Facebook), you can get a notification. Zapier’s Gmail integration to your Podia store makes being in contact with your community simple, quick, and good for business.



The joy of integrating Trello into your Podia store is that you need no code to do it. Zapier does all the coding, and you have all the benefits. What you get is a quick and easy integration that gives you triggers when an action happens on your site.



Use Zapier to make ThriveCart not just your marketing suite but also your payment portal. It is the feature that allows you to create check-outs on your site.



Using Dubsado gives you CRM (customer relationship management) software, as well as marketing tools. What this means is that you have tools to build customer relationships and run your business. 


Google Drive

With Google Drive through Zapier, you can automate uploads and have your virtual storeroom a click-away. 



Include a Twitter feed for maximized marketing and a stronger public platform. Instead of linking it yourself, Zapier is the gateway through which your Podia store can reach the Twitter audience.

Third-Party Snippets Integrations

3rd party snippets are bits of code you custom-insert into your site to attach that feature or function. In the Analytics section of your store, go to Custom and insert the snippet of code needed to integrate the feature.

You get the code from the third party you’ve chosen, and after inserting the code, your integration will be ready.

Sumo, Fomo, and Deadline Funnel are three examples of third parties you can use to enhance your business.


Sumo helps you gather e-mail subscribers. It’s free and quick to integrate.

With Sumo, you can focus on your subscriber list for your Podia store.

You can go Pro on Sumo and have more benefits for an annual or monthly fee.



Show potential customers what your Podia store is like with marketing based on past customer experience in your store.

Customer recommendations are what Fomo uses to market your Podia site, and it includes interactions like purchases or visits in its net.


Deadline Funnel

Create effective marketing campaigns with Deadline Funnel’s evergreen theory, where building trust with potential customers starts at the pre-launch phase.

You can personalize, track, and integrate web-commerce features.

Bottom Line

With all these integrations that work seamlessly through Podia, your business has the support it needs to succeed.  Most of these products require little tech know-how, giving you more time to invest in your business.

Podia has succeeded in making its platform accessible for many third-party integrations, giving you virtually limitless choices.

If you’ve got a need for data transfer or automation, you can rest assured that there will be a way to make it happen through one or more of the integrations available for Podia.

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