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For many business owners, tech support is a critical support feature.

Fortunately, Podia store owners have built-in support at no extra charge, covering any questions they may have. 

There are three ways that you can access instant support at Podia. You choose from:

  • Podia Help Center
  • Podia Chat Support
  • Podia E-mail Support

Although there is no telephone support option, you can plan on finding assistance in minutes through the Help Center, Chat Support, and E-mail Support options.

podia support

Podia Help Center

Podia has an extensive list of articles in the Help Center to solve any issues from the beginning. You can search for advice or specific answers to your questions.

Take a look at the following list:

  • Getting Started – 13 articles
  • Site Settings – 10 articles
  • Products – 53 articles
  • Memberships – 25 articles
  • Podia Editor – 25 articles
  • E-mail – 15 articles
  • Account Management – 8 articles
  • Messaging – 11 articles
  • Audience – 6 articles
  • Sales – 5 articles
  • Affiliates – 4 articles
  • Integrations – 15 articles
  • Advanced Analytics – 7 articles
  • Customer Guides – 6 articles 

You can see that Podia has covered every angle and pre-empted most situations you might encounter during the setup or operation of your Podia store.

When you go to the Podia Help Center, each section is easily identifiable, making the search for help efficient and effective. 

Podia Help Center

Podia Chat Support

Podia provides live chat support on Monday to Friday from 9-6 pm and weekends from 9-5 pm (Eastern Time).  

The live chat support is one of Podia’s outstanding features. You have both a bot and a human on the other end, giving you prompt responses and walking you through whatever help you need. 

There is a search button that will give you answers in article form. Beyond this, Podia’s customer support staff members pride themselves on their quick responses and instant online troubleshooting. 

Podia E-Mail Support

Some people just prefer getting their questions answered by e-mail. If you’re averse to phones, then know that with Podia, you have E-mail Support 24/7.

If a calamity arises outside of the live chat hours or you can’t find an answer in the Help Center, the Podia team will get back to you quickly by e-mail. 

To use Podia’s e-mail support option, you can simply e-mail your query to hello@podia.com.

Does Podia Have Phone Support?

As a sign of the times, Podia does not offer Phone Support.

The other support options are so comprehensive and responsive that you are unlikely to miss this, however.

Besides, if you simply want to pose your question to a living person, the Podia live chat and e-mail team will be glad to assist you. 

Bottom Line

Support at Podia is of the highest quality using the most modern methods.

You won’t have to listen to music while on hold or listen to an automated voice repeating your position in the call order.

Instead, you have Podia Chat Support and the Podia Help Center, with its library of articles.

You can also rely on Podia E-mail Support for quick e-mail responses either as a preference or for queries outside of live chat hours.

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