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Mozello is a simple to use website creator that allows you to build online stores, blogs, information websites and any type of online presence imaginable.

Best of all, you don’t need any technical skills in order to build a Mozello website.

With tons of optimizations and built-in features, Mozello makes it easier than ever for you to create a website and make it succeed.

Overall, Mozello is a decent website builder with some of the cheapest pricing plans in the industry – so if you’re content with minimalistic websites and you want to save money, Mozello is a definite winner.


  • Website:
  • Based in: Latvia
  • Established in: 2013
  • Employees: Less Than 50
  • Support: Telephone & Email
  • Pricing: Free to €15/Month
  • Compatibility: Mobile Compatible
  • Discounts: Annual Discount

What is Mozello?

Mozello is a simple to use eCommerce platform that not only allows you to create online stores with ease, but you can also create virtually any type of website.

From blogs to comparison sites and even online stores, Mozello makes it all simple to create.

To make their platform even more attractive, Mozello requires you to have absolutely no coding skills, so whether you’ve built dozens of sites in the past or even if this is your first attempt at website creation, you’ll easily be able to achieve professional-looking sites.

The simple to use dashboard combined with the numerous integrated features allow you to quickly and easily make your website look and function exactly as you’ve always imagined.

You will quickly be able to integrate support channels, set up SEO for better search engine rankings, connect payment processors, track orders and much more.

Mozello Homepage

As a complete website creation platform, nothing is left behind and third-party app integrations allow you to get whatever functions were left out.

Established in 2013, Mozello has its headquarters in Latvia, Europe.

The CEO, Kārlis Blūmentāls, states that they created their platform in order to give everybody the chance to enjoy an online presence without having to learn all of the technical aspects that go into building a traditional website.

With less than 50 employees, Mozello is definitely one of the smaller eCommerce platforms online, but don’t let that fool you – they deliver outstanding features at an affordable price range, making them one of the top options currently available on the market.

From mobile-friendly responsive designs to free domain names with loads of disk space, the plans at Mozello are definitely attractive.

When choosing Mozello, you’ll get to enjoy unlimited web pages, simple setup for multilingual sites, customizable themes and so much more.

Mozello even offers a free plan so you can get to know their platform before spending any money.

If you’re looking for an easy way to build an online store or website, Mozello is certainly worth looking into.

Overall Ratings

Pricing & Fees

In the end, Mozello is truly one of the most affordable options for building a website online.

Speed & Performance

when it comes to site speed, Mozello knocks it out of the ballpark with one of the fastest load times among all similar platforms.

Customer Support

Customer support is decent, but only provides email and phone support.

Functionality & Features

If you’ve never built a website or online store before, you’ll still find this tool very simple to use. 

Themes & Templates

Being able to choose from a large variety of themes is crucial towards being able to easily set up your website as you’ve always imagined it would look. Mozello provides you with a ton of themes available to choose from and best of all – they are all free to use.

Plugins & Apps

Due to Mozello’s very minimalistic nature, you shouldn’t expect very many built-in features or functions. In fact, Mozello does not even provide an app integration marketplace, so if you’re looking for all sorts of third-party integrations, this is definitely not the service for you.

Pricing & Fees

If you’re looking for an affordable website builder with very cheap premium pricing plans, Mozello is the place to be.

They have the cheapest payment plans we’ve ever seen and even their most expensive plan is cheaper than most of the cheapest plans on other platforms.

To make things even more affordable, Mozello does not charge you any type of transaction fees, so you will be able to save little bit more with every product you sell.

Overall, we are very impressed by the affordability of this website builder and recommend it to anyone who wants to build a website or online store without breaking the bank.

Plans Pricing

An affordable pricing structure goes a long way towards saving money.

Fortunately, this is one area where Mozello really excels.

With their free plan, you’ll be able to enjoy many different features, allowing you to get a real good idea of their overall platform.

Once you move towards a paid plan, you’ll get to pay some of the lowest fees in the entire website builder industry.

In fact, their most expensive payment plans are comparable to the prices of the cheapest premium plans on other similar platforms.

When you choose to pay annually, you will save even more money.

They have a free plan and two premium plans – “Premium” and “Premium Plus”. “Premium” gives you your own domain name, 50GB of storage and the ability to list up to 30 items for sale on your website. “Premium Plus” gives you unlimited storage, unlimited items for sale on your site and all other perks from the “Premium” plan.


0 Monthly
  • 0.5 GB Storage
  • 5 Products
  • Mozello Reference


8 Monthly
  • 50 GB Storage
  • 15 Products
  • No Reference

Premium Plus

15 Monthly
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Products
  • No Reference

Transaction Fees

One of the major upsides to choosing Mozello as you eCommerce solution is their lack of transaction fees.

You won’t have to pay them for each sale that you make, which allows you to save a lot of money in the long run.

However, they do place product listing limitations on their free plan and their “Premium” plan, so you’ll need to choose their “Premium Plus” plan if you want to enjoy unlimited products.

However, even when choosing their most expensive payment plan, you will still be saving a ton of money when compared to other similar platforms, plus they don’t have any transaction fees, so Mozello is truly one of the most affordable solutions online.

Other Fees

We searched online for other mention-worthy fees and we did not find anything. Mozello has no other hidden fees.

Speed & Performance

Overall, Mozello excels when it comes to site speed, but they aren’t the best at keeping track of incidents.

The lack of a status page makes it difficult for us to verify their recent issues or downtime.

They also do not mention any uptime guarantee, which makes it difficult for you to know what to expect as far as uptime is concerned.

We searched the internet for user reviews, but since their platform is quite new, there wasn’t much information to be found.

Uptime at Mozello could be amazing or it could be terrible. Loading times on the other hand are rather impressive.

With most web pages loading in under 2 seconds, you can definitely expect fast websites. However, if you plan on adding numerous third-party apps in order to make up for their lack of built-in features, you’ll probably end up with much slower environments.


One of the major issues worth looking into is how often an eCommerce experiences downtime.

When running a website or an online store, you’ll want to make sure that your platform doesn’t often crash.

Imagine you have a customer who has hundreds of dollars worth of product in their shopping cart and right as they are about to checkout, your online store crashes.

Unfortunately, Mozello does not have any type of uptime guarantee.

This is odd since most other similar platforms make their uptime guarantee very clear and easy to locate.

Mozello also does not have any type of status page for incidents, making it impossible to verify recent downtime.

Overall, it’s hard to trust an eCommerce platform that doesn’t make any mention of uptime, but they are very new and small, so it may be added over time.

Incident Frequency

Just like with their lack of an uptime guarantee, Mozello also does not mention anything about incident frequency.

They also do not have a status page, which makes it impossible to verify recent incidents or issues with the platform.

However, Mozello is active on Facebook and Twitter, so they will likely mention any incidents on social media as they occur.

If you plan on signing up for the Mozello services, we recommend added them on social media so you can follow their recent activity closely.

As mentioned above, this eCommerce platform is very young and new to the industry, so you could very well see an incident status page added within the next few months.


If there one thing Mozello gets right, it’s their website loading times.

Mozello sites that we tested almost all loaded in under 2 seconds and they had incredible optimizations.

The only main optimization that was missing was to minify JavaScript and CSS files. However, keep in mind that Mozello is very young, so the lack of customers means fewer people using the same servers.

As they grow, most clients will be joined onto the same servers, possibly causing sites to slow down a little bit.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Mozello themes are very minimalistic with few built-in features.

This helps to increase loading times, but also requires you to add third-party apps in order to get the features that you need. The more apps you add, the longer sites will take to load.

Customer Services & Support

Support is a vital service to a successful website and fortunately, Mozello pans out.

They were able to provide us with the assistance that we needed when we needed it.

We attempted to contact them on multiple occasions and they were always quick to respond and rather helpful.

We don’t recommend leaning on the Mozello support team for custom integrations or complicated solutions, but when dealing with minor issues or even more advanced complications, their email and phone support agents can provide the assistance that you need.

One of the downsides is their lack of a live chat support team, which makes it impossible to get real-time assistance without calling them directly.

Furthermore, they don’t mention when their support team is available, so you’ll just have to call them when you need help and hope that someone responds.

Overall, Mozello support team is good for the moment, but it would be nice to see them add a knowledge base and we hope their support will remain fast even as they get more customers.

Support Availability

Before settling on just one eCommerce solution, you’ll want to make sure that their support team is available at all times.

This is crucial in order to make sure that you never run into serious issues and have to deal with them all on your own.

The support team at Mozello is a little bit of a mystery. Again, due to their young age, Mozello lacks certain information on their website such as the customer service availability.

Mozello does not mention when their support team is available, so you’ll just have to keep your fingers crossed in hopes that they are available when you need to contact them.

Mozello offers email and phone support, but they do not have any live chat.

Speed of Response

Speed of response is another important factor to consider before choosing to commit to an eCommerce platform.

Unfortunately, there is not much information available online about their speed of response due to the lack of user reviews.

We attempted to contact them on a few occasions to test it ourselves and we were quite pleased.

Mozello responded to our emails very quickly – faster than most similar platforms.

They also responded to our phone calls almost immediately.

We contacted them during regular business hours. Keep in mind that their speed of response is quick because they are new and small, but this may change as they grow.

With more customers on Mozello, you should expect longer waiting times.

Friendliness & Helpfulness

When contacting Mozello with basic inquiries, we were always able to get a rapid response.

More complicated issues took a little longer, but we were mostly able to get the assistance that we hoped for.

One thing worth mentioning about our experience contacting the Mozello support team is that we were always met with friendly people who were ready to do a lot in order to help us resolve our issues.

This is most likely due to their young age and small amount of customers – they most likely want to gain a lot of positive attention in order to get positive feedback.

We weren’t disappointed when contacting the Mozello support team.


One of the few support channels offered by Mozello is phone support.

It’s nice to see them offer one of the most important support channels – many eCommerce solutions offers live chat, email and other forms of support and leave out phone support.

Being able to talk on the phone in real time with a customer support agent is incredibly important and we felt that the experience went smoothly every time we attempted to contact them.

Most calls were responded to almost immediately with little to no waiting time. Their small size helps contribute to this, we just hope they will continue with the rapid support as they grow.


Email support at Mozello is the only other support channel offered besides phone support.

We were eager to test it out and much to our surprise, they responded in under an hour to our first email inquiry.

Most of our future emails were also responded to rather quickly. This is very appreciated since many other similar platforms take many hours to respond to email inquiries.

As one of their sole customer support channels, it was important for them to succeed in this department and fortunately they did. Email support at Mozello is rapid and very helpful for basic inquiries. More complicated issues should be dealt with over the phone.

Functionality & Features

If a simple to use and very basic website builder is what you’re looking for, Mozello is for you.

They have a very limited amount of features and built-in functions, but they provide you with one of the easiest dashboards available in the industry.

The freedom to design websites truly as you wish is not available – you will often find yourself settling for where the elements go because you won’t be able to place them exactly where you want them to be.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a website builder that allows you to directly edit the source code and make deep customizations, you’ll want to avoid Mozello.

They advertise themselves as being the best minimalistic website creator online and that’s exactly what you should expect – a simple to use website builder with minimal features.

Mozello Customizations

Ease of Use

If ease of use is important to you, you’re in luck with Mozello – they offer an incredibly simple to use dashboard.

Again, Mozello advertises themselves as a minimalistic website creator, so do not expect as many features or built-in tools as other mainstream website creator services.

However, if you’re looking for a simple way to drag and drop websites together, Mozello makes it possible.

One thing they do lack though is the freedom to place boxes where you want.

Once you’ve added an element to your web page, you can either place it above or below other elements, but that’s about it.

This lack of freedom adds to the minimalistic aspect of Mozello, but it could cause issues if you’re looking for truly custom designs.

Overall, Mozello is incredibly simple to use, but lacks many design features found on other similar platforms.


One of the major flaws of Mozello is also what they advertise the most – minimalist websites.

This is great if you’re building a blog or a simple content site, but if you’re looking for an online store builder that provides you with tons of excellent built-in features, you’ll be out of luck.

They don’t excel in SEO, they don’t provide a lot of designing freedom and they don’t have nearly as many features as their competitors.

However, their platform is simple and easy to use. It would definitely be nice though to see them add more features so if you do end up wanting to use more, you’ll have them available to you.

Don’t use Mozello if you’re looking for custom sites that need lots of different functionalities and features.

Themes & Templates


Choice of Themes


Quality of Themes

Being able to choose from a large variety of themes is crucial towards being able to easily set up your website as you’ve always imagined it would look.

Mozello provides you with a ton of themes available to choose from and best of all – they are all free to use.

While most website builder services only provide roughly a dozen free themes, Mozello has several dozen themes to choose from.

However, as a minimalistic website builder tool, you can expect very minimalistic themes.

Most of their themes lack in features and have very basic designs.

Don’t expect the hottest, trendiest website designs when choosing Mozello.

Furthermore, their themes actually seem outdated – like they would have been hot 10 years ago.

Overall, don’t choose Mozello for their themes, but you’ll love them if you’re looking for minimalism and affordability.

Mozello Themes

Apps & Plugins

Very Poor

Choice of Apps & plugins

Very Poor

Quality of Apps & Plugins

Along with themes, you’ll want to make sure that the website builder that you choose has an impressive selection of third-party apps.

These app integrations allow you to really make your website shine and stand out from the crowd.

Unfortunately, due to Mozello’s minimalistic nature, they don’t even provide you with an app marketplace.

This means you’ll be stuck with the very few built-in features that they provide.

While some custom apps can be used, it’s not simple to do and you’ll have to go through a lot of trouble while other similar platforms make the app integration process very simple.

The only few integrated apps that Mozello offers out of box including Google Maps, Google Analytics, Disqus Comments, Vimeo and YouTube.

If you’re hoping for any other integrations, you’ll be out of luck.

They also do not offer a ton of payment processors – they have PayPal, Braintree, Paysera and WebMoney.

Pros & Cons

Ease of Use

Mozello was created for users with no coding skills and this shows in their incredibly simple to use dashboard.

No Live Chat

Customer support could use some work. They do not report support availability hours and they don’t offer live chat.

Affordable Pricing

Their pricing structure is very alluring - especially when considering their entirely free plan.

Limited Selection of Apps

Their selection of 3rd party apps is very limited and you might have issues if you would like to heavily customize your store.

Loads of Storage

Their cheapest paid plan allows you to enjoy up to 50GB of storage at a very low cost, which is one of the best storage options in this price point in the industry.

Excellent Speed

Mozello is incredibly well optimized for web page loading times and is one of the fastest platforms we’ve reviewed.