Simplero Review

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Simplero is a one-stop digital marketing support platform for e-commerce businesses.

Simplero lets you make your website, host online courses, sell paid membership-style products, and automate routine business tasks.

Having had much experience in the e-commerce field, we can capably review the most salient features, pros, and cons below. 

simplero review

How Simplero Works

Simplero stitches together nearly all the functionality an online business needs to manage digital marketing.

This platform eliminates the need for multiple, disparate tools for managing and optimizing your customer relationships.

Typically, a business will want a website to sell physical or virtual products, including online courses and membership-style products. In all these cases, Simplero can handle the management of the customer side of things, all in one place. What’s more, the platform also allows you to create automations for different scenarios, decreasing the hands-on time you require to manage customer relationships. 

Simplero offers three plans: 

  • Build – The basic plan, and the cheapest of the three
  • Launch – With added features to the Build plan
  • Rule the World – The most popular plan with the full suite of digital marketing features
simplero review

Simplero at a Glance

As a business owner, it’s natural to be concerned about affordability, ease of use, features, flexibility, easy customization, and support available. This part of the review will focus on how Simplero stacks up in these terms. 

Affordability & Pricing 


The Build plan costs $29/month. However, if you want to sell memberships, you need at least the Launch plan ($99/month). To upsell and enable order bumps, you need Rule the World, which is $149/month. A plus is that Simplero offers a two-month free discount if you choose to pay annually, which amounts to an 18% saving if you compare with the standard 12-month cost.

User Experience & Ease of Use


Simplero is easy and straightforward from the user’s point of view. The platform is simple to navigate, but it is worth noting the somewhat steep learning curve as a back-end user.

Simplero generously offers a free product demo to let you try before you buy. If you choose the Launch or Rule the world packages, you also qualify for a concierge migration service to ease the transition.

Sales & Marketing


Sales and marketing are where Simplero shines brightest. Time is money, and Simplero’s automation and personalization features are incredibly time-saving.

The expanding world of online selling is the future (and the present) of marketing, where Simplero specializes.

The platform offers a neat alternative to Mailchimp and conveniently consolidates multiple customer-centric functions in one place.

Design & Customizability 


Simplero allows you to build websites, membership pages, and landing pages using a one-page editing system, so it’s simple to design and set up.

Simplero also offers valuable templates for users to customize for the look and feel of their brand.  

Customer Support & Training


Simplero offers fantastic customer support. The team takes no short-cuts when it comes to helping you. This kind of support is great because nobody likes talking to bots or receiving useless, canned responses.

When requesting assistance, you will speak to an actual human who is well versed in the product.

Simplero also offers video walkthroughs for more challenging issues and queries.

Free Simplero Resources for Those Who Want To Get Started

Simplero offers a free, 14-day trial for you to test the platform and see what it can do for your business. 

  • 14-day free trial – Sign up is simple, and you can go ahead and test the platform independently.   
  • Free personal demo – Click here to find out how to leverage Simplero to convert 20-30% more customers. This free personal demo tells you what you need to know.
simplero review

Is Simplero Worth The Cost? Pros & Cons

Simply put, Simplero is well worth the cost because of the value it can add in managing your relationships with customers in a streamlined and straightforward way.

It’s great to have a platform that consolidates your marketing communication functions, and Simplero delivers that. 

Pros of Simplero

  • Excellent customer support
  • Replaces the need for Mailchimp
  • Ability to create your entire website, including your landing pages and a blog, all in one place
  • Time-saving automations 
  • Simple, clean interface 

Cons of Simplero

  • Steep learning curve for back-end system use
  • Designs could be more customizable

Key Benefits

Simplero has consolidated everything you need to run your online business from one platform.

This feature allows you to save money by removing the need for multiple, disparate systems. Also, you will save time because you don’t necessarily have to worry about integration between various platforms.

Besides, Simplero has incredible customer focus, and its people are keen to help when you need it. 

simplero review

Customer-Centered Approaches

It was refreshing to see that Simplero has profound respect and a genuine desire to support its customers. 

  • Simplero boasts a loyal customer base, some of whom have used the platform for over ten years. This fact indicates that there are satisfied Simplero customers out there, particularly given competing platforms’ proliferation. 
  • The platform is stable and robust. Simplero focuses on this because of the understanding that the platform means the very livelihood of its customers. 
  • Support from actual, knowledgeable humans – no chatbots. 
  • Simplero Support may send you a step-by-step video detailing the steps you need to follow to solve your problem if you have a complex issue. 

Flexible Website Builder

Your website is the springboard to email, sales, content, customer relations, marketing, and advertising.

Traditionally, you would manage these areas on separate platforms. You can now manage all these areas in one place with Simplero.

All these areas can now talk seamlessly with each other, and you can see all your data and metrics in one place.

High-Converting Landing Pages

Landing pages perform an essential function in your marketing endeavors. You should optimize them to convert traffic generated by a campaign into sales.

Simplero offers high-converting templates for your landing pages. All you have to do is update them with your branding and content, and you are good to go.

Your landing pages must sync with your email and payment processors, and Simplero has this covered. 

Automated Yet Personal Email Marketing

Like it or not, email marketing is here to stay. Simplero can help you to make this channel work for you.

You need to know if your content and advertising engage people and point them toward becoming loyal customers. Simplero assists with these goals by allowing you to: 

  • Identify engaged and disengaged email recipients
  • Resend an email to recipients who didn’t open your message
  • Identify who clicked a link in your email and target them specifically 
  • Split test your email subject lines 
  • Use different versions of your branding in email templates for different audiences. 
  • Receive a reminder for when you need to create your subsequent newsletter

Great Payment System

We were happy to see that Simplero integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and more than 120 other payment gateways, so you are likely covered if you choose this platform.

Simplero efficiently manages recurring revenue from subscription-based products such as e-learning and courses, no matter what kind of payment structure you choose. 

A nice feature that Simplero offers is the ability to provide your customers a free trial, another good way to convert interest into sales.

Further, you can enable time-limited sales, couponing, upsells, downsells, and order bumps – which are all nifty ways to increase revenue. 

Course Builder

E-learning has never been more relevant. If you are an online education entrepreneur, it’s a good idea to invest in tools that can make your business processes as streamlined as possible. Simplero can help you to do this by: 

  • Allowing you to build courses and launch them easily
  • Creating beautiful membership sites
  • Offering flexible options for content delivery
  • Allowing you to create worksheets
  • Allowing you to set up interactive communities to improve engagement and enable learners to help each other
  • Helping you keep an eye on course engagement.

What do We like About Simplero?

While there are many tools out there designed for different aspects of e-commerce, tying them together can be complicated.

The main thing we like about Simplero is that it is an all-in-one platform for managing customer engagement for your business.

Simplero has a customer-centric view, allowing you to convey the same attitude toward your customers. This level of care leads to a loyal customer base. 

simplero review

Customer-Centered Automations

Automations go a long way to streamlining your business and saving you time. For example, course creators and sellers need to deliver content by lesson, module, or page.

Simplero can help you send these out according to your design. You can also create automations to send a gift or promo code based on a customer’s birthday or some other special occasion. The tool is quite flexible and can accommodate virtually any scenario you create. 

Great Sales Pages & Check-Out Options

It’s a straightforward process to create sales pages using Simplero. You can create entirely new sales pages, edit an existing page, and add call-to-action buttons. Simplero offers an impressive range of payment processors, so checkout is always simple.

As mentioned, you can also add upsells, downsells, and order bumps to checkout pages. 

Personal Customer Support

Simplero impressed us when it came to customer support. The platform itself is easy to use, but customer support was very responsive and quick to assist if you hit a bump.

You get the sense that the people on support want to create relationships and help you solve your problem – not simply get rid of you so they can close tickets.

You will likely receive a straightforward answer or even an instructional video to help you with your concern

Easy to Set-Up Online Courses

While you can sell anything with Simplero, the platform is perfect for setting up, marketing, and managing online courses. You can set up your content and manage delivery based on automations unique to your course structure. Also, the platform simplifies payments for membership-based products inherent in the e-learning space. 

Who Can Benefit From Simplero?

Simplero has so much faith in the platform that the staff members use it themselves. Have a look at Simplero’s tutorial pages to see it in action. Here are some more happy client segments: 

  • Lifestyle coaching – Simplero helps manage your customer base and maintain all-important relationships with clients.
  • Online support groups/havens for women – Relationships are vital here, and you wouldn’t want to overlook anyone. Simplero allows the facilitator of the support group to manage all interactions from one place. 
  • Virtual service providers – These businesses focus on the placement and management of virtual assistants and administrators. Simplero helps build sales funnels, manages membership, and enables online learning/courses. 
  • Resources for psychotherapists and coaches – Simplero enables tracking and managing clients, selling online courses and downloadable material, and hosting private forums.
simplero course

How Much Does Simplero Cost?

Simplero is budget-friendly for any business. There are three pricing options: 

  • The Build Plan comes in at $24/month if you pay annually, $29/month if you pay month-to-month.
  • The Launch Plan can cost as little as $84/month if you pay annually or $99/month if you pay monthly. 
  • Rule The World costs $124/month if you pay annually or $149 if you choose to pay monthly. 

You can incur extra costs if you need to add more contacts to your plan. There is also a charge for sending text messages through Simplero. The cost of this feature depends on local carrier charges. 

Simplero offers a 14-day free trial as well, so you can try it out before investing in the product. 

Overall, Simplero is a good fit for beginner businesses to established entrepreneurs. 

Simplero Pricing

Final Thoughts on Simplero

Simplero consolidates the most critical business elements for coaches, course-creators, and thought leaders into one easy-to-use, robust and affordable platform.

Simplero saves you time and money by managing most of your e-commerce business processes from one place.

This system enables automated customer interactions, multiple payment options, and creating or maintaining landing pages for your marketing campaigns.

Also, Simplero offers you valuable insight into your customer’s engagement and behaviors. 

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