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Zoey is a business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce solution that allows business owners to quickly setup a beautiful marketplace for their products online without any coding skills.

Receive quote requests, allow buyers to purchase items in bulk, manage orders and so much more with pure simplicity.


  • Website: Zoey.com
  • Based in: United States
  • Powers: Hundreds of Businesses
  • Established in: 2014
  • Employees: 10+
  • Support: 24/7
  • Pricing: $299 to $699
  • Discounts: 10% Discount Available

What is Zoey?

There are numerous website builders available online allowing merchants to build stunning online stores, but very few of them specialize in business-to-business sales.

Zoey is one of the few B2B eCommerce solutions that delivers a custom experience for business owners looking to sell products to other companies and businesses.

Zoey Homepage

With Zoey by your side, you will enjoy specialized B2B features such as being able to sell in bulk, being able to accept quote requests, grouping customers together and so much more.

As a complete B2B eCommerce solution, you will be able to setup your entire marketplace with ease.

Whether you own a factory and want to sell your services to others or even if you want to set up a marketplace that connects manufacturers with buyers, Zoey makes it easier than ever before.

Relatively new to the industry, Zoey – the eCommerce platform was founded in 2014.

However, don’t let their young age fool you, they are already among the top rated B2B eCommerce solutions online. The Zoey founder, Uri Foox, has years of experience and is also the president of Pixafy – a New York based eCommerce agency that creates custom online stores for clients.

Zoey was created so that business owners with lower budgets would be able to attain enterprise-level services.

With competitive pricing, tons of useful features, superb ease of use and all the marketing tools you could possibly need, setting up a beautiful B2B online store takes just a few clicks.

Along with great functionality, Zoey also delivers stunning designs with simple backend management, allowing you to keep track of all areas of your business with ease.

Overall Ratings

Pricing & Fees

Overall, the pricing plans at Zoey are expensive and are much steeper than other similar eCommerce platforms.

However, if you want to enjoy dedicated B2B features, Zoey delivers, so it may be worth it if you plan on having business-to-business sales or even if you want to launch a B2B marketplace.

Speed & Performance

The speed and performance of your B2B marketplace will have a huge impact on customer retention as well as sales.

Zoey delivers slightly above average loading speed with a few optimizations in place, but you will have to perform certain optimizations yourself if you really want to make the most out of their platform. 

Customer Support

They don’t have live chat and their only two available support channels (phone and support tickets) are only available during business hours.

Functionality & Features

While not the best eCommerce platform online, Zoey is niche specific and targets B2B sales.

If this sounds like your business, Zoey may be a great option, but otherwise, you’ll probably want to look into other eCommerce solutions.

They deliver features built specifically for business-to-business sales, which allows for better management, the ability to accept bulk orders and much more.

Themes & Templates

Zoey does not have the best looking themes and they have a very limited amount of apps to choose from.

Plugins & Apps

Customizing your experience is easily done on eCommerce platforms with the use of apps or plugins. Zoey does provide you with apps that allow you to make the experience better. While they don’t have a massive selection to choose from, most of them are geared towards B2B sales.

Pricing & Fees

With no transaction fees, you will be able to save a little money by not having to spend anything when making sales.

However, keep in mind that using third-party payment gateways will add this transaction fee, so you may end up paying it regardless.

If you’re looking for a B2B eCommerce solution, Zoey may be a good solution, but otherwise you should steer clear of this expensive website builder.

Plans Pricing

The Zoey platform is incredibly expensive when compared to other website builders.

While the price increase is slightly justified by the B2B specific features, this still doesn’t explain why their services are so incredibly steep.

Unless you’re a wholesaler or a company that does B2B sales, you should not consider using this eCommerce solution.

They have three pricing plans available, “Entry”, “Power” and “Advanced”. The first pricing plan allows you to have 2 staff members, 25,000 SKUs and you get email support via their ticketing system. The second plan increases to 5 staff members and 50,000 SKUs.

The final plan gives you 10 staff members, 75,000 SKUs and priority email ticket support.

Overall, we weren’t impressed with their pricing structure.


$ 299 Monthly
  • Unlimited Products
  • 2 Staff Accounts
  • 25k SKUs


$ 499 Monthly
  • Unlimited Products
  • 5 Staff Accounts
  • 50k SKUs


$ 699 Monthly
  • Unlimited Products
  • 10 Staff Accounts
  • 75k SKUs

Transaction Fees

While Zoey did not impress us with their pricing plans structure, they do impress us with their lack of transaction fees.

Most eCommerce solutions charge some sort of transaction fee, but Zoey does not have any type of transaction fee, hidden or not.

However, keep in mind that if you install a third-party payment gateway, you will be dealing with transaction fees via that app.

Other Fees

We did not notice any type of hidden fees or extra payments other than the fees for apps.

Make sure you always read the pricing for each app as they can vary greatly.

Some of their apps are free to use, some require you to pay monthly fees and some come with fees for every sale that you make.

The last thing you want to do is end up paying ridiculous amount of fees with every single sale that you make.

Speed & Performance

Uptime is hard to determine due to the lack of their uptime reporting page, but they do guarantee 24/7 monitoring of their infrastructure.

When looking for recent incident reports, we noticed that they hadn’t reported anything in the past 3 months.

This leads us to believe that they do not update their status page very often, making it once again quite difficult to know what to expect in this department.

Overall, Zoey delivers average speed and performance, but isn’t the best when it comes to updating their users about updates, maintenance or incidents.


One of the important things you’ll want to look into when choosing a B2B eCommerce solution is their uptime.

The last thing you want is to have your platform constantly crashing right when clients are about to purchase bulk orders from your store.

We searched all over the Zoey platform and through their social channels, but we were unable to find any type of uptime report.

However, they do state the following on their website: “we monitor our infrastructure 24×7, offer sitewide HTTPS and PCI compliance so you never have to worry about your store’s security.

Incident Frequency

While Zoey does not offer any type of uptime reporting, they do provide us with a status page that lists the previous incidents.

This allows you to keep an eye on platform issues as well as being able to know when they are performing maintenance.

However, they have absolutely nothing listed for the past 3 months.

This leads us to believe that they either have the most stable eCommerce platform in the world, they do not take the time to list any issues on this status page or they do not update their platform very often, which causes fewer things to break.


We’ve tested multiple websites running on the Zoey platform in order to determine how quickly most of their websites load.

Loading speed is one of the most important aspects of running an online store – research has shown that a fast website converts much better. The sites we tested were well optimized for speed with most of the pages loading in under 2 seconds.

They had many optimizations in place, but a few improvements could have been made such as adding expiring headers and making fewer HTTP requests.

However, these optimizations can easily be made by users with basic coding skills.

Customer Services & Support

Knowing that your eCommerce platform is waiting by your side at all times ready to provide assistance is crucial.

As a B2B merchant with an online store, you’ll want to rest assured that everything is always up and running smoothly.

This can only be achieved with a superb support team.

Unfortunately, Zoey does not offer the best support assistance in the industry.

In fact, they are below average in most areas.

For instance, they do not offer any direct email address and they don’t have any type of live chat support.

You will need to rely heavily on their ticketing system for most tech inquiries, which can take hours to get a response from and does not provide the personal touch that most merchants would expect.

Phone support is available during business hours, but they are unable to answer more complex inquiries since you’ll be speaking with a sales team.

Overall, Zoey is good for companies with basic assistance requirements, but if you plan on needing immediate assistance at any given moment, Zoey isn’t the best available option.

Support Availability

Zoey provides limited support availability, making it difficult for you to resolve highly urgent issues quickly.

They only offer ticket support and phone support with no direct email assistance or live chat.

Furthermore, Zoey only provides support for phone and tickets from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm EST time.

This only provides you with a few hours of support per day, making their support availability well below-average.

However, if you need emergency support, you can choose “Urgent” when submitting a support ticket and they will usually respond to your inquiries much sooner.

Speed of Response

The lack of multiple support channels makes Zoey’s ticketing system quite full at all times.

This results in longer wait times than you would expect when using other eCommerce solutions.

Some of our support ticket inquiries took several hours before getting a response, even when contacting them during open business hours.

Urgent support ticket inquiries took an average of 15 to 45 minutes.

They offer numerous ways to find information by yourself including the community forums, the knowledge base and their tutorial guides.

However, if you need immediate assistance, Zoey does not deliver.

Friendliness & Helpfulness

When attempting to contact the support staff at Zoey, we made sure to consider the helpfulness as well as the friendliness of their team members.

Overall, basic inquiries were dealt with easily and most of the staff members were friendly.

However, more complicated issues did not receive direct assistance and were escalated to higher-level support teams.

This caused us to have to wait even longer before getting a response to our inquiry.

It was a good experience overall, but there are many alternative eCommerce solutions online that provide far superior support teams.


Phone support is available at Zoey, but it’s rather limited.

They do not have a dedicated tech support team available by phone – you will only be able to contact the tech support staff members via the ticketing system.

Furthermore, Zoey only provides you with basic phone support during business hours – Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm EST. This makes their phone support below average and you shouldn’t expect to get many issues resolved over the phone other than switching pricing plans and other sales-related issues.

If you enjoy being able to get instant assistance by phone, Zoey isn’t the solution for you.


Zoey does not provide a direct email address, so you will have to use the form on their website and wait for someone to get back to you.

However, after initially contacting them via the email form, they will use their email address to respond to your inquiry, so you will be able to save the email address they use in order to contact them directly at that address moving forward. They usually respond to email form requests within 12 to 24 hours.

Functionality & Features

Compared to their competitors, Zoey is average. However, if you’re specifically looking for a B2B eCommerce solution, Zoey delivers.

They have great features with lots of business-to-business specialty tools that will allow you to manage your B2B orders with ease.

You can quickly upload products, fulfill orders, manage various shipping types and do much more, all while simply using the built-in features.

Zoey may not be the highest performance eCommerce platform with the largest selection of features, but when seeking a B2B eCommerce solution, Zoey really delivers outstanding results.

Ease of Use

Zoey offers a clean and simple dashboard that is comparable to most of the other simple to use website builders online.

This simplicity of use allows you to rapidly setup your website, even if you have no coding skills or never used an eCommerce platform in the past.

Their dashboard will present you with a walkthrough tutorial upon first launching it, which walks you through every step of setting up your online store.

A ton of features are available on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Each feature is well identified with straightforward labels, allowing you to quickly understand every feature built-into this platform.

Overall, Zoey is simple to use and is quite comparable to other similar platforms.


When it comes to features, Zoey is very comparable to the competition.

They have numerous tools available in tons of different categories including marketing features, product management tools, shipping services, SEO tools and more.

As a business-to-business eCommerce solution, they also have some B2B specialty features not found in other website builders such as wholesale orders, bulk orders, customer grouping and more.

Some of their built-in features are quite the best in the industry, but overall they deliver excellent features with great functionality.

Unless you’re building a massive enterprise-level online marketplace, you should be quite satisfied with their features.

Themes & Templates

Below Average

Choice of Themes

Below Average

Quality of Themes

When it comes to picking to a theme, you’ll want many options.

If hundreds of thousands of users are on the same platform and there are only a handful of themes, chances are, there will be many websites that look just like yours.

Unfortunately, Zoey doesn’t have a very large choice. In fact, they have less than 10 available free themes to choose from.

To make matters even worse, the free themes they do have are low in overall quality.

You’ll probably want to customize them quite a bit. The positive side of designing websites at Zoey is their easy to use designing tool. You can quickly make sites look entire different by dragging and dropping elements anywhere.

Easily resize elements by dragging their boxes to make them smaller or larger.

Overall, Zoey makes it easy for you to design beautiful websites, but their choice of free themes is limited, so if you don’t want to do much customizing, you’re out of luck.

Apps & Plugins

Below Average

Choice of Apps & plugins


Quality of Apps & Plugins

Customizing your experience is easily done on eCommerce platforms with the use of apps or plugins.

Zoey does provide you with apps that allow you to make the experience better. While they don’t have a massive selection to choose from, most of them are geared towards B2B sales.

Chances are, you’ll only be using Zoey if you plan on selling business-to-business products, so their apps are pretty decent.

Most of their apps are free to install, but some of them require you to pay. Overall, the cost of these apps are pretty average for the industry.

Unless you plan on building a very custom user experience, the apps at Zoey should satisfy your needs for B2B sales.

Pros & Cons

Great B2B & Wholesale Features

Built specifically for business-to-business sales, Zoey specializes in delivering B2B features such as bulk ordering and requesting product quotes.

Below Average Support

Their support team is not the best with business hour availability and no live chat option.

No Transaction Fees

They do not charge any transaction fees, so you can save money with every product you sell.

Limited Choice of Themes

It would be nice to see them add more themes, and higher quality ones.

Excellent Shipping Calculators

Zoey provides complex shipping scenarios including freight shipping, dimensional shipping, oversized items and more.