Russell Brunson’s 10x Secrets Masterclass Review

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In just 90 minutes, Russell Brunson landed $3.2 million in sales for ClickFunnels. What are we talking about? Well, if you haven’t heard about the 10x Secrets Masterclass, now is the time to discover it. 

We’re talking about ClickFunnels’ co-founder and his masterclass training, focusing on how he crafted and presented a speech that made astronomical sales in 90 minutes. 

ClickFunnels 10x Secrets

10x Secrets Masterclass at a Glance

In the 10x Secrets Masterclass, Russell Brunson shares the story of how he sold $3.2 million worth of ClickFunnels sales in just under 90 minutes.

When you sign up for the masterclass, you can expect the following:

  • Training Duration: 12 lessons over 6 hours
  • Topics Discussed: Sales psychology, right timing, scripting, creating a great offer, presentation skills for selling, micro-commitment, structure, and pacing
  • Price: Free (After you subscribe to ClickFunnels Platinum plan at $297 per month)
  • Access: Via FunnelFlix or this link 

The video below is referencing his infamous 3.2 million dollar speech. The masterclass breaks down the step-by-step training into three sessions with all the sales tips you need to move in the same direction as Russell. 

How to Access 10x Secrets Masterclass?

Russell Brunson’s 10x Secrets Masterclass was first accessible as an upsell for Perfect Webinar Secrets at $297 plus $7 for the Perfect Webinar training. However, this masterclass is currently only available on FunnelFlix once you sign up for a Platinum ClickFunnels account at $297 per month. 

You can also access the masterclass via this link which will direct you to a page for opening your own “10x Secrets” account.

Russell Brunson – Who Is He?

A co-founder of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson created his first online company while still in college. He sold over $1 million of products and services within a year of graduating from college, all from his basement. 

Since 2005, he’s built up over a million entrepreneurs while helping them get their message heard on the marketplace. Russell Brunson turned sales funnels into a popular concept and co-founded ClickFunnels. 

He’s also sold over a hundred thousand copies of his books which includes his Marketing Secrets trilogy. Russell Brunson is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s best online marketers. 

What to Expect from 10x Secrets Masterclass?

When you sign up for the 10x Secrets Masterclass, you’re opening the door to discovering the art of persuasion.

Business owners will learn how to sell to the masses through Russell Brunson’s sales psychology, principles, script, and process for selling $3.2 million worth of ClickFunnels in 90 minutes.

Understanding Your Target Audience & Psychology of Sales

Russell Brunson emphasizes knowing your target audience and preparing properly for your presentation. When he landed ClickFunnels a cool $3.2 million in 90 minutes, it wasn’t a standalone act.

He and his team knew precisely their goal and vision, and they crafted a plan to reach more than $3 million through his presentation. 

With excellent preparation and a full understanding of sales psychology, you’ll discover how to target your audience effectively to make great sales.

This information is clearly explained, in full detail, by Russell Brunson. 

Right Timing and Sequencing of the Offer

When Russell Brunson talks about delivering a public speech to make sales, he focuses on precise scripting and sequencing.

In other words, timing is everything. This fact is why he places so much emphasis on preparation for your sales speech.

Russell Brunson talks about structuring a funnel that relies on the right timing and sequencing of your offers to create an offer that sells.

Tie this in with sales psychology, and you have a winner.

Offer Structure and Pacing

The best way to reach your customer is to engage them through structure and pacing. You want them hooked in the first two minutes of your presentation.

Russell Brunson shows you how to optimize this engagement, bearing in mind that your audience will not be 100% engaged at all times. 

Common sense should be enough to help you achieve optimal engagement with your customers – but it isn’t.

Instead, you’ll discover how to truly reach optimal engagement, keeping in mind your customers will have other commitments besides your offer to think about. 

Who Can Benefit from 10x Secrets Masterclass?

Who should use Russell Brunson’s 10x Secrets Masterclass? If you’re a business owner who wants to step up your game in the art of convincing customers to buy your products and services, you’ll find this masterclass highly beneficial.

And, if you’re looking for a way to persuade your skeptical spouse to take you to that amazing vacation spot, you’ll convince them once you apply all Russell Brunson’s tips!

The following profiles and careers will benefit from taking the 10x Secrets Masterclass:

  • Salespeople
  • Influencers
  • Bloggers
  • Realtors
  • Coaches
  • Startups
  • Affiliate marketers
  • E-commerce business owners

For entrepreneurs in any field, Russell Brunson’s 10x Secrets Masterclass will have you selling your products or services, whether you’re a brick and mortar business or selling online. This masterclass benefits anyone who wants to build traffic and convert leads into sales. 

Bottom Line

Famous for his $3.2 million of ClickFunnels sales made within 90 minutes, Russell Brunson chose to share his sales techniques through his 10x Secrets Masterclass.

It’s accessible through FunnelFlix. In under six hours, you’ll discover the power of sales psychology, how to make a great offer while keeping your audience engaged throughout your speech. 

The masterclass is a step-by-step guide to mastering the art of engagement and convincing people to take up your offer even when they’re not 100% engaged.

From the right timing to structure and pacing, you’ll discover how to make the kind of sales Russell Brunson regularly does. 

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