SamCart $19 Plan: Is This Plan Still Available?

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

In the past, SamCart’s Basic Plan provided a seller’s platform at only $19 a month. But, sadly, all good things come to an end, and this plan has become obsolete.

Still, there is always a better option. The SamCart Launch Plan is now available at $49 per month, giving users access to even more than the limited benefits of the $19 plan. If you opt to pay annually, the cost declines further to $39 per month.   

Samcart 19 dollar plan

Everything You Need to Know About the SamCart $19 Plan

Although the SamCart $19 plan was a good deal at the time, it gave traders access to only a minimal portion of features available on the SamCart platform. 

Let’s take a look at the benefits this plan included:

Even though these perks are nothing to scoff at, the addition of a 1% charge on every transaction made it less suitable for business owners trying to scale up. 

The $39 Launch Plan is in a different category altogether. It includes a variety of essential features to showcase products and generate more sales. Add-ons and seamless integrations further enhance an already jam-packed offer. 

Access to product experts and marketing support complete the picture.  

Comparing SamCart $19 Plan to the $39 Plan

Comparing the two plans is illuminating – let’s see how they stack up:

$39 Launch Plan
$19 Basic Plan
Full template library
Product pages
Additional processing fees
SamCart Branding
Email customer support
Email customization/drip campaigning
Custom integrations
Custom domains
Smart pixel tracking
Pay What You Want
Apple & GooglePay
Multiple payment options
CC payment process integrated
Digital product delivery
Free and paid trials
Dashboard/sales report
IntegrationsZapier, e-mail, membership
Courses and studentsx

The $39 plan from SamCart is undoubtedly outstanding value for money. The template library gives access to pre-designed and tested options for marketing your products. Add in unlimited product pages, and you are all set. 

The SamCart platform is particularly handy for selling courses. E-mail customization and drip campaigns keep customers happy, while multiple payment options keep the money rolling in. Finally, sales reports and smart pixel tracking help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business.  

Is the $39 Plan Better Than the SamCart $19 Plan?

The SamCart $39 Launch Plan beats the $19 version, hands down. 

The drag-and-drop design feature, advanced analytics, and external software and applications integrations make it incredibly valuable to business owners.  

The list of benefits is quite impressive – and not having to pay up to cover additional transaction fees is an added extra.

Outdone only by the stellar features in the Grow and Scale Plans, the SamCart Launch Plan is the way to build solid foundations for your start-up or scale-up business.

Bottom Line

Folks from across the online business world view SamCart as one of the leading online sales platforms.

Thousands of customers who use SamCart daily agree that its products and services have always been reliable and worth every cent. The $39 annual subscription is no exception and continues the trend.

Whether you opt to pay $49 as a monthly subscription or claim your 20% discount, the SamCart Launch Plan is the way to go.

There are, after all, only two alternatives, make progress or make excuses.

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