Is the SamCart Affiliate Program Worth Joining? An Honest Review

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As digital marketing professionals, we know the range of affiliate programs out there.

This review will outline the SamCart affiliate program’s essential features.

One stand-out feature is that SamCart pays a generous recurring commission of 40% every time a referred client upgrades or renews.

SamCart makes payments via PayPal 45 days after your referred user signs up.

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SamCart Affiliate Program At a Glance

If you use SamCart to support your products and services and are pleased with it, why not tell others and get paid for your referral?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to boost passive income streams.

This article will review and rate the SamCart product concerning the most important features we look for in a professional affiliate marketing program.

Quality of The Product


If you are referring your valued clients to an affiliate product, you must believe in the product yourself.

SamCart is a product you can easily promote since a client can use it in virtually any business niche.

It is simple to use and easy to set up. It boasts powerful features, clever integrations, and it is affordable for any budget.



We gave the commission structure a perfect score because we were genuinely impressed by the 40% recurring commission rate.

Think about it in terms of numbers: If your referral upgrades or renews a SamCart subscription, you can earn a commission of $118 to $935 for the life of their active subscription.

Payout Time


SamCart pays affiliate partners through PayPal 45 days after the start of a new customer’s paid plan. This waiting period confirms that the new customer has stayed through the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

Promotional Material


We gave SamCart a less than perfect score on this point because there was not much by way of promotional materials exclusive to affiliates.

We did like that SamCart offers many free trial options, demos, and informative knowledge-base articles, all of which are great tools for affiliate marketers.

Other than videos, banners, and email copies, there isn’t much else as far as promotional materials go.  

My Experience With SamCart Affiliate Program – The Good & Bad

SamCart’s affiliate program impressed me overall.

I would recommend it highly as a passive income source for sellers selling to other businesses or even those who aren’t.

I will highlight the pros and cons of the affiliate program here. 

SamCart Free/Demo

Pros of SamCart Affiliate Program

  • 40% commission per client referred.
  • Commissions recur as long as the referred client uses the SamCart product.
  • SamCart is a robust, high-quality product that you can readily get behind.
  • The sign-up and approval process is straightforward. 
  • The affiliate dashboard is handy and easy to use. 

Cons of SamCart Affiliate Program 

  • There is a noticeable lack of promotional material offered.
  • The 45-day commission period is relatively long compared to other affiliate programs. 
  • The program may be better suited to sellers whose customers are business owners themselves. 

How Does the SamCart Affiliate Program Work?

The registration for the affiliate program is straightforward. There is an approval process, which is also quick and easy.

Have a look at the sign-up interface here. When your application for the affiliate program is approved, you can access the partner reporting interface. As mentioned, affiliates receive promotional packages with email copies, videos, banners, and images. 

There is an added benefit if you generate a high inflow of SamCart customers – the VIP Circle. Once accepted into the VIP Circle, SamCart will add you to the VIP Creators network. You will then have the opportunity to work together to create and sell products. 

How To Make Money With the SamCart Affiliate Program?

An affiliate marketer’s primary concern is always whether their marketing efforts will be fruitful.

SamCart is a great product that supports online sellers in all niches.

To make the best of the SamCart affiliate program, you need to target your efforts toward other product and service creators who sell online or are actively looking to do so.

These could include drop shippers, content creators, SEO service providers, social media managers, membership sellers, and anyone who wants to sell anything online.

You know your niche best, so you will know who could benefit from SamCart as well. 

Some avenues to promote SamCart:

  • Blog posts about your experience with SamCart
  • Youtube videos about SamCart such as tutorials, walkthroughs, reviews, and how-to’s
  • Social media posts and stories


SamCart Updates

SamCart Affiliate Program FAQ

How Do I Sign Up For The Affiliate Program?

Go to this page and click “Apply Now.” The browser will direct you to a clean and simple sign-up page. Once you have submitted your application, SamCart will review it and get back to you. 

When and how do I get Paid With SamCart?

The SamCart affiliate program will pay commissions 45 days after a customer has launched their product using SamCart.

SamCart uses PayPal for its affiliate program.

The commission withholding period serves as a protection for yourself and SamCart in the event of a customer requesting a refund.

Is SamCart Affiliate Program Right For Me?

If you are happy with the SamCart product and have an audience who may benefit from using it, then the answer is yes! The affiliate program is right for you. 

How Much Can You Earn With The SamCart Affiliate Program?

The SamCart affiliate program offers a 40% commission rate. If a referred customer signs up and then upgrades or renews their SamCart subscription, you can potentially earn between $118 and $935.

How Much Can You Earn With The SamCart Affiliate Program?

The SamCart affiliate program offers a 40% commission rate.

If a referred customer signs up and then upgrades or renews their SamCart subscription, you can potentially earn between $118 and $935.

How To Track Your Progress As An Affiliate for SamCart?

Once you have become a verified affiliate, you will gain access to the Affiliate Partner Tracking and Reporting Interface. You can view your earnings, traffic reports, site performance, and other progress indicators on the fly.

What Is a VIP SamCart Affiliate Network?

The VIP SamCart Affiliate Network is a community of successful affiliate marketers with whom you can interact, growing your success in this area.

As a VIP, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with SamCart and access resources that will help you to make the most of your sales with tested tactics and strategies.  


Final Thoughts

SamCart is an established, easy-to-use, robust e-commerce support platform.

The SamCart Affiliate Program is well worth signing up for if you love using the product and have an audience you can market to in your niche.

The 40% commission rate is excellent, but you need to be prepared to wait 45 days for payment, to account for the SamCart 30-day refund policy.

It’s free, easy, and a great way to expand revenue streams. You don’t have anything to lose. 

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