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SamCart’s checkout pages have an extensive range of features and tools to customize your design.

Users can add videos, images, text, trust badges, upsells, and split test their pages.

To get started quickly, SamCart provides over 40 pre-built checkout page templates

The templates have been designed for products across many industries, including courses, webinars, and physical products.

Key Takeaways:

  • SamCart checkout pages have a powerful drag-and-drop editor
  • The platform has over 40 templates to choose from
  • All checkout page templates are available for every subscription plan 

SamCart Checkout Page Customization

SamCart lets users customize many checkout page features; to help you get an understanding of the capabilities, we’ve listed some of the things you can change and test:

  • Standard Customization – SamCart lets users set the shipping options, including reviews, trust badges, upsells, and other checkout design options. 
  • Widgets – The platform also lets you add a range of widgets, which includes progress bars, countdown timers, FAQs, and HTML code.
  • Split Testing – SamCart lets users test two variations of the same landing page against each other. This lets you test elements such as images, text, and pricing.
  • Custom Fields – If your product or service has many options or variations, you can create custom fields to accept order information. Custom Fields can include drop-down boxes, text boxes, and checkboxes.
  • Checkout Redirects – After a customer purchases, you can redirect them to any landing page. Examples include product delivery, a website, or another offer.
SamCart Checkout Page Customization

SamCart Checkout Page Templates

SamCart has over 40 checkout page templates available to subscribers. 

They have been split up into two categories, the ‘blank templates’ and ‘premade templates.’

The blank templates contain a white background and require no changes to implement. 

Customers select the best template for their business and can get started immediately.

SamCart Checkout Page Templates

In contrast, each premade template has been designed for a different product or vertical and comes pre-populated with images and text that you can swap out:

  • Webinars
  • E-books
  • Courses
  • Digital products
  • Free trials
  • Workshops
  • Coaching
  • Service providers
  • Non-profits
  • Black Friday deals
  • Supplements
SamCart checkout page

How to Build Checkout Pages on SamCart

Building a checkout page on SamCart is very straightforward, as customers can utilize their extensive range of templates.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select the product you’d like to customize the checkout for on your dashboard.
  2. Once on the product, select Checkout Design.
How to Build Checkout Pages on SamCart
  1. Scroll down the page to look at all the template options. After you’ve selected your template, go to the bottom of the page and click Launch Drag-and-Drop Builder.
webinar template
  1. You should now select each page element and change it for your own content.
  2. You can also add more elements and widgets by selecting the builder on the right-hand side of the page.
  3. After you’re happy with the content, we recommend clicking the mobile previewer to ensure the design looks good on all devices and then click Publish.
click Publish

Tips for Increasing Your SamCart Checkout Page Conversion Rate

There are many ways to increase your checkout page’s conversion rate that you can implement on SamCart:

  • Payment Methods – Enable a payment gateway that will accept all common forms of payments so that customers can use their preferred option.
  • Template – Use one of SamCart’s checkout page templates since they’ve already been designed to increase your sales.
  • Reviews – Add some of your previous customers’ reviews that showcase the benefits of your product or service.
Tips for Increasing Your SamCart Checkout Page

Frequently Asked Questions

SamCart lets users customize their checkout page by adding images, videos, text, reviews, trust badges, upsells, progress bars, FAQs, custom fields, and redirects.

First, select the product within your SamCart dashboard > Click Checkout Design > Select the template you’d like to use > Replace the checkout template’s content > Add more elements and widgets > When complete, check the design on mobile, then click Publish.

The best way to test is by creating a coupon and checking out; here’s how: from your product, click Product Details > Scroll down to coupons > Switch the toggle to on > Use the settings to create a 100% off coupon > Go to the checkout page and purchase the item. If you can check out, it’s working correctly.


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