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A checkout page represents the conversion of an interested browser into a committed shopper.

It collects customer details, payment preferences, and delivery details while finalizing sales. 

SamCart specializes in building one-page checkout pages to save time and provide customers with a quick, no-fuss option for online shopping.

This article will assess SamCart’s checkout pages to determine whether it is a good investment for your business. 

SamCart Checkout Pages

Is SamCart a Good Investment for Building Checkout Pages?

SamCart One Page Sales Checkout pages rely on the premise of providing customers with only relevant information to optimize and speed up the shopping process.

As the name suggests, One Page Checkout displays this information on a single, interactive page.

Hence, complicated sales funnels with a multitude of landing pages become obsolete.  

SamCart checkout pages simplify e-commerce by automatically providing upsells and downsells as needed.

The aim is to keep consumers engaged while nudging them toward making a purchase. This strategy promises to multiply your sales.

In addition, order bumps, automated cart recovery, and multi-option checkout are additional benefits bound to streamline and grow your business. 

So, is SamCart a good investment for constructing checkout pages? Yes. Usage statistics show that there are more than 1,090 live websites currently using SamCart technology.

 Of which more than 90% are within the United States. Since so many others are using the service successfully, it seems clear that it is a good and efficient investment.

How to Build Checkout Pages with SamCart

Building a SamCart checkout page is simple. Follow these easy steps:

1.  Open SamCart dashboard

2. Select +New product

3. Create a product by adding a name, price, and description

4. Click Create Product

SamCart Checkout Pages

5. Scroll down to template library

6. Select One Page Funnel template

7. Access customization area

8.  Add bullet points and content such as testimonials, benefits, and FAQ sections to address possible objections.

9. Save Changes

SamCart Checkout Pages

To create order bumps or alternative payment options on your product, continue as follows:

10. Select Products

11. Search for the product you just added, e.g., Basic Package

12. Click Duplicate 

13. Add the alternative detail, eg. Advanced Package

14. Save

15. Scroll down to edit bullet points (+Add Bullet Points) 

16. Add details on the new package

17. Save Changes

18. Repeat steps 10-17 to register more products, e.g., Expert Package

19. Click Products

20. Search for Basic Package

21. Scroll down to Order Bump Description

22. Select Advanced Package and Expert Package from the drop-down menu

23. Add to Added Optional Products

24. Save Changes

Increase Checkout Page Conversions with SamCart

Customers abandon an astonishing 69% of online checkout carts before completing a sale.

The most common cause for this occurrence is a lack of suitable payment methods.

Other factors include brand confusion, insufficient product information, and a lack of confidence in the checkout process. 

The cart conversion and abandonment problem is addressed and simplified by SamCart’s One Page Sales Pitch and checkout pages.

Tips to reduce cart abandonment include:

SamCart Payment Processors

Different, Secure Payment Options

The option to pay for goods via credit card or integrated payment gateways such as PayPal increases cart conversion rates by 27%.

Customers ultimately appreciate having a choice when concluding sales. 

It is essential to assure customers that personal details submitted on your website are safe from misuse.

This reassurance goes a long way toward earning the loyalty of potential customers.

Additionally, display a verified security badge, Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, or positive third-party review to give shoppers peace of mind. Displaying trust symbols has been proven to increase transaction completion by up to 13%.  

Display Clear Branding and Contact Details

A cleverly designed, professional, one-page checkout prominently shows your business logo and recognizable brand colors. Adding unambiguous contact details similarly facilitates sales conversion. 

The SamCart drag-and-drop editor allows for creativity and aesthetically pleasing page design utilizing the One Page Funnel template. Ensure that customers can visually link the page to your website and your brand.

Contact details don’t need to be complicated. Keep it simple to give browsers the means to ask questions and have lingering pre-sale objections dispelled.

A live chat option or e-mail will do. Adding easy-to-use contact details can boost cart conversion figures by an average of 17%. 

SamCart Fitness Template

Include Visuals and Descriptions

Seeing an image or scale model of what you are about to buy can make a 24% difference to sales conversion.

Include a good-quality photo to garner more interest and to encourage the buyer to commit to the purchase. 

Describing the product in addition to supplying a visual is sure to pay dividends.

Highlight the product’s uses, advantages, and special features to remind visitors what they get for their money. Be sure to keep details clear, honest, and to the point.  

SamCart Fitness Template

Restate the Guaranteed Benefits

Restating the benefits of a product within the sales experience can dramatically change sales conversion rates.

In addition, when linked to bonuses and special offers, this strategy cultivates an enhanced desire to participate in a deal that seems almost too good to be true. Add to that a personal guarantee of quality, and the deal practically seals itself.

You must convince customers that you bear the only possible risk linked to the transaction. Employ risk-reversal to convince them of your sincerity and back up your claims in reality by showcasing your passion and devotion to your product. 

SamCart Checkout Pages


Consumers do not like being confronted by fields of details to submit before they can conclude their checkout.

Therefore, removing inappropriate or irrelevant fields from the checkout page can account for an estimated 35% extra sales. 

An example: requesting shipping details on a digital product not only wastes time but frustrates customers.

This waste has the potential to disenchant buyers, leading to possible loss of interest and cart abandonment.

Remember that SamCart embodies simple, quick, and cheap sales solutions. Apply the concept to improve cart conversion.  

Cost-Effectiveness of Building Checkout Pages with SamCart

The SamCart one-page marketing strategy is affordable for new entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow their businesses.

But is it cost-effective, and how does it stack up against competitors? What do you get for your money?

  • An extensive template library
  • Easy integrations with CRM/payment gateways/e-mail providers 
  • Marketing automation integration 
  • Drag-and-drop capability
  • Order bumps/upsells/coupons
  • Built-in Dunning tool for chasing overdue card payments
  • Substantial customer support

All the above features are available from $49 per month on the Launch Plan. The Grow Plan costs $99 per month, while the Scale Plan will set you back $199 per month. Big companies often opt for the Enterprise Plan at $399 per month.

SamCart’s main competitor is ThriveCart. This platform offers fewer templates and omits chat support to customers; Services from Thrivecart amount to $95 per month. 

ClickFunnels provides services similar to SamCart. However, the marketing strategy employs complex sales funnels that take time, money, and effort to complete. In addition, although the monthly premium comes down to $97, premium features are only available on the Platinum Plan at $297.

You can access SamCart’s products for a free 14-day trial without any contractual commitment. In addition, you may cancel at any time. 

Bottom Line

With its One Page checkout pages, SamCart is an innovative addition to your marketing toolkit.

It is functional and jam-packed with valuable features that turn abandoned carts into an improved bottom line.

As far as sound investments go, SamCart promises to help you scale your business and retain your customers.

Building checkout pages with SamCart could be one of the best decisions you ever make for your business.

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