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SamCart has a native funnel feature that allows customers to add upsells and downsells to their sales page.

The platform lets subscribers add up to five products to both upsells and downsells.

Users must be subscribed to the Grow Plan or above to access this feature.

Key Takeaways:

  • SamCart has a funnel builder
  • The funnel builder lets users add upsells and downsells to their products
  • To use the tool, customers need a Grow Plan or above

Does SamCart Have Funnels?

Yes, SamCart does have a feature called Funnels, which can be found within the dashboard.

The funnel feature lets users add upsells and downsells offered to customers after purchasing a product.

Subscribers can add up to five upsells and downsells for customers to pick in each funnel.

The funnel feature is aimed at increasing the average order value and revenue.

Does SamCart Have Funnels?

How to Create a SamCart Funnel

The process of setting up a SamCart funnel is really simple:

  1. From your SamCart dashboard, hover over the Upsells tab. Then from the dropdown, select Funnels.
  2. Next, select + New Funnel.
Does SamCart Have Funnels?
  1. Enter the name of the funnel you’d like and then click Create Funnel.
Create Funnel
  1. Select the offer Upsells and Downsells dropdown boxes to add your products; once complete, click Save Changes.
click Save Changes
  1. Next, you’ll need to link the funnel to an existing product. To do this, go to your Products tab and select the product you’d like to connect it to.
  2. Once inside, click on the Upsells tab.
  3. In the Upsell Funnel section, choose the funnel by selecting it in the dropdown box.
  4. Now click Save Changes.
Your SamCart funnel is now created and connected.
Now click Save Changes

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, SamCart has a funnels feature that lets users add up to five upsells and downsells. SamCart’s funnel feature differs from other platforms since it’s not multiple pages you have to design and link; instead, it’s only upsells and downsells.

To create a funnel, navigate to your SamCart dashboard > Hover over the Upsells tab > Select Funnels > Click + New Funnel > Name the funnel > Click Create Funnel > Select the upsells and downsells from the dropdown boxes > Save Changes. Users can then connect the funnel to a product by navigating to the upsells tab within the product they’d like to add.

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