How to Get Help & Support with SamCart?

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You will inevitably have questions or need technical assistance when using any e-commerce storefront platform.

It’s essential for new and old users alike to feel supported by responsive agents and helpful customer service representatives. The help options to achieve this include chat and e-mail functions.

SamCart is continuously improving and looking for new and better ways to boost customer support. 

Samcart Support

Help Button

  • Best for: Quick answers to your questions through the site’s help articles, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides. 

To access the Help button, just log into your SamCart account, and you will be able to see it in the top and center of your screen, to the right of all other menu items.

You can then search through SamCart’s database of videos, articles, and walkthroughs by typing your question into the search bar.

From there, search keywords will pull up relevant information that should address your queries.

Of course, it is always possible that you won’t find the answer to your question, in which case SamCart lets you submit a ticket to its team by clicking the Help button and “Contact Us.” This method will call up a page to enter your details and submit any necessary information, including screenshots.  

How to Get Help & Support with SamCart?

Support Desk

  • Best for: Getting answers to questions not covered in the knowledge base.

You can also submit a ticket via the Support Desk in SamCart.

You will see a section where you can fill in your details and submit a general description of your issue on this page.

If you scroll down to the bottom, a “Support Center” button will lead you to SamCart’s database of helpful information.

The support desk gives you various ways to contact the SamCart team, from sending postal “snail mail” to addresses in Texas or Maryland to instant messaging on the chat feature.

The best part is that a mindless AI bot won’t greet you – an actual human will help you personally.


Knowledge Base

  • Best for: Getting immediate answers without waiting for a response.

The Knowledge Base contains SamCart’s wealth of information ready for you to access via the Support Center.

Once you click the button, it will take you to another page with a prominent search bar at the top.

This location allows you to type in keywords about your question or scroll down to find the articles and tutorials sorted into different categories.

You can then click into each section to find articles that are most relevant to you.

How to Get Help & Support with SamCart?


  • Best for: People who can’t find answers to their questions in the knowledge base or need to include lengthy information about their issues.

If you have specific support questions, reach out to the team at SamCart via the e-mail

For more general inquiries, you should use

E-mail is a great channel to use if you don’t require immediate assistance.

Luckily, the team at SamCart is very responsive, and one business day is the longest you will typically have to wait for a reply.

How to Get Help & Support with SamCart?

Live Demo

  • Best for: More interactivity or those who don’t know where to start with SamCart

You can access the live demos via the support desk. Scroll to the bottom, and you will see a “View Demo” button.

A pop-up page will appear to fill in your information and choose the live demo slot best suited to your schedule.

The video will address how the platform can help you with customer conversion and product launches, among other features. 

How to Get Help & Support with SamCart?

Free Training

  • Best for: People who need in-depth guidance on the platform.

SamCart even offers free training to help get users acquainted with its many features.

You will see a few of the templates and gain expert tips on how to get up to 43% more conversions and how to tap into high-traffic sources.

Like the live demo, the free training feature also requires you to reserve a spot by filling in your information and choosing a preferred time slot.

Don’t worry; your personal information is safe with SamCart.

How to Get Help & Support with SamCart?


  • Best for: Getting the latest news about the platform, updates, and reading stories and testimonials about SamCart from users. 

The Samcart blog is a place where the proof is in the pudding.

You will see titles like “How Cara Stein Made $180,000 in 12 Months” and “Announcing the All-New Easy Pay Direct Integration.” 

The blog is an excellent resource for getting tips from other users and seeing how their experience and strategies can work for you.

SamCart also updates its blog with articles about its latest innovations and upgrades.

Overall Rating of SamCart Customer Support

SamCart’s customer support is abundant with helpful tips and services that benefit its clients. We give it a 4.9 rating out of 5, which is exceptionally high and very well-deserved.

If SamCart ever offers phone support, its customer support rating would shoot straight to 5 stars. 

With that said, phone support is less of a concern for SamCart because the team is already so highly responsive.

The platform already provides a ton of free resources and exceptional training materials.

You can search through the site’s articles, guides, and tutorials for in-depth guidance to help you with your queries, access free demos and training sessions that run frequently and read through inspirational testimonials from other users.

Bottom Line

SamCart is a phenomenal e-commerce shop-building platform with all the tools you need to create the digital storefront of your dreams.

As a SamCart client, you’ll have many methods to get in touch with the team, and you can expect to get a response within one business day at the most.

If your needs aren’t as pressing, you can choose to open a ticket for a chat or send the team an e-mail.

SamCart’s Support Desk offers many resources such as access to the blog, live demos, and articles for those who prefer finding answers independently.


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