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SamCart has a robust image feature, called the Image Library, which allows users to upload media directly to the platform. 

Once added to the Image Library, it remains there permanently to use. 

Additionally, subscribers can embed images into the body of their website text by using a hosting platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • Users can upload images from their computer into the SamCart Image Library
  • SamCart’s Image Library allows for easy future access
  • Images can also be embedded using a hosting platform such as Imgur

Does SamCart Have an Image Hosting Feature?

SamCart has an image resource feature, known as the Image Library. The Image Library is a convenient and useful tool, allowing users to easily upload their photos. 

How to Upload an Image to SamCart

Users can upload images through the Course Builder feature. Follow the steps below to complete the upload:

SamCart Image Hosting
  1. Drag the image widget (found within the Course Builder) onto the page. You will then be given two options. 
  2. The first is to upload from your computer, which lets you upload any image you have saved on your device.
SamCart Image Hosting
  1. The second is to upload from the SamCart Media Library, which includes every image you have ever uploaded to SamCart, as well as a collection of stock images.
  2. Once uploaded, users are able to easily search for, find, and use the images.
SamCart Image Hosting

Image Embedding

Users can embed images into their SamCart Product Page using image hosting software. SamCart recommends using Imgur. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. From your hosting software, right click on the image you’d like to embed. Then, click on “copy image address.”
  2. Then, go to “Custom Content.” From there, click “Image,” then paste the image URL into the URL field, and finally, set both the width and height to 100%. 
  3. Click Save Changes. Your image should now be properly embedded. 

When setting the width/height settings, you must include “%,” or it will not function properly.

Finally, when pasting the URL into the URL field, you must paste the image address as opposed to the URL of the webpage the image appears on

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Uploading images to SamCart requires little technical knowledge or experience. Simply follow the process described above and you will be able to successfully upload any of your images or use those already stored in the Image Library.

  1. Drag the image widget onto the page.
    Next, select, “Choose from Computer.”
  2. Once you upload an image from your computer to SamCart, that image will be stored in your Image Library.
  1. To access your Image Library, drag the widget onto the page.
  2. Instead of selecting “Choose from Computer,” select “My Image Library.”

Yes, you can change the images in the pre-generated templates. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the image you’d like to replace and then click the trash icon.
  2. You will then be given the option to upload a different image from your computer or from your Image Library.


Image hosting on SamCart is made easy through the Image Library feature. Simply follow the steps above and you’ll be able to remove and change images in your created content. You also have the option to embed images into your website using a third-party image hosting platform.

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