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SamCart seeks to connect all of your favorite tools. One of these tools is Kajabi, and the integration between these two is outstanding! 

Kajabi is a one-size-fits-all platform for selling, marketing, and delivering online content, while SamCart specializes in check-out pages.

When you integrate Kajabi with SamCart, you can automatically serve up online content and receive payments seamlessly.  

SamCart Kajabi

Benefits of Integrating SamCart & Kajabi

SamCart users can save a lot of time and effort by integrating Kajabi into their online processes.

It is also a great way to scale your business and add additional digital products like online courses, memberships, and digital content to your shop. 

Let’s take a closer look at two of the most evident benefits of this excellent match. 

Automatically Enroll Students or Members to Your Kajabi Course or Membership Site

When you sell a digital product through Kajabi, SamCart will give you the option to immediately and automatically enroll members after they’ve made their purchase.

Once a member has gone through the payment process and leaves the SamCart checkout page, they’ll be redirected and enrolled directly into Kajabi. 

This immediate and automatic enrollment saves the user a lot of time and administration.

Online courses and classes are still fully protected, and only paying customers will receive access to the Kajabi platform. 

Another excellent benefit is that the seller has the option to remove membership access. So if a customer doesn’t want to continue with their digital purchase, it’s as easy as removing their access.

Members on all payment tiers and package plans will receive access to the right online content through this method. 

Granting students immediate access to digital content they’ve paid for will also encourage returning customers and repeat transactions.

In addition, there isn’t a long waiting period before they can start browsing through members-only content. 

Add More Automations along the Way

Once you’ve set up your integration rules, SamCart gives you the option to automate many features along the way – ultimately saving you time and boosting customer care. In addition, users have complete control to create as many rules and triggers as needed on all SamCart products and Kajabi offers. 

Once you’ve selected a product through the product tab, you can add e-mail integration. Through the e-mail integration, you can set up other automation processes.

For example, SamCart can send an automatic enrollment e-mail to the new customer by activating the ‘Trigger Action.’ 

The three primary triggers are:

  • Product purchased
  • Product refunded
  • Subscription canceled

Users can select an automatic and customized action after the customer initiates any of the three triggers. Through this integration, you can add multiple rules to grant access to more than one Kajabi offer. 

Without lifting a finger, Kajabi members will get access to the exact digital products they need. 

How to Set Up the SamCart & Kajabi Integration?

The setup and integration process is straightforward. First, you’ll need to be logged in onto your SamCart dashboard and have your Kajabi account API Key and API Secret (can be found in your Kajabi account under Account Details) close by.

Here is our easy-to-follow 4-step guide on how to seamlessly integrate and set up Kajabi and SamCart:

Step #1: Integrate with Kajabi

To integrate your Kajabi account with SamCart, follow these easy steps:

  1. On the top right-hand corner of the SamCart dashboard, click on the gear symbol for ‘Settings.’

  2. Click on the third option on the drop-down menu – ‘Integrations.’

  3. Add ‘New Integration’ by clicking on the blue highlighted tab on the middle right-hand side.

  4. To complete and configure the integration, you’ll need to provide the following information:
  • Integration Name (My Kajabi Account)
  • Kajabi API Key (supplied by your Kajabi Account)
  • Kajabi API Secret Token (supplied by your Kajabi Account)
  • Click on ‘Save Integration.’

When you save the integration, you successfully link Kajabi to your SamCart account.

Then, you are ready for the next few steps. 

Step #2: Make a Product in SamCart

To use Kajabi with SamCart, you must have a SamCart product available. Add any product by following these quick steps:

  1. On your SamCart dashboard, click on the first item on the menu, ‘Products.’

  2. Click on ‘+ New Product.’

  3. Input the following product information:
  • Product Name (this name will appear on your product page, so keep it short)
  • Description (a brief explanation of what your product is)
  • Pricing Type (select ‘one-time payment,’ ‘limited subscription,’ ‘recurring subscription,’ or ‘pay what you want’)
  • Product Price (the amount your customers will pay for the product)

Your new product is ready. Once you’ve created your product, SamCart will reroute you to a ‘Product Details’ tab.

Here, you’ll edit basic details like URL, Price, Product Image, and Product Name. Beyond the product creation, users have the option to customize the checkout design.

Step #3: Create an “Offer” in Kajabi

To use SamCart with Kajabi, you must have a Kajabi offer available. Add a Kajabi offer by following these easy steps: 

  1. First, in your Kajabi dashboard, open the ‘Sales’ tab.

  2. Go to ‘Offers’ and then click on ‘+ Add New Order.’

  3. Add the following offer details:
  • Offer Title
  • Product(s) you wish to include
  • Payment Type (select ‘one-time payment,’ ‘multiple payments,’ ‘recurring subscription,’ or ‘Free’)

    Click on ‘Create.’

After you’ve created your offer, you can further customize things like the description, pricing methods, and additional product inclusions. 

Step #4: Connect SamCart + Kajabi to Zapier

Zapier is the tool you need to automate repetitive tasks and orders between SamCart and Kajabi – it’s like the magic glue between the two platforms.

Before you can connect SamCart with Kajabi, you have to create a Zap. Zaps are action-based rules that cause Zapier to do something. In this case, your Zap might stipulate: “When a customer completes a SamCart order, give that customer an offer on Kajabi.” 

Create a Zap by following these two easy steps: 

  1. In the Zapier dashboard, select ‘Choose Trigger.’ Next, select the SamCart account you want the Zap to listen to and select ‘New Order.’ Once you’ve clicked on ‘New Order,’ you’ll receive the latest customer order information.

  2. Select Kajabi as the ‘Action App’ and choose ‘Grant Access to an Offer.’ Choose the offer you want the customer to be able to access. Pull up the customer order information from SamCart and ‘Grant Access.’ 

Zapier will test the Zap, which will create a Kajabi membership account from the latest SamCart order. This Zap doesn’t mean that all orders placed with SamCart must provide Kajabi access.

Instead, use the Zapier filter to add Kajabi access to specific products only. 

Bottom Line

Integrating SamCart and Kajabi via a Zap from Zapier automates digital purchases and membership access.

Members will then be able to access Kajabi online courses immediately after purchasing through SamCart, which improves customer satisfaction while saving you time. 

The connection between SamCart and Kajabi truly is a match made in heaven.

After the initial setup, users can receive automatic payments and grant access to paying customers without lifting a finger. 

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