SamCart Payment Processors

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A typical online sales funnel guides prospective customers from awareness to engagement and, ultimately, to purchasing your product.

Once upon a time, online sales were conducted via credit cards or bank drafts.

Nowadays, users can choose from various third-party integrations such as Stripe and PayPal to conclude business. 

If you want to monetize your products or services, you will eventually have to set up a payment processor or payment gateway.

SamCart Payment Processors

How to Connect a Payment Processor to SamCart?

Although SamCart users were previously limited to only two payment gateway integrations, other options have become available.   

Integrating a payment gateway into your SamCart sales funnel checkout page is relatively simple. 

  • Open the SamCart dashboard.
  • Click on the Gear icon (upper right-hand corner) to edit your account preferences.
  • Find and click on the Processors tab – it should be on the left-hand sidebar.
  • Click on Add New
  • A pop-up window displays available integrations options – select one.

Every payment processor is different in how you proceed from this step onwards. So carry on reading to find out what to do next.

Should I Choose Stripe or Paypal as My Payment Processor in SamCart?

Stripe is a payment gateway and third-party payment processor hybrid that acts as a middle-man between merchants and customers transacting online. It essentially enables you to process payments.

Supported payment methods include credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and transactions conducted in foreign currencies.

PayPal, on the other hand, deals in international e-commerce on a secure platform.

Services range from providing e-wallets and furnishing loans to facilitating payment processing.

It accepts credit cards, debit cards, PayPal credit cards, Pay in 4, Venmo, and Google Pay as payment methods. 

While all of these options have merit, additional features such as fraud prevention and software to streamline business operations make Stripe more versatile.

In addition, secure trade conditions and state-of-the-art developer support enhance its value proposition.

Still, it is possible to use both payment options on your checkout pages. In doing so, you provide your customers with a broader choice of payment options to finalize checkout. 

Stripe Logo


Stripe infrastructure allows for invoicing and billing and provides a platform for online payment and in-person trade. 

Outstanding features to assist with business practices include:

  • Radar: Fraud and risk management
  • Sigma: Customized reports
  • Atlas: Start-up business support
  • Online identity verification
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) and sales tax automation

Processing Fee

  •  2.9% + $0.30, varying by country.

Additional Fees

  • +1% for international cards 
  • +1% for currency conversions

Integration with SamCart

Once you have selected Stripe as your payment processor, login to your account:

  • Enter username and password
  • Select: ‘Connect my Stripe Account’ from the drop-down menu
  • Note that your Stripe account now shows as ‘Active’ on SamCart

If you do not have a Stripe account:

  • Select: Setup A New Processor on the Processor Page
  • Complete the form with details about your product, location, and personal data
  • Add credit card and bank details
  • Authorize
PayPal Logo


PayPal is widely used and well-known for providing the means to pay and receive funds online securely. 

Additional features include:

  • Bill Me Later functionality
  • Inventory tracking
  • Online invoicing
  • One-Touch checkout
  • Shopping cart 
  • Fraud detection 
  • Data encryption

Processing Fee

The PayPal fee structure is rather complicated. In a nutshell, standard rates apply to domestic transactions while trade utilizing international currencies incurs specified, fixed charges.

Additional Fees

  • Visa/Mastercard 1.9% + fixed fee 
  • AmEx 3.50% + additional fixed fee

PayPal calculates fixed fees depending on the market region and transacted currency (0.5% – 2.00%).

Integration with SamCart

To integrate PayPal with SamCart:

  • Select: Setup A New Processor from the Processor tab
  • Select PayPal
  • Log in to your PayPal account on a separate tab
  • Select: Click here to get your PayPal credentials
  • Request API signature
  • Copy PayPal username, API password, API signature
  • Paste into the corresponding fields in SamCart
  • Save
SamCart Payment Processors

Apple Pay & Google Pay (Digital Wallets)

Apple Pay and Google Pay are digital wallets or Mobile Payment Systems. Users conduct contactless transactions by swiping or tapping smartphones or smartwatches loaded with credit card details. 

Enable fingerprint biometrics or face recognition to unlock devices. Alternatively, a strong PIN or password should suffice.

Activate Apple Pay

  • Open wallet app on Apple mobile device
  • Select (+)
  • Select input method – manually/scan credit card
  • Verify

Processing Fee 

  • 3% credit card fee

Activate Google Pay

  • Download Google mobile app
  • Log into Google account
  • Enter card information
  • Enable NFC 

Processing Fee 

  • $0.31/1.5% of transaction value 
  • Standard credit card fees 

Integration with SamCart

To integrate Apple Pay or Google Pay with SamCart, you need to install an active Stripe payment processor.

  • Click: Processor Settings
  • Select General Marketplace Settings 
  • Toggle ON – pop-up Setting Saved
  • Select product Settings
  • Select Payments
  • Toggle ON: Allow Digital Wallets
  • Set as default if required
  • Save

Credit Card Payments (Braintree)

Braintree is a PayPal service allowing high-volume credit card payments directly on your checkout page.

When integrated with SamCart, it supports 1-Click Upsells, Payment Plans, and other SamCart features. 

The Braintree brand promises improved sales conversion and streamlined business operations while keeping user details confidential.

Features include recurring billing, third-party integration, and fraud detection. 

Note: Braintree overrides and Stripe.

Processing Fee

  • Cards/digital wallets: 2.59% + $0.49/transaction
  • PayPal/PayPal Credit: As per PayPal account
  • Venmo: 3.49% + $0.49/transaction

Integration with SamCart

  • Access SamCart dashboard.
  • Select Gear icon
  • Click: General marketplace Settings
  • Select Processors
  • +Add New
  • Select Braintree
  • Select Product Credentials to enable live orders
  • Opt for Sandbox credentials to test
  • Label processor
  • Refer to Braintree dashboard 
  • Click: Business 
  • Select: Merchant Accounts 
  • Access Control Panel
  • Note merchant ID
  • Select API and Keys
  • Note Public Key and Private Key
  • Enter into the SamCart form 
  • Submit
SamCart Payment Processors

Credit Card Payments (Easy Pay Direct)

EPD is a user-friendly online payment gateway that you can integrate with SamCart. Transaction Routing Technology, integrated shopping carts, and Quick Click shopping are a few inherent features of this gateway. 

Cost/Processing Fee

  • One-time online setup: $99
  • Swiped card rate: 1.59% + $0.17
  • Online card rate: 2.44% + $0.29

Integration with SamCart

  • Click: Gear icon on SamCart dashboard
  • Open Account Settings
  • Select Processors
  • +Add New
  • Select: Easy Pay Direct (pop-up menu)
  • Label Processor 
  • Access Easy Pay Direct Merchant Account
  • Select Home
  • Click: Settings
  • Select Account Information
  • Note: Gateway ID
  • Home – Settings – Security Keys
  • Click: Add a New Public Key
  • Select user
  • Assign tokenization key permission
  • Repeat for Private Key
  • Select API key permission
  • Copy to SamCart
  • In Easy Pay Direct Merchant Account, click Home
  • Select Settings – Webhooks
  • Select Endpoints – Create
  • Add (URL Field)
  • Select Available Events – subscribe transaction.void.success
  • Subscribe transaction.refund.success
Stripe Logo undertakes to provide a simplified payment process and contactless payment option to users. Secure transacting is enabled and accepted at retail outlets or via mobile devices. In addition, a virtual terminal simplifies online manual orders. 

This platform accepts a variety of billing and payment options. These include Discover, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, and digital wallets.   

Cost/Processing Fee

  • All-in-one option: $25/month + 2.9% + $0.30/transaction
  • Payment gateway only: $25/month + $0.10/transaction + daily batch fee $0.10

Integration with SamCart

  • Click on the Gear icon on the SamCart dashboard
  • Open Account Settings
  • Select Processors
  • +Add New
  • Select (pop-up menu)
  • Log in to your account.
  • Copy API Login ID
  • Disengage Test Mode
  • Generate Transaction Key (if not yet done)
  • Generate Signature Key (if never done)
  • Enter API Login ID on SamCart
  • Redirect: Sign in to
  • Click Allow
  • Note pop-up to confirm integration

Bottom Line

SamCart has expanded the list of integrated payment options on its platform by including digital wallets, Apple Pay and Google Pay, and payment processors such as Braintree, EPD, and 

These customized payment options meet consumer needs which, in turn, streamline the customer experience. Added advantages include increased domestic and international sales, with cart abandonment becoming a thing of the past.  

Careful selection and integration of your payment processors can also help you build a genuine, honest brand. Providing payment options and a smooth checkout process also helps your business come across as professional and trustworthy, helping guarantee checkout completion and repeat business.

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