Can You Host Webinars on SamCart?

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Webinars are a very handy feature to help you reach a greater audience and provide instructional content.

Webinars are beneficial for many people who offer coaching or mentoring services, especially on their e-commerce platforms.

Does SamCart offer webinar hosting, and how do you do it? The answer to the first question is (in short) “kind of, but not exactly.” Read on for more details and a partial workaround. 

Samcart Webinar

How to Host Webinars on SamCart?

SamCart does not currently offer webinar hosting because it purely focuses on checkout pages. In addition, this all-in-one marketing website also doesn’t feature any webinar-specific integrations.

However, like all developers, the folks at SamCart are continuously looking for ways to improve. So, it isn’t out of the question that SamCart may provide this service in the future.

If you require webinar hosting, you can create a webinar on other platforms such as Kajabi to enjoy this feature and connect it with SamCart. In the meantime, there is no possibility of hosting webinars on SamCart. 

Are There Any Integrations to Host Webinars on SamCart?

SamCart offers users the convenience of various integrations, but webinar options are not available. Instead, you will have to rely on other sites for webinar functions.

The overall reason SamCart doesn’t offer this kind of integration isn’t that it is a more focused platform.

Instead, SamCart has doubled down entirely on its core selling point, creating checkout pages with high conversions. 

Can I Build a Webinar Signup Page with SamCart?

Yes! You can build a signup page for your webinar via SamCart. Doing so may even increase your conversion rate because SamCart specializes in high-conversion checkout pages, and it does them well. 

SamCart is equipped with all the necessary tools for you to build a high-functioning registration page for your paid webinar or webinar series. For starters, the site offers plenty of ready-made and customizable templates that are optimized for you to showcase your product or service.

Take full advantage of the drag-and-drop no-code page builder to create a visual masterpiece with your product front and center. SamCart even goes as far as to optimize your page for mobile viewing

The A/B split testing will also help you decide the best course of action to market your services. Use the analytics and the powerful integrations to design your ideal signup page. 

How to Build a Webinar Checkout Page in SamCart?

Building a webinar checkout page in SamCart is straightforward because the platform gives you everything you need. Start by using the template library to search for a basic design. Then, sign in to Samcart and head to the “Product” tab on the left-hand side.

Click “Checkout Template” and feel free to browse the hundreds of options until you find the perfect one. If you have a tough time finding one, you can opt to create your own if you select the “Empty Layouts” option.

Once you have chosen your template, you can start to benefit from the advanced features of the drag-and-drop page editor to personalize your page. Don’t forget to save the changes before you publish your page.

We would also suggest using vibrant colors, eye-catching fonts, and plenty of visuals. Just check out this example below.

SamCart Fitness Template

Notice how the title indicates what you will get with the product in very bold colors. 

SamCart Fitness Template

Most templates allow video integration to entice your potential customers by revealing a little more of what they can gain from your webinars.

Breaking down the key points into bite-sized paragraphs or single sentences makes it easier for the reader to absorb the information.

SamCart Fitness Template

Don’t forget to market yourself and your expertise to establish your authoritative position in your field. Outline how you can help your clients and promote your experience.

Bottom Line

While SamCart doesn’t offer any direct webinar features or related integrations, that may change in the future.

In the meantime, the platform provides plenty of other functions that can help you convert maximum sales for your webinar with a fully optimized checkout page.

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