Simplero Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

We may earn commissions if you buy through links on our site. Learn more.

Simplero starts at $24/month. The pricing of this powerful business tool varies according to your business’s size and individual needs.

Above the basic plan, called the Build plan, is the medium plan, Launch; and the most expensive plan, Rule The World, costs up to $149 per month.

The platform charges extras, from text messages to additional contacts, separately.

For extra monthly savings, choose the annual billing option at signup.

Register for a free trial to get an idea of Simplero’s look and feel. The free trial lasts 14 days and allows you to access all the features, albeit with a limit on purchases and uploads.

Simplero is a great choice for those looking to build their online coaching business (and we’ve tried them all).

It combines the features found across several different platforms into one, making it easy to run your business. It is the platform favored by our experts in the field, so give it a try! 

Simplero Pricing

Simplero Pricing Plans: An Overview

Simplero plans include everything you need to get an online coaching business off of the ground. Every Simplero plan includes easy-to-build websites that are also mobile friendly.

Whether you are on the Build plan or the Rule the World, you can send an unlimited number of emails to your customers, using advanced tagging to keep them organized and perfect your funnel. Any plan allows you to automate responses and create drip campaigns.

And the affiliate program, available on any Simplero plan, is an added bonus that our experts really appreciated—a simple, easy way to reward those who promote your content.  Each plan also includes a certain number of contacts and storage, as well as your own help desk and support ticket system that operates directly within the Simplero platform.

Build – From $24/Month

Build is the basic Simplero plan, and we’ve tested it and all agree that it’s a great starter package for businesses just getting off the ground. It includes all the features mentioned above, and includes 1,000 contacts and 10GB of storage. 

With the Build plan, you can experiment with the Simplero Product feature and the Membership Sites, although you must upgrade your plan if you want to take your product or membership site live. If you choose monthly billing, the price goes up to $29/month.

Launch – From $84/Month

Launch is Simplero’s mid-range plan, which is the option our experts have identified as the best value. The Launch plan gives you the ability to earn passive income, selling up to five products from ebooks to online courses. It also includes a membership site, with a subscription functionality that charges automatically, which is a powerful tool for monetizing your coaching skills. 

With Launch, you still have 1,000 contacts but the storage space allotment rises to 100GB. The Launch plan also includes in-browser, interactive worksheet capabilities. If you opt for the monthly payment plan, Launch increases to $99 per month.

Rule The World – From $124/Month

Rule The World is Simplero’s top-tier plan. The main difference from the other plans is just how much content you can create, store, and market. The number of products and membership sites are unlimited on the Rule The World plan, although the number of clients is still 1,000.

This plan also has an additional feature not found in the other plans: Simplero has a powerful upsell tool, allowing you to automatically offer additional products right after a purchase to warm customers. Finally, like Launch, the Rule The World plan features an assisted migration when you sign up for an annual plan. If you sign up for a monthly Rule The World plan, the cost rises to $149 per month.

Simplero Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Extra Costs

There are a few potential extra costs associated with Simplero. The one you are most likely to run up against is the cost of adding extra contacts to your plan. In all of the plans, the first 1,000 contacts are included. For an extra $20 per month, you can raise your contact limit to 2,500. For an extra $50 per month, you can go up to 5,000. $70 per month will get you up to 7,500 contacts and $90 per month gets up to 10,000 contacts. From that point, you pay $15 per month for each additional 2,500 contacts.

There is also a charge associated with sending out text messages through Simplero. The cost depends on the country and can range from 2 to 34 cents per message.

Simplero Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Simplero Cost per Month?

Simplero can cost as little as $24 per month. However, for added features and a growing contact list, the actual cost of Simplero can be quite a bit higher. The most popular Simplero plan is the Launch plan, which starts at $84 per month. If you have more than 1,000 contacts, your per month cost will increase by anywhere from $20 to $90 more per month, depending on the total number of contacts.

Does Simplero Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Simplero offers a 14-day free trial. You can sign up for this free trial from the home page, with just a single click. Scroll down and click on “START YOUR FREE TRIAL.” You will then be prompted to enter your company name, your name, your email, and your telephone number. On the next screen, enter your credit card number, although you will not be charged until the date your free trial ends, which is shown at sign up. To avoid being billed, be sure to cancel your account before the end of the trial.

Does Simplero Charge Transaction Fees?

Unlike many other similar products we’ve used, Simplero does not charge transaction fees. The only fees you will pay with Simplero are those linked to your monthly plan, number of contacts, and extra activity such as sending text messages to your customers’ mobile phones.

Will I Be Able to Upgrade or Downgrade My Plan Later On?

Yes. It is a simple process to either upgrade or downgrade your plan. All you have to do is go to settings in your user dashboard and click the “Plan and Billing” tab. Select “Change Plan” at the top of the page and highlight the plan you wish to switch to. It’s that easy! However, bear in mind that if you downgrade, some of your sites or products may be deactivated.

Simplero Pricing Plans: How Much Does It Cost?


Simplero is perfect for coaches and thought leaders who want a simple yet powerful marketing software. The three-tier subscription plan offers a good fit for everyone from beginners to experts, and you can customize it by paying more for a larger database.

We’ve tried Simplero, and if you are someone with an active coaching business trying to grow, it’s got all the tools you need in one place. Test it out using the free trial for up to 14 days, and then smoothly transition to a paid plan if you like it!

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