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The beauty of is its free demo plan which allows you to try out the entire platform at your own leisure. 

Sign up for a free demo plan and start exploring all of’s features and tools.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is no official demo available, as the platform has a free plan
  • Unlimited plan subscribers get a one-hour demo, or you can pay for a two-hour one
  • has a series of videos that walk you through the platform

Is a Demo Available?

Is a Demo Available? has one of the most generous free plans around. So while the platform does not offer a demo as standard, you do get access to virtually all of its features, allowing you to get a full demonstration of the platform, which you can perform at your own pace.

For example, the free plan lets you create up to three funnels, one blog, one course, and one community. This is more than enough to demonstrate how everything works and whether it’s suitable for you.

In fact, to our knowledge, the only tool you cannot use on the free plan is the evergreen webinar feature. But if you want a demo of how this works, you can check out “How to Create an Evergreen Webinar” on the YouTube channel (more on this below).

Free One-Hour Demo for Unlimited Plan Subscribers

For those willing to subscribe to the platform’s top-tier Unlimited plan, it’s useful to know that you get a one-hour phone call where a representative will demonstrate how to use any of the platform’s tools and features.

Since you only get an hour and this is a one-time event, we recommend you decide beforehand exactly what you want the representative to demonstrate for you.

Pay $57 for a Two-Hour Demo

A paid demo is open to anyone who chooses to purchase one, no matter which plan they subscribe to.

It costs $57, and you get a two-hour phone call from a representative who will be happy to walk you through and provide a demo of the platform.

To book a paid demo, you must first email them, and a representative will get in touch to schedule it and facilitate payment. Demo Overview

To get a feel for and what you can do with the free demo plan, here’s a sneak preview. Demo Overview

Once you have registered for your free demo plan, you will find yourself looking at the dashboard. Along the top, you will notice all the available options to explore.

Along the top

First, you can try out the contacts tab. The free plan lets you add up to 2,000 contacts with as much or as little info as you like.

The free plan

Next, you can get to grips with the funnel-building feature. Since you can create up to three funnels on the free plan, you can easily try out different funnel types. Additionally, you can also add the following:

  • Up to 15 sales funnel steps
  • One automation rule and workflow
  • One 1-click upsell, order bump, A/B split test, and coupon code
sales funnel steps

Now explore the email creation tool. Use one of the templates to craft your email and send it out an unlimited number of times. If you want to build an email campaign, the demo plan lets you create and send out one campaign.

email creation tool

The free plan will allow you to set up one blog, so have a go at the simple drag-and-drop editing tool and use it to build a full website with a blog included.

blog included

You can also build a single course with as many modules and lessons as you need. Add in video, audio, and other files that support the content and enroll unlimited numbers of students. Also, add a community to go with your course.

This is just scratching the surface of what you can do with the free demo plan. The key point to remember is that you can actually use the free account for real. So, if you want to sell a course or a product or set up and publish sales funnels, you can, as long as you stick to the limits of what the free plan includes.

Watch the Video Demo Series

Video is a great method of receiving demos of how features and tools work, and has already thought of this. 

Watch the Video Demo Series

You can find a platform walkthrough demo series in the help center. This consists of a series of videos to help you understand the platform’s features and how to use them. help center

If you want more detailed and specific demos, you can find these on’s YouTube channel. Here you’ll find a lot of “how-to” demos on how to create things using, as well as sales strategies and more.

Frequently Asked Questions has a free demo account that lets you try out and use all of the platform’s features and tools at your own pace. To get started, all you have to do is sign up using our link.

Paying $57 for a two-hour phone call provides a tailored demo specifically for your requirements. Therefore, if you want guidance on certain parts of the platform and the opportunity to ask questions, the paid demo can be a good idea.

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